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“Discover How To Ramp Up Profits FAST Thanks To 12 Cutting Edge Strategies And Templates That Could Double Your Profits Today…”

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All New For 2015:

“Discover How To Ramp Up Profits FAST Thanks To 12 Cutting Edge Strategies And Templates That Could Double Your Profits Today…”

These Are The Exact “Growth Hacks” Dan Kennedy Employs For Businesses That Pay Him Up To $125,000 For A Sales Letter And $28,000 Per Year For A Handful Of 20-Minute Phone Consultations.

Dear Renegade Marketer,

How would you like to double your profits and double your revenue RIGHT NOW without a lot of “hard work”?

You see, there are a multitude of strategies you could be implementing right now that’ll put more money in your pocket FAST…

But you’re not doing them?  

Why is that?

That’s Because You’re Probably Using “Old Ways” To Grow Your Business That Might Have Worked In 1982…But No Longer Work Today

You see, today’s business environment is lightning fast. The “slow and steady wins the race” model of building a business could do nothing but leave you behind the next 2,5,10+ years if you’re not careful.

That’s why you need to ARM yourself with bleeding edge strategies, tools and systems that could double or TRIPLE your profits almost overnight.

Best part? Many of these strategies don’t involve trying to get as many customers, clients or patients as humanly possible. There are many systems that use what you have right now to boost profits

Here’s an example:

We wanted to “resurrect” cancelled Members several months ago and get them to rejoin the GKIC community. These are people who were members several years ago but decided to cancel their membership—or their credit card expired and their subscription was cancelled automatically.  

So we implemented a simple “profit hack” that involved sending just one letter to these lost customers to get them to come back.   

Remember, these are people who have already bought from us—we had their names in our database and all we had to do was “wake them up” and get them to buy from us again.

Well, thanks to this simple strategy:

We Resurrected Over 100 Cancelled Members And They Are Collectively Paying Us THOUSANDS Of Dollars In Recurring Revenue Thanks To This “Growth Hack”

Did we have to go out and “chase” new customers to get this newfound revenue? Did we have to buy a list, send out a 3-step mailing campaign and get them to buy?

No way.

We just used a classic marketing tactic (reactivating lost customers) most businesses aren’t implementing to get this sudden surge of revenue. And remember, we only had to send out one letter to get this immediate profit surge using names we already had in our database.

This is just one of 12 Growth Hacks I have in my arsenal…thanks to 43+ years in marketing and advertising—little “profit hacks” I implement into the 137 industries I’ve worked with in the past.

And, for the most part, I keep these little tricks up my sleeve and ONLY reveal these simple systems to people who pony up to $2,497 to attend the GKIC’s SuperConferenceSM or Info-SUMMIT, $4K to attend my annual “Dan Only” GKIC Events in Cleveland every Summer, and my $33,000-per-year Platinum Mastermind members.

But I decided to participate in a 4-Hour LiveCast where I share my favorite 12 Growth Hacks you should be putting into your business:


Growth Hacks is going to show you how to put the pedal to the metal and produce MASSIVE revenues at breakneck speed.

You see, the heart of “Growth Hacking” is a relentless, laser beam focus On Accelerating Business Growth.  

Nope, it’s not about “Likes”, “Shares” and “Re-tweets” or other slow-as-molasses marketing techniques where you’re lucky you’ll get an ROI within a year.

We’re not talking about a wimpy 1%-2% boost in revenues that might pay your car payment or perhaps pay your overhead for a month.

We’re talking about getting an INSTANT 20%-50% boost in your business in a matter of weeks—even DOUBLING your profits in most cases that you’re probably overlooking in your business right now.

In fact, this is what I experience with clients who pay me upwards of $125,000 per sales letter, $28,000 per year for just a handful of 20-minute phone consultations over 10-12 months, and upwards from $2,500/hour for consulting…

…not a meager 1%-2% boost in profits, but quantum, life changing leaps…where the business is never the same again.  

You’ll get this entire LIVE presentation delivered to you on 4 audio CDs and 4 DVDS you can either watch or listen to over and over again on your wealth building journey. As well as transcripts of the entire presentation for you to follow along, take notes and read over and over again. 

You’ll also get an extensive Toolkit with copyright-free templates campaigns, checklists, formulas, and action planners you can implement into my business right away.

In other words…

We Don’t Just Teach You How To Fish…We’ll Just Give You The Fish On A Silver Platter Where 80% Of The Work Is Done For You

That means you can fire off these “Growth Hacks” in your business at will with very little effort… when you want a sudden surge of cash into your bank account.  

And don’t use the excuse that “This Won’t Work In My Business” or “My Business Is Different when it comes to whether or not these profit tweaks will work for your business.

I have worked in 137 different industries over 43+ years in the biz. And I can tell you that if you perform a service in exchange for money (which, last I checked, consists of ALL businesses) then these will work for you!

What that means to you is this: even if you’re a butcher, baker, candlestick maker, plumber, website developer…even grow crab grass…

…YOU can implement these Growth Hacks into your business.

Why? Because most of the “hard work” is already done for you, thanks to the templates, checklists, systems and blueprints I want to hand you on a silver platter for the first time EVER.

