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Rudy had a big insight into the Pericardial Sac that surrounds your heart.

It's not only a buffer & shockabsorber…it's a powerful amplifier of energetics bathed in sacred fluid.

…and that loveactual medium of broadcasting loveIt's a BIG DEAL because it's the 

​can be focused & targeted with this Heart Amp energetic tool at the tough, frustrating, needs-some-improvement parts of our lives.  

Neat, huh?

You can now own this powerful mystical tool to help you

in all areas of your life.  The embedded energetics in this 

34:44 minute recording will  serve you for a lifetime.

​Download and start using Heart Amp right away.  

It is just $77.00 and ​untold good will come from its use in your life.

Much love,



Here are the 5 mystical rounds on the recording that have created such a stir around the world:

  1. Activate The Pericardium
  2. Pericardial Fluid Imprinting
  3. Right-Sided Heart
  4. Two Hearts United

al Force & Sacred Fluid5-Pericardi

​This special tool was available on a limited 3 day replay and the feedback has

​just been amazing!  Now you can own your own personal copy forever.

Get Heart Amp – Rudy Hunter, Only Price 25$


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