Hollywood Sales System – Marc Fienberg


Learn how to leverage the same persuasive tricks and techniques that Hollywood writers use, and make your videos and sales letters so compelling that your prospects get more interested, and buy more?

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Watch this 20-year marketing veteran and award-winning Hollywood filmmaker reveal the tricks to creating amazing videos that sell like crazy, and require absolutely no expertise… 

Learn how to leverage the same persuasive tricks and techniques that Hollywood writers use, and make your videos and sales letters so compelling that your prospects get more interested, and buy more?

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Most people make the same mistake with their marketing and sales videos, and they have no idea that they're making a mistake at all.

Tell me if this story sounds familiar to you:

My client, Bob, focuses all his energy generating traffic, using SEO, social networks, and list marketing.

But here's the mistake he's making that he has no idea about:

  • His video… STINKS!
  • His message… STINKS!

The story he's telling to his prospects… STINKS!

He got to be very good at getting a lot of traffic to come to his website… just to see how bad his video was. And then leave.

Without buying a thing.


Everybody seems to focus on the easy stuff, and they ignore the ONE thing, more than anything else, that determines how many sales they make…

How good their message is.


Imagine if your sales video was so good, so compelling, so convincing, that everybody who saw it was driven to buy.

Why do people ignore something so powerful?

Because they think it takes too much time. They think they aren’t creative enough. They think its not easy.


They're wrong.

  • It's easy… if you know the tricks.
  • It's easy… if you use proven techniques.
  • It's easy… if you have a step-by-step process to follow.


One of the easiest tricks to learn is one that I already used in this very marketing message…

Remember when I described the problem that every marketer has, the problem of not being able to REALLY engage their audience in a compelling way?

Instead of just describing the problem, did you notice I described the problem in the form of a story?

Just by using that one trick alone, I made it A LOT more likely that you would remember what I was talking about.

How much more likely?


Science has shown that…

“Afact is twenty times more likely to be remembered if it is anchored in narrative.” – Jerome Bruner, cognitive psychologist.

That one trick alone could have a HUGE impact on your sales.

So how can you learn all these tricks, techniques, and step-by-step processes to follow to create more compelling marketing messages that will make your videos sell more?


The best way to learn something is always to look to the experts for advice. But the real experts at crafting marketing messages aren’t working at marketing firms or advertising agencies.

The people who are the best today at systematically creating the best, most compelling messages and stories, are in…

The writers in Hollywood, who make amazing movies and television shows are experts at employing all sorts of tricks to get their audience's attention and manipulate their audience's emotions in whatever direction they please.

Imagine if you could harness the same systematic approach they use to create your own compelling marketing and sales messages.

Imagine how much more likely people would be to buy.

That's what you can leam in…

The Hollywood Sales System

How you can sell more by using the same techniques, tricks, and step-by-step processes that Hollywood writers use to make your videos and sales letters much more compelling and convincing.

Even if you're the least creative person in the world.

Even if you have almost no time.


How do I know you can do it?

I've been helping companies market their products and grow their businesses for 20 years.

And those same skills of telling a comelllng story that are SO valuable in the marketing world, are helped me write and direct an award-winning movie called Play The Game, which starred Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts and played in hundreds of movie theaters around the nation.


Just to prove to you that you can do it, I'll teach you one of the easiest tricks to higher conversion right now:

How to Tell Your Why.

'What does that mean? Tell Your Why?"

I'll explain… with a story.

(So you're 20 times more likely to remember it)

When I was a kid, I went to go see my first action adventure movie.

In the first ten minutes the main character… stole a precious golden idol, got shot at with poisonous darts, fell into a bottomless pit, almost got crushed by a huge boulder, lost the idol, got chased by hundreds of natives throwing spears, and got attacked by a snake.

It was called…

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

When the movie was over, I had that same feeling of exhilaration that I got from being on a roller coaster. But I hadn’t been on a rollercoaster.

This was a movie.

A bunch of words and images.

A simple story.


I realized the power that compelling stories and messages can have over people to make them feel a certain way, to AFFECT them, and change their way of thinking. I realized I wanted to devote my life to AFFECTING people, with just words.

That’s why I've been doing marketing for 20 years.

That’s why I make movies

And that's why I teach this system.

That’s MY Why.


Telling your prospects WHY you do what you do, WHY you sell the product you sell, turns out to be one of the most convincing and sincere stories you can tell in your marketing.

Now that you know my why, do you understand better WHY I love teaching other people how to get that feeling of creating a marketing message that AFFECTS their customers?

And THATS WHY I created this system. To teach these simple little tricks so that…

  • Instead of your customers being bored by your marketing videos, they are AFFECTED by them.
  • Instead of your customers clicking away from your videos, they get to know you, trust you, believe in the value of your product, and BUY MORE.


The system consists of a dozen step-by-step methodologies to increase your conversion rate through storytelling, and over four hours of instructional videos, spread over five modules.

It's about as close to a storytelling formula as you can get

Module 1: Why Tell Stories?

You'll learn about all the benefits that Hollywood techniques can bring to your business, how it can increase your sales significantly, and you'll see an amazing example of a marketing video that actually transformed a business literally overnight.

Module 2: Strategy

You'll build the foundation of your video strategy, so the messages of your videos, and the types of videos you produce make sense for your particular business, rather than just blindly following what others are doing in your space.

Module 3: Character

You'll learn the very simple but powerful secret to getting your customers to trust you, and to care about you and your product just as much as you do.

Module 4: Beginnings

You'll learn techniques and tricks to help you start your videos off strong, grab your audience's attention immediately, and more importantly, keep their attention. These are some of the key secrets to leam that increase your sales.

Module 5: Middles and Endings

You'll learn tactics to generate great ideas for your videos, structure them properly, and finish your videos off with great, compelling endings that sell. Learning these secrets will save you loads of time in quickly developing a video that sells.

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