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How To Find Exciting Unique Products That No One Else Is Selling

The 7 Figure Secret To Building An Ecommerce Business…Without Ever Having To Touch The Products You Sell…

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NEW way to find UNIQUE ecommerce products to sell…

How To Find Exciting Unique Products That No One Else Is Selling

The 7 Figure Secret To Building An Ecommerce Business…Without Ever Having To Touch The Products You Sell…

Hey Pete here…

Quick question – 

Does it feel like everyone is selling the same stuff?

They use the same dropshipping companies

The same Print On Demand companies.

And then…

They take those same products and sell them on the same platforms.

That’s a lot of “sameness”.

And I get it

It’s the easiest way forward.

Easy access.

Easy barrier of entry.

All you need to do is add a Shopify app and within minutes you can add the same products to your store.

But today, I want to show you how to tap into a whole new world of opportunity.

Because in a world of sameness…

…there is an incredible opportunity for you to sell something different.

Get Find Winning Products Course – Peter van Zijl , Only Price $29

Something unique.

Something that can propel your business to the next level quicker than you ever dreamed possible.

And when you learn this you’ll possess something so powerful…

…that you’ll be able to pick winning products to sell over and over again

I know, because it happened to me...

You're Just One Product Away

When I first started selling on Shopify in 2014 I’d just come from Teespring.

That was a tee platform that anyone could sell on.

I’d sold a lot of shirts…

But I wanted to put my efforts into building a real business.

Own the email list.

Control the domain.

That sort of thing.

I was researching products to sell and I came across a bracelet.

It wasn’t anything I’d seen people selling on FB.

I struck a deal with the guy making them…

In just over a year I'd made $1.2m in sales


I was hooked.

I started to refine my system.

And would regularly find products that would add thousands to my daily sales:

Consistent sales because of the uniqueness of the products I'm selling

Resulting in the brands I owned… brands I started from scratch with a tiny budget

…going on to making millions in sales

And this isn't because of some whiz-bang fancy Facebook loophole…

Or "secret" ad hack or method…

Or because I'm any different from the next guy.

It's because I focused on finding high quality products that hardly anyone else is selling.

Unique products.

Protect Yourself Against The Ever Changing Rules Of Paid Traffic 

If you’re not getting the results you want…

Or you make a few sales and your campaigns burn out…

…you need to know that there’s a very good reason this is happening.

It’s the barrier of entry.

​Meaning – 

What you’re selling is easily available to anyone who wants to sell it.

The same POD companies everyone has access to.

The same old, same old dropshippers…

All you need to do is register an account and you’re off.

But what if you could find something to sell that wasn’t on any of those sites?

It’s actually easier than you think.

The problem is so much training I see is aimed at promoting those POD or dropshipping companies.

It’s like an exclusive boys club and we’re not invited.

You get the feeling the “gurus” teaching make more money from teaching than their own ecommerce businesses.

Your Secret Advantage:

Use Suppliers & Product Creators That Are Flying Under The Radar

To be able to find unique products to sell while everyone is fighting for the same scraps…

…is a priceless ace to have up your sleeve.

There has never been a better time to do this.

There are so many vendors working from home.

Trying to make a few extra bucks…

Producing incredible products…

And there are new unique dropshipping companies popping up all the time who are completely under the radar of the masses.

There are passionate buyers just waiting to buy stuff…with more and more people shopping online…

And switching the way to sell products will change your business

Sell Stuff Hardly Anyone Else Is Selling

I remember relying on teeshirts as an income once upon a time.

Trying to come up with new ideas constantly.

The same goes for mugs, hoodies, message card jewelry.

You’re constantly coming up with designs and sayings to make the product unique.

(and I am not selling tees and mugs etc. doesn't work BTW – I am saying there’s an easier way to do this).

The hamster wheel looks like this:

=> Research ideas.

=> Come up with 10ish.

=> Work out how to make them different.

=> Spend a lot of money getting them designed.

=> Test.

=> Kill the losers.

=> Scale the winner if you get one.

=> Rinse.

=> Repeat.


