Evergreen Email Machine 2022 – Frank Kern


Evergreen Email Machine 2022 – Frank Kern… I’ll be showing you what’s working for me, my clients, and (literally) thousands of other businesses online …and I’ll help you implement it. 

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Evergreen Email Machine 2022 – Frank Kern

Evergreen Email Machine 2022 - Frank Kern

  • What We’re Doing
  • 1.We’re BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST using your choice of ten different list-building strategies.
  • 2.We’re building a system to MAKE AS MANY SALES AS POSSIBLE within 7 days of someone joining your list.
  • 3.We’re crafting “CASH ON DEMAND” emails that can be used as “spur of the moment” broadcasts for same-day-sales.
  • 4.We’re building an automated email machine designed to send the right emails to your list at the right time …and bring in sales automatically. 
  • How We’re Doing It
  • 1.We’ll work together LIVE over Zoom for four weeks. (Of course everything is recorded and you’ll have unlimited access to the recordings, handouts, and templates.)
  • 2.​You will get TWENTY different “cut-paste-tweak” email campaigns so you can start sending good emails IMMEDIATELY.
  • 3.You’ll have ONE ON ONE access to my team so you can get help with anything you need.
  • The Requirements
  • 1.Internet access, a computer, and an offer (AKA something to sell).
  • 2.About 2 and 1/2 hours a week to meet with me live (and then go implement what you learned).
  • 3.FOCUS: The method you’re learning is very simple. You might be tempted by “shiny objects” or other distractions. Don’t let that happen! If you follow the formula you learn in this class, you WILL build a list and you WILL have great emails that sell.

No email experience is required.

  • Important Disclaimer:

This is business.

Business has risks.

And there are no guarantees.

I’m not promising you any results of any kind other than a great learning experience as you discover a new and simple approach to selling products and services with email. 

According to research, email is the single biggest revenue driver online.

It’s definitely the biggest moneymaker in my own business. The overwhelming majority of my sales come from email. 

I’ll be showing you what’s working for me, my clients, and (literally) thousands of other businesses online …and I’ll help you implement it. 

But I’m certainly not implying you’ll have the same experience I’ve had. There’s no way anyone could predict that.

I’ve been doing this since 1999 and one thing I can promise you is that everything always takes more work than we think it will at first.

Having said that, the skillset I’m going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN.

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.

  • Start Date

Monday, July 25th at 11 AM California time.

  • Registration Ends:

This page expires when the timer hits zero.

  • The Investment:

I’m going to turn this evergreen and split-test it at $497 and $997 to see which one works better.

But when you enroll NOW (before this page expires), you can have it for $427. So that’s a $70 savings (at least).

I’m offering this discount because I feel like it.

(Literally. I just want to. I don’t have a “compelling reason” lol.)

So you’re saving at least $100 when you enroll today.

You will learn more from this class (and get better results) than you would from taking something that’s ten times more expensive.

As an aside, another (admittedly selfish) reason for this discount is that the overwhelming majority of my customers are repeat customers.

So I know that if I do a good job for you in this class, you’ll probably want to take more classes from me in the future.

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