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Have you ever planned a lesson, poured your heart into it, only to find it completely derailed after three minutes because of the constant interruptions?

Maybe getting your students’ attention is starting to feel like Mission Impossible – and we won't even mention about trying to keep it.

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Classroom Management 101

Frustration ends here.

It's tough to teach when your students aren't listening. That's why great classroom management is key to any successful classroom.

Think of it as the foundation – it's not really exciting, and it's not the most fun piece of the house to work on, but without it, everything else you build will eventually come crashing down.

So if you're struggling with classroom management, this isn't something you can just ignore and hope it gets better. You have to make changes. You have to figure this out.

And that's why we're here.

Have you ever planned a lesson, poured your heart into it, only to find it completely derailed after three minutes because of the constant interruptions?

Maybe getting your students’ attention is starting to feel like Mission Impossible – and we won't even mention about trying to keep it.

Maybe those ah-ha moments are coming fewer and farther between. Your students aren’t seeing much success, and you’re starting to dread the start of class.

But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? That you can turn things around & get to the point where you love teaching again?

Picture This….

What if you could walk into your classroom, say a quick phrase, & immediately have your students' attention?

How would it feel to teach a lesson without a million interruptions?

What if you could keep your students focused and on task without bending over backwards or going crazy?

It'd be incredible, right?

You'd actually be able to teach, inspire, and make meaningful connections with your kids.

You'd finally be able to enjoy teaching, instead of constantly feeling stressed and frustrated.

You'd be able to make a real difference in your students' lives.

I've Been There

If you're having trouble with classroom management, please know you're not alone.

I sure had trouble my first year of teaching. I thought I knew what to do, but I made some big mistakes, and a few months into the year I had a bit of a mess on my hands. I was frustrated and stressed – this was just not how I envisioned that teaching would be.

Thankfully I didn't stay there. I sought advice and counsel and worked hard to make some serious changes. It took a lot of time, planning, and effort, but over the next year I was able to see tremendous improvement. And what a joy when I finally got to the point where my students were (for the most part) orderly, on-task, and fun to teach.

Why Classroom Management 101?

When I thought back to my own classroom management challenges, I knew I wanted to share the lessons I'd learned with other teachers who were struggling. So I wrote Create Your Dream Classroom and started Teach 4 the Heart. I've loved sharing some of the knowledge and skills I've learned and it's been such a joy to be able to help and encourage other teachers.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that classroom management is very nuanced. There's not one magic technique that will correct all your problems. Instead, there are a variety of elements that need to all be in place in order to truly be effective.

I'd shared many lessons on Teach 4 the Heart, but I wanted to put everything in one place. To provide teachers with a complete, organized system that would ensure they had all the tools and training they needed to develop and implement a strong classroom management plan.

And that's when Classroom Management 101 was born.

Classroom Management 101 is here to make sure you don't miss any crucial elements when developing your classroom management plan. It's here to give you everything you need to establish that strong foundation so that you can build an amazing classroom and make a lasting difference in your students' hearts and lives.

So What's In the Course?

When your enroll in Classroom Management 101, you get…..

  • The complete, organized system that will walk you step-by-step through the process of developing & implementing a strong classroom management strategy
  • 6 video modules that will help you tackle various problems such as how to address specific classroom issues and how to motivate your students to learn.
  • Printable manual with additional resources, guides, and notes already taken for you!
  • The opportunity to network with other teachers by leaving comments or asking questions after each video.
  • An invitation to join Christian Teachers' Lounge, our Facebook discussion group.
  • Advice on specific classroom challenges that teachers commonly face.

Get Classroom Management 101 – Linda Kardamis, Only Price $47

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for any teacher who wants to improve their classroom management. A new teacher or a teacher who's struggling to control their classroom will gain the knowledge they need to succeed, and a veteran teacher who has the basics down will pick up additional skills and ideas to take their classroom to the next level. This course is great for any K – 12 teacher. I mostly taught middle school, so many of my examples relate best to those grades, but I also relate the principles to all grades, from kindergarten up to high school.

