Challenging Allergy Response – Jørgen Rasmussen


How many people struggle with allergies but would love a drug free solution? Imagine how you’d feel if you were confident in your abilities to work with these issues?

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How many people struggle with allergies but would love a drug free solution? Imagine how you’d feel if you were confident in your abilities to work with these issues?

The way Jørgen helps people to change the allergic response is based on his Psychological Illusion Model (a model developed out of his deep understanding of NLP, hypnosis, self-enquiry and meditation)


Take a few moments and watch the video below which explains what the model is and a few reflections on the model from people who attended his Psychological Illusion Model training. (Or simply read below)

Imagine walking in the desert and suddenly you see a snake in front of you.

Immediately, your heart begins to pound, your palms get sweaty, the mouth gets dry, and you have catastrophic thinking about being bitten.

Imagine that you are able to stop and take a closer look….and when you do so, you realize that there is NO SNAKE… it’s JUST A ROPE.

The moment you see that the snake is a rope it’s game over, you have seen through a psychological illusion and all those “real” physiological responses disappear… NOT through positive thinking… or from implementing complex strategies… but from simply seeing through the psychological illusion.

What if the allergic response was simply an example of exactly this… the mind-body system responding to certain triggers (pollen, cat hair etc) as though it were a snake?

What if the allergic response were simply a phobia of the immune system?

What if there was nothing to cure or to treat?

What if there was simply an illusion to see through. A simple misunderstanding of perception that you could help them change.

Do you need to have previously studied the psychological illusion model to be able to use this method?

NO… everything you need to start working with allergies is contained within this material.

Whilst learning the psychological illusion model will help deepen your understanding of all this and enable you to apply this way of working to lots of other issues, it is not essential.

This way of working has been built from Jørgen’s deep understanding of NLP, hypnosis, self-enquiry, meditation and now he is ready to share.

HOWEVER, does that mean you can simply watch the video’s and immediately be sorting peoples allergies out straight away?

Imagine you bought an online training that taught you how to paint like a true master.

All the techniques and methods were demonstrated and shown; the mixing of the colours, the way to clean the brushes, prep the canvas, create the picture, use the paint, etc.

However, how much you practice, pay attention to, play around with, develop and hone is ultimately up to you.

This is what we are bringing to you. All the component parts of working successfully with allergies. How to sequence the ideas, frame the session, methods and approaches to explore, real demonstrations, explanations and analysis. The rest is of course, up to you. But we look forward to setting you on the path of this very exciting journey.



  • Welcome
  • What sort of results can you get? – 10 mins
  • Cat Allergy Demo – 45 mins
  • Hay-Fever / Pollen Allergy Demo – 30 mins
  • Working With Allergies – 81 mins
  • Developing The Allergy Work & Troubleshooting – 55 mins
  • Hay-Fever Session Results – 13 mins
  • Client Results & Reflection – Ann-Kristin – 12 mins
  • Client Results & Reflections – Henrik – 22 mins

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“Finally, something that makes sense without the usual spiel of ‘you just have to believe it’”.

Over 13 million people in the UK alone struggle with hayfever. This is a huge additional area that could add a very profitable string to your bow.

A few words from HOWARD COOPER – (Founder of Rapid ChangeWorks)

My name is Howard Cooper and I’m the founder of Rapid ChangeWorks… and for the last few years I have been interviewing leading therapists and ‘agents of change’ (exploring the theme that rapid change is possible) as part of a growing podcast that has now had over 30,000 people tune in!

As part of this process I interviewed Jørgen Rasmussen, author of the book provocative hypnosis (a book which the NLP Co-Founder, John Grinder referred to as “the stuff of genius”.)

Before the interview I checked him out online and watched a short vlog he had put out about using NLP to cure allergies. As a Hayfever sufferer myself, I was curious and mulled over the ideas he mentioned. I discovered, to my surprise that the next day I was free of symptoms (and I hadn’t even been trying to work on it!)

My curiosity to speak with him in person was of course now peaked. During the interview he began to hint at a different way of working with clients that he had developed after 21 years of working with both difficult and ‘impossible’ clients… with great results!

He spoke eloquently about the notion that almost all psychological suffering is the result of people falling for some simple psychological illusions and misunderstandings.

I reconnected with Jørgen when he presented a 2-hour seminar at the UK Hypnosis Convention 2017… where he introduced people to what he referred to as his “Psychological Illusion Model of Hypnosis and Change.”

IN FACT he demo’ed his approach live! And ANGELA MILBOURN, who was in the audience wrote (after seeing this in action) the following:

“At the last UK Hypnosis convention, Jørgen Rasmussen blew my mind… and the minds of the people I was seated next to!
I was mesmerised throughout.
Time distorted, it felt like less than an hour and I wanted more, so much more.
His mind was razor sharp and he held the packed room in the palm of his hand.
I understood the simplicity and yet the magic of what he demonstrated, removing trauma from two volunteers, yet I struggled to explain it back to myself in a way that made sense.
I ‘knew’ the process but it required skill to explain.
My only fault with the presentation was that it was so impressive I couldn’t take coherent notes I was SO absorbed in the experience.
I knew at once that I wanted to learn more at the first opportunity”

Angela Milbourn


I felt the same way too (as did all the others I spoke to after this demo)… AND I KNEW I HAD TO BRING HIM TO THE UK so that he could train a lucky few in this way of working!

So… Back in MAY 2018 I hosted his first ever Psychological Illusion Model Training and 30 of us had the privilege of learning about this way of working.

Since then I can honestly say that I didn’t just have personal insights that have transformed my own life, but I have deeply embedded this way of working into my own clients sessions and seeing some outstanding results.

This ONLINE training is additional material that shows how you can apply this way of working to specifically help people change the allergic response.

It is in our opinion the most thorough training on this area that exists to date.

“Right then – the way I work will never be the same again. I’m freed up to help change happen by doing less!”

Christine Black, Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Thoughts, comments, ideas, questions? Can’t find the information you are looking for above? Feel free to get in touch!

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