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Life In The Soil CLASS

Registration is now open for the self-paced Life in the Soil Class and you can start immediately. Click below on the button if you want to register and sign up now! There are two different options for signing up for this class: 1) You can sign up for the full class which includes the 4 “Live” webinars and 16+ recorded “Live Webinars”, 2) You can sign up for the full class which does not include the 4 “Live” webinars and 16+ recorded “Live” Webinars.  Taking the class without webinars still qualifies if you want to become a Certified Soil Life Consultant later.

Healthy soil has all the interconnected elements of a “web”, retaining and cycling nutrients into the right forms at the right rates for each individual while building soil structure, suppressing disease-causing organisms, protecting plant surfaces, producing plant-growth-promoting hormones and chemicals, and decomposing toxic compounds. In this class you’ll look at the elements of a healthy soil foodweb.

Understand Soil Health

Learn Why Fungal To Bacterial Ratios Are Important

Learn the Secret That Fertilizer Salesmen Don’t Want People To Know

Why Is Compaction So Bad?

Why Are Roots of Plants Prevented From Growing Deep Into Soil?

Dr. Elaine Ingham uncovers the basic principles of the Soil Foodweb, plant relationships, and bacteria to fungi ratios in these 18 class sessions. Not only will you gain a fundamental understanding of the way soil biology drives plant nutrition, you will learn how modern agriculture selects for disease and pests. A must for anyone wanting a complete understanding of soil health and healthy plants.

The Class Sessions are listed below. You will be able to access past released video sessions for up to one year from the date the class begins. You will be able to view the approximately 45 minute video sessions at your convenience. There are no set times for the sessions.  We ask that you complete the quiz for each session before proceeding to the next video session.

There will be transcripts of each video that you can download and view as you are taking your quizzes. The webinars will be recorded for future reference for one year from the date of the beginning of the webinar series.

There will be Certicates of Completion issued at the end of the class if you have received 70% or higher on the quizzes. If you score 70-80% you receive a Certification of Completion. If you score 80-90% you receive a Certificate of Completion with Honors. If you score 90-100% you receive a Certificate of Completion with Distinction.

After you have completed the 4 classes you can also go on the become a Certified Soil Life Consultant. 

Class Content


  1. Session 1: Overview of Microorganisms in Soil
  2. Session 2: Appearance of Microorganisms in Soil
  3. Session 3: The Morphology of Predator Organisms
  4. Session 4: A Healthy Food Web
  5. Session 5: Assessing The Soil
  6. Session 6: Soil Profiles and Horizons
  7. Session 7: Mineral, Organic Matter, and Organism Interaction
  8. Session 8: How Microorganisms Affect Soil Chemistry
  9. Session 9: Castle Walls That Plants Build
  10. Session 10: The Green Revolution
  11.  Session 11: Nutrient Cycling and Nitrogen Cycle
  12. Session 12: Soil Depth
  13. Session 13: Conditions In All Ecosystems
  14. Session 14: Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions
  15. Session 15: Practical Examples of Different Kinds of Systems
  16. Session 16: Biology Working In Real World Situations
  17. Session 17: More Real Life Examples of Practical Applications
  18. Session 18: How Much Organic Matter is Too Much Organic Matter
  19. Session 19: Final Quiz

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