Just writing that makes me feel exhausted.

Why not focus on unique products you can sell passively for months…if not years?

The Opportunities Are Endless…

When You Know Where To Look

There are ways to use Etsy, Google and Shopify to find goldmines.

There are hidden dropshipping companies…

…that hardly anyone knows about…

…with awesome products

Products people love

That are shipped quickly…

That you can use today to build a real brand and sell to the same people over and over again.

All you need to know how to do is to research.

Where to look…

And develop a knack for spotting these products…

…and the whole things starts to snowball.

I’d like to teach you exactly how to do that.

Get Find Winning Products Course – Peter van Zijl , Only Price $29


Find Winning Products

Become a product research bloodhound and quickly sniff out winners.

My goal is to arm you with everything you need to consistently research, find and launch unique winning products.

These are tried and tested strategies and techniques that I’ve perfected over the years.

The training is over the shoulder training videos for you to watch and follow along to.

Watch. Learn. Implement.

It's easy…

…and I think you're going to find it a lot of fun too!

This is perfect if you’re just starting out in ecommerce and you’re looking to hit the ground running…

Or you have an existing ecommerce brand and you’re looking to add lucrative products to it (ones you never have to touch or hold stock of).

You’ll also get my personal suppliers…

…and new ones when I find them.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • How to quickly and easily identify untapped markets and niches to go into…and then match them up with products that you KNOW are going to sell (that hardly anyone else is selling)
  • The simple repeatable process to finding a unique product and then tweaking it (without changing anything on the product)….so that it transforms into an "I can't say no I need this right now" purchase 
  • simple trick that forces Etsy to reveal amazing products you'd never have thought of looking for (this is as simple as a few clicks)
  • The exact script I use to forge strong partnerships with product creators…all you need to do is copy and paste and you’re ready to roll!
  • An easy way to quickly identify hot trends…then unearth hot products that you can quickly start selling yourself
  • How to find unique gifts that your competition will never find…and perfectly position them to and sell them like hotcakes on special days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.
  • A sneaky (but ethical) strategy to finding products that are already selling in their thousands…and quickly jump on the bandwagon to create a flood of new sales.
  • A powerful technique to finding niche specific, red hot products that almost no one else is selling…and completely dominate that market.
  • The two angles you must use when using Google to find suppliers…do this and you’ll find much more targeted products much quicker (hardly anyone does this).
  • How to piggyback off your competition’s hard work and reveal their top selling products…and use those concepts to build winner after winner.
  • Tap into Shopify’s market place and find thousands of products ready to go (and avoid the fatal mistake that lots of people make that can kill your business)
  • A relatively unknown company that has thousands of personalized products that are ready for you to sell (without ever touching inventory).
  • How to cash in on message card jewelry and take advantage of huge margins (I’ll show exactly how to find messages that resonate with your target market)
  • My personal suppliers and underground dropship companies that have amazing untouched products
  • Constantly updated to make sure you're the first to know of new products to sell and companies to work with…
  • Where to find white label supplements and beauty products that you never have to touch to selling your store (with NO minimums)
  • A little known site similar to Etsy that is an absolute gold mine for cool stuff to sell
  • The 3 word phrase you can use in Google that pulls tons of untouched companies who want you to sell their products

The training is constantly updated.

I do this every single day in my own business…

And when something works for me…you’ll be the first to know.

How Much Is This Skill Worth To You?

The idea here is to teach you how to fish.

And as you do it more you’ll get better and better.

You’ll be able to find unique products to sell online.

You'll make a lot more money than people selling the near carbon copies of each other's products.

You'll build a strong brand…

With a strong customer base that will keep coming back to buy over and over again. 

In a time where ecommerce is booming…

…and more and more people are buying online.

While everyone else fights for the same customers, selling the same products…

You’ll immediately separate yourself from the competition.

I could easily charge over $297 for this…

…and some day I might.

Right now I am looking to work with motivated entrepreneurs and help them build online brands…

…and sell amazing products while doing so.


Get Find Winning Products Course – Peter van Zijl , Only Price $29

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