If you've been following Teach 4 the Heart for very long, you may have noticed that my primary audience is Christian teachers. Since I am a Christian and taught at a Christian school, I use Christian or Scriptural examples from time to time throughout the course. This course, however, is designed for Christian and non-Christian teachers alike, who teach in both private or public schools. (In other words, I think the course is great for anyone who needs help with classroom management, but if a mention of Scripture is going to upset you, then it's probably not for you.)

Will It Really Help Me Manage My Classroom?

This course will definitely give you all the practical knowledge you need to manage your classroom. It will help you learn how to prepare, how to prevent problems from happening in the first place, what to do when a student misbehaves, how to motivate your students, and how to handle challenging situations. Of course, you actually have to follow through and implement what you've learned, but I'm sure you'll be able to do that.

How Long is the Course and How Does it Work?

The course contains over 6 hours of video. Each module contains about 10 lessons, and each video lesson is typically 5-10 minutes long. You can watch these videos online anywhere that you have an internet connection. Also included are downloads and links to additional resources. When you purchase the course, you will have as long as you'd like to complete the course.

Will the Course Be Worth the Money?

If you have been struggling with controlling your classroom then, yes, absolutely. I know that when I first started teaching the stress and frustration of having an out-of-control classroom was just overwhelming. By taking this course, you'll learn how to manage your classroom, control your class, and inspire your students. As a result, you'll feel better and actually start to enjoy teaching. And that is well worth the price of enrollment!

Can I Count This Towards Continuing Education?

When you finish the course you'll be able to download a certificate of completion stating that you completed the 6+ hour course. You can then submit this certificate to your administrator for approval for professional development or continuing education credits.

*ACSI teachers/schools: This course has been approved by ACSI for 1 CEU. Contact me upon completion of the course for official ACSI paperwork/credit submission.

*AACS teachers/schools: You can receive PD credit for this course by filling out the AACS PD form requesting approval to receive credit for this course. (AACS teachers have successfully received PD credit for this course in the past.)

What If I Don't Like It?

I don't want you to have to worry about whether or not this is worth the money, so let me give you a guarantee. I'm confident you'll love the course, but if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the content provided, let me know within 30 days and I'll refund the entire purchase price. No questions asked.

How Can I Get Started?

I can't wait for you to enroll & get started right away. Just click the "Enroll in Course" button to get started.

What Students are Saying:

"I truly wish I had found this before starting my first year of teaching (last year). It would have made the year much, much better."

"It was filled with wonderful ideas, suggestions and most importantly (for me) examples. I also love that I can go back and review what I learned and listen whenever I need or want to."

"If you're struggling with classroom management then Classroom Management 101 can give you a fresh perspective, new ideas, encouragement, and information to help you succeed in the classroom."

"I really appreciate all the very specific suggestions and the encouragement that anyone can have a well managed class."


Get Classroom Management 101 – Linda Kardamis, Only Price $47

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to Classroom Management 101 (4:00)
  • Printable manual
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bonus Quick-Start Plan (50:50)

Module 1: Develop the Right Mindset

  • 1.1 Introduction to the mindset phase (0:45)
  • 1.2 Take responsibility for your classroom (4:16)
  • 1.3 Have the right motive (6:36)
  • 1.4 Seek first to understand (7:52)
  • 1.5 Think win-win (7:29)
  • 1.6 Commit to being humble (7:54)
  • 1.7 Value the first week of school (4:53)
  • Module 1 Reflection (0:48)
  • Bonus: Are consequences Biblical? (7:49)

Module 2: Prepare Your Plan

  • 2.1 Introduction to the preparation phase (1:27)
  • 2.2 Determine your rules (5:37)
  • 2.3 Determine your consequences (10:06)
  • 2.4 Determine your rewards (6:12)
  • 2.5 Determine your expectations (5:58)
  • 2.6 Decide how you'll address shortcomings (11:19)
  • 2.7 Build your confidence (5:44)
  • 2.8 Determine your start-of-class procedures (5:43)
  • 2.9 Determine your other procedures (14:20)
  • Module 2 Reflection (1:11)

