Marketing Introduction: basics of marketing for beginners – Alex Genadinik


Introduction to marketing for beginners: marketing training after which you will become an intermediate level marketer

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This is an introduction course to marketing after which you should be able to begin intelligently promoting your business. After taking this course, you will be far more likely to promote your business effectively, and avoid many potentially costly pitfalls that new marketers or business owners typically make.

How The Course Is Structured

The course is all video. The lecture cover a wide array of issues and concepts that you will face when you dive into marketing. The course explains what marketing really is, how marketing is different than advertising, how to plan marketing campaigns, and gives overviews of many subfields in marketing.

Marketing is quite complex these days. So the course goes over the many subfields in marketing to simplify things and help you understand the lay of the land when it comes to the bigger picture of things.

It will take you about an hour to complete the course.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to marketing course introduction

  • Introduction to marketing course introduction Preview (2:20)
  • Free gift for you: need personalized feedback? I'll do it (1:39)
  • I want to hear from you. Please post questions and start community discussions (1:58)

Marketing fundamentals and basics

  • History and economic roots of marketing (3:10)
  • Marketing as experienced by small business owners (2:58)
  • Introduction to marketing with the 4 pillars of marketing (3:12)
  • Difference between marketing and advertising (2:29)
  • What is a unique value proposition, and how it helps you sell (5:00)
  • How to identify your target market (4:38)
  • How to create an ideal customer avatar Preview (2:49)
  • How to calculate your target market size (11:09)
  • What is software analytics and why you need it (3:11)
  • Introduction to social media marketing Preview (3:08)
  • Intro to content marketing (7:37)
  • AB testing introduction: how to improve conversion rates with AB testing (4:50)
  • The net promoter score (2:39)
  • Leveraging large platforms (2:38)
  • Establishing your own large media platforms vs. trying to get publicity (3:53)
  • Introduction to affiliate marketing (4:51)
  • How to build up a sales team (5:59)
  • The biggest secret of marketing success (6:15)
  • Sales funnels: how to identify, optimize, and improve your sales funnel (5:30)
  • Advantages of paid marketing (advertising) (6:21)
  • Ways to create and think about a marketing strategy (7:56)
  • 2 ways to create a marketing plan (8:26)
  • Product quality is a great natural marketing tool (3:49)
  • How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature (2:12)

Leading thinkers and their ideas

  • Steve Blank and the Customer Development methodology Preview (4:49)
  • Eric Ries: 3 engines of growth (10:28)
  • Seth Godin and the Purple Cow (4:57)

SEO Introduction

  • Introduction to SEO Preview (11:13)
  • History of SEO (8:50)
  • SEO for new websites (3:17)
  • Common SEO mistakes (4:39)
  • NEW! Top SEO ranking factors from top experts (10:59)
  • NEW! How to know which SEO links are good (6:41)

Offline marketing

  • Offline marketing (4:53)
  • How to do business networking (6:43)
  • Selling in brick and mortar stores (3:14)

NEW! Additional promotional tips (more coming later this Fall and 2016)

  • NEW! Facebook marketing tip to increase engagement using images (4:01)


  • Please take a second to add a review of this course or tell me how to improve it (2:18)

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