Here Are The 12 Growth Hacks You’ll Discover Along With Copyright Free Templates, Checklists, And Blueprints That’ll Allow You To Fire Off These Profit Tweaks At Will:

  • Growth Hack #1: A Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign you can use immediately to resurrect “dead” customers and get them to start spending more money with you. This template comes from one of GKIC’s blockbuster campaigns that brought back over a hundred members to Planet Dan and GKIC.  
  • Growth Hack #2: “Upsell Magic” Scripts And Templates you can literally just “plug and play” to supersize your average lifetime customer value. No need for overthinking things either, you just fill-in-the blanks and use these power documents right away for direct mail or online.
  • Growth Hack #3: A Premium Offer Action Checklist – a breakthrough IDEA GENERATOR that makes creating a premium or deluxe version of any product or service a snap. This is YOUR ticket to increasing transaction size and attracting higher quality customers, clients or patients that’ll pay you higher prices without resistance.
  • Growth Hacks #4: List Segmentation Hacks that are perfect for honing down your “message to market” match and extracting more profits from ANY list. Even if you just have a “buyer” list or a “prospect” list, you REALLY need this.
  • Growth Hack #5: Cash Flow Surge Campaigns you can use to summon a surge of money into your bank account at will. These short 3-4 day campaigns have been the bread and butter of GKIC and you’ll get to implement this strategy for your own business.
  • Growth Hack #6: A Slack Adjustor Brainstorming Action Planner you can use to brainstorm products and services that you can easily add on to your existing arsenal.
  • Growth Hack #7: F3 Response Multiplier you can use to potentially TRIPLE your response vs. performing a “one-and-done” promotion. You’ll get Dan Kennedy’s email sequences he uses to catapult response for Infusionsoft.
  • Growth Hack #8: Marketing To The Affluent…where you’ll get 12 back issues of Dan Kennedy’s esteemed newsletter that’ll teach you how to target customers, clients and patients who make buying decisions on factors other than price.
  • Growth Hack #9: Premium Offer Checklist where you’ll be able to brainstorm premium offers for your products/services that’ll boost your income and attract “big fish” customers, clients and patients.
  • Growth Hack #10: Drop Down Offer Formulas you can use to add more money in your pocket almost instantly…no “work” is needed, just let the formula do all the work.  
  • Growth Hack #11: “Stay In Touch” Profit Hacks you can use to constantly be in front of your target customers, clients and patients. This will allow you to grow your “herd” that’ll give you money over and over again.
  • Growth Hack #12: Continuity Brainstorming Action Planner that’ll allow you to devise ways to get more recurring income for your business—instead of relying on a bunch of “one-off” sales.  

So, How Much Is It Going To COST Your Business To “Miss Out” On These 12 Simple Growth Hacks?

Sure, you could get a measly 1%-2% revenue growth every year using yesterday’s marketing strategies and just rely on “getting more customers, clients and patients” into your business as your ONLY profit-generating strategy.

But this could relegate you to just “getting by” in your business—like 98% of businesses that rely on “old school” growth strategies that may have worked 10 years ago, but are outmoded and outdated.

Listen, when you consider the opportunity COST of just one of these “Growth Hacks” what it can do for your Business…

…The value of these strategies, blueprints and “Growth Hacking” tactics is worth at least $1,997, since just one of them could lead to a profit windfall that could allow you to get 10X-100X your investment quickly.

Yet, we’re giving you a total of 12 of these “Growth Hacks” you can implement in your business that could double your profits and revenues almost overnight.

But you won’t have to invest $1,997.

Or even $997.

The investment in Growth Hacks is ONLY $597.

Heck, you can take the Lost Customer Reactivation Blueprint template, fill in a few blanks, send it out to your list, and get your money back as soon as tomorrow by reactivating a handful of lost customers.

In other words, Growth Hacks doesn’t actually “cost” anything. It’s an INVESTMENT in the future growth and prosperity of your business.

Because, chances are, you’ll get your investment back and MORE quickly when you implement these Growth Hacks and put more money in your pocket with lightning speed.

But it gets even better because…

And, as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to:

Finally, to remove ALL risk to you, if at any time during the first 30 Days after receiving your copy of the “GROWTH HACKS” you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake or are disappointed, you will receive a 100% refund of any fees paid.

…we will still refund every penny for the price you paid for this System. So there’s no way you can make a mistake here.

So If Your Business Has Stagnated Or Shrunk, Or You’re Kicking Butt, You NEED Growth Hacks To Stay Relevant In Your Niche Or Industry


You could do what “everyone else” does in your industry and use yesterday’s marketing strategies to try to get more customers, clients or patients.

Sorry to say, but these outdated and outmoded strategies may have worked 10-20 years ago, but in today’s fast-paced business environment, you need bleeding-edge strategies that can ramp up profits FAST.

And remember, we’re not only giving you the strategies, we’re also giving you checklists, blueprints, templates and SYSTEMS you can easily move into your business…

…so most of the work is already done for you.


If you’re already struggling, are you just going to keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing the past couple years?

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

You’re better than that.

Here’s your chance to turn things around by using the simple/quick/fast tools, templates, and strategies that’ll siphon more money into your bank account.

Invest in Growth Hacks today. There is absolutely No Risk because you’re covered by GKIC’s guarantee. So you basically have 30 days to borrow to use these Strategies yourself and if you don’t get the results you want, just let us know.

In other words,

Get Growth Hacks – The 12 Strategies For Doubling Your Profits Right Now – Dan Kennedy, Only Price 67$

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