Module 3: Prevent Problems

  • 3.1 Introduction to the prevention module (1:29)
  • 3.2 Start with structure (6:18)
  • 3.3 Teach your procedures (9:46)
  • 3.4 Address problems while they're small (8:17)
  • 3.5 Be organized (9:59)
  • 3.6 Keep students engaged (12:11)
  • 3.7 Get your students' attention (5:42)
  • 3.8 Develop rapport with your students (11:18)
  • 3.9 Be professional (9:51)
  • 3.10 Prevent cheating (6:52)
  • Module 3 Reflection (1:10)

Module 4: Deal with Problems that Arise

  • 4.1 Introduction to the problem solving module (2:25)
  • 4.2 How to rein in widespread problems (8:37)
  • 4.3 Why you need to be consistent (6:06)
  • 4.4 Why you shouldn't always be consistent (9:20)
  • 4.5 How to talk with a student (8:49)
  • 4.6 How to talk with the parents (10:29)
  • 4.7 What to do about chatter, blurting, and wandering (10:37)
  • 4.8 What to do about complaining, backtalk, and defiance (12:53)
  • 4.9 How to handle intentional disruptions and class clowns (7:25)
  • 4.10 An introduction to whole brain teaching (6:55)
  • BONUS: Keep Difficult Students from Derailing Class (14:53)
  • Module 4 Reflection (1:20)

Module 5: Inspire Your Students to Learn

  • 5.1 Introduction to the inspiration module (2:51)
  • 5.2 Believe in all your students (2:23)
  • 5.3 Be encouraging (7:55)
  • 5.4 Use memory work to help all students succeed (8:37)
  • 5.5 Make sure your students are working (9:51)
  • 5.6 Engage students in learning (12:37)
  • 5.7 Be wise with your homework (9:29)
  • 5.8 Have one-on-one conversations (8:09)
  • 5.9 Get the parents involved (4:20)
  • 5.10 Teach organization skills (8:30)
  • Module 5 Reflection (1:16)

Module 6: Troubleshooting Challenging Situations

  • 6.1 Introduction & general troubleshooting principles (2:43)
  • 6.2 Handling a lack of administrative backup and/or parent support (6:41)
  • 6.3 Managing students who consistently question you (5:58)
  • 6.4 Helping students with learning and/or behavioral challenges (7:41)
  • 6.5 Dealing with a challenging student who seems to affect the entire class dynamic (9:49)
  • 6.6 Getting a new student mid-year (5:44)
  • 6.7 Regaining control when the class is not listening (5:55)
  • 6.8 Preventing misbehavior behind your back (4:05)
  • 6.9 Keeping the class focused while you work with a small group (7:50)
  • 6.10 Managing transitions and interruptions (6:44)
  • 6.11 Managing a class as a substitute or special class teacher (4:53)
  • 6.12 Managing cell phones in the classroom (6:51)
  • 6.13 Responding to student excuses (6:57)
  • 6.14 Helping students navigate drama (7:10)
  • BONUS: Supporting Students Affected by Trauma (32:00)
  • Module 6 Reflection (1:37)

Bonus Back-to-School Module: Start the Year Right

  • B.1 Introduction to the back-to-school module (2:55)
  • B.2 Review key points (2:12)
  • B.3 Plan the first day of school (11:31)
  • B.4 Deal with the first discipline problems (6:18)
  • B.5 Should you use a formal behavior system? (6:58)
  • B.6 Should we really not smile until Christmas? (4:56)
  • B.7 Tips to set up your classroom efficiently (8:42)
  • Back-to-School Reflection (1:10)


  • Concluding thoughts (2:47)
  • Give your feedback
  • Quiz & Certificate of Completion
  • More from Teach 4 the Heart
  • Tell Your Friends
  • BONUS: Post-Course Reminder System


Get Classroom Management 101 – Linda Kardamis, Only Price $47

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