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If you’d like to build & grow an ecom brand from scratch… regardless of your background or industry, this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

I’ll show you why in a minute.

My guess is that this is not the first time you are reading a sales letter.

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How to Build & Grow an Ecom Brand From Scratch

WITHOUT dropshipping from China OR spending thousands on ads & inventory

From the desk of Dimitris Skiadas,

Athens, Greece ??

Dear friend,

If you’d like to build & grow an ecom brand from scratch… regardless of your background or industry, this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

I’ll show you why in a minute.

My guess is that this is not the first time you are reading a sales letter.

You have been through these webinars, presentations & sales letters that promise you heaven & they deliver… erm..

I know how you feel.

I know you don’t believe me but I was exactly like you a few years ago.

Frustrated, confused, looking for a way to break free from the misery.

I studied 4 years to be an accountant & worked another 5 as an assistant.

But I was never happy.

I was never smiling.

I was changing one job after the other.

In 5 years, I worked for 5 different companies.

Thinking that the job/boss was the problem.

The real problem was me.

I hated every second of (all) my 9-5(s).

My manager was giving orders to me every day :

  • “Go buy me a sandwich”
  • ​“Go get me some cigarettes”
  • ​“Mop the floor”
  • ​“Make me a coffee”

Every manager I had was undermining me.

Making me feel I am super lucky to even have a job.

After countless times of rage, anger, fights with my loved ones & a broken smartphone, i was fed up.

F$&k that sh$t.

I deserve better.

I knew had to make a change in my life…


My name is Dimitris Skiadas and I am an entrepreneur.

I am an ecommerce expert & public speaker.

I’ve been building & scaling ecom stores since 2010.

  • Since 2015, I’ve shared the stage with legends like Robert Kiyosaki, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Charles Ngo, Ezra Firestone & more
  • ​I’ve spoken to 20 events in 15 countries & 10,000+ attendees.
  • ​I've helped 10,000+ to start & grow their online business
  • ​I’ve helped 120+ clients to scale their store to multiple 7 & 8 figures.
  • ​I’ve hosted 7 high end mastermind events in Greece
  • ​I am responsible for over $60MM worth of results on 2020 alone

Get Brand Master Accelerator – Dimitris Skiadas , Only Price $47

10 years ago, I was a totally different person though…

Christmas of 2009, 2am.

After the family Christmas dinner, I was sitting alone in the living room.

I was dreading the idea I had to go back to work on Monday.

So I typed in the magical worlds on the famous search engine…     

And boy, I was hooked!

Started reading and learning like crazy for all the different ways I could make money online.

I got so excited, I even bought a course for $47 on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I got excited!

I started making plans like crazy!

“And I will do this and this and that and I will make so much money”

“I will finally quit my job and live free!”

But then reality hit me.

I didn’t do sh$t.

I went back to the 9-5 I hated.

The only thing I could do is daydreaming about finally quitting my crappy 9-5 job.

(Which I finally quit but more on that later)

The good news was that I was still excited about digital advertising.

I was learning & reading daily.

The bad news was I hadn’t made a dime online till then.

I was great in theory but zero results to show.

I spent the next 6(!) years trying to figure this online thing out.

I made some money along the way, but nothing crazy to show.

To be more exact, from 2009 till 2014, I had made $16,500 from the Internet side hustle.

Approximately, $2,750 per year.

$230 per month.

I had proved I could make money online.

I became really good with Google ads.

I had a few clients that were paying me a few dollars per month to run their campaigns.

But I couldn’t survive with that money.

I still had to work a 9-5 to make ends meet.

The good news were that I wasn’t working as an assistant accountant anymore..

I was lucky enough to get a job at the 2nd biggest advertising agency in Greece.

We were running the ads for big brands like Coca Cola, Adidas, Philadelphia, Wind & more.

This is where I feel in love more with ecommerce brands.

Sure, I was running ads before for small ecommerce brands.

But it’s a different story managing $800k – 1MM per month in ad spend…

Compared to $300/month that my typical client had as budget.

I fell in love with the idea of growing an online business.

We paid a LOT more attention to data.

That got me thinking…

If we could spend $1 and get $3 back…

What if I could spend $100,000?

Would I get $300,000 back?

And I did it.

Multiple times.

With bigger numbers.

The process where I would manage $10MM+ in a year and I would bring back $30MM.

I’ve learned the process inside and out.

And I could repeatedly, time and time again, bring great results.

I had created a proven step-by-step framework to scale any ecommerce business to multiple 7 figures per year.

But there was a problem.

A big one

No matter how much money I would make for these brands…

I would still make the same $1300.

Sure, i had a few small bonuses here and there to reward me from the great job…

But that was it.

I had the “fame” and proven track record

but no more money to show for

This is where it hit me.

“Sick and tired for doing it for other people. I’ll do it for my self”

All I had to do is create a store and sell products.

And dropshipping was perfect for me.

This Is basically a model where you sell stuff online that you don’t have as inventory.

I was selling an item for $40 that I would buy $10 from China.

It was easy as 1,2,3.

  • Every time you make a sale, you collect the payment ($40)
  • ​You buy the item from a Chinese supplier for $10.
  • ​Your supplier sends the item to your customer and you keep the profit ($30)

Back then, the cost of ads was super low ($10 – $15).

So I could make a very nice profit for every sale.

Plenty of perks.

  • I didn’t have to own any inventory.
  • ​I didn’t need a huge budget to get started.
  • ​I setup my store on Shopify in 2 hours.
  • ​I could find millions of products to sell.
  • ​I didn’t have to deal with fulfilling the orders

It seemed like heaven on Earth.

But then problems started showing up. 

 The first 2 weeks, my winning product was selling like hot cakes.

  •  Then I started noticing someone else started selling the EXACT same product as mine.
  •  And to make it even worse, he was using my OWN video in his ads.
  •  And the exact same pictures and descriptions as I was using!
  •  So eventually, my profit would get smaller and smaller till my product would die out completely.

And that wasn’t the biggest of problems.

  • Shipping would take 4 and 5 weeks in some cases.

Although I had informed my potential buyers in the product page…

And my buyers in the confirmation email of their order…

  •  People became impatient.
  •  They started complaining like crazy.

“Where is my freaking order???” was a typical email I would receive multiple times per day.

  •  A lot of people started asking for refunds, thinking I was a scammer!
  •  Some even went ahead and filled a chargeback with PayPal and Stripe.

Those who were patient enough & did receive their order, they were not thrilled with neither the packaging or quality of the product.

This is what people would receive.

And I couldn’t blame them.

  • There was zero customer experience.
  • PayPal started holding a reserve on my money till people got to receive their order
  • My main FB ad account for disabled for no apparent reason.
  • When i got it back after 2 weeks, the performance wasn’t the same anymore.

I was lucky enough to have a good supplier that wanted to help me.

A friend of mine though , let’s call him Peter, wasn’t that lucky.

  •  He got scammed out of his hard earned money from his supplier.

He basically got his money, uploaded fake tracking numbers of the orders that he supposedly sent out and was never to be seen again.

Super sad but true.

I don’t want to intimidate you but this stuff happens.

This is is when I understood that dropshipping had a lot of problems as well.

This is where i shut my store down.

And started thinking about my options.

You see, the big brands I was working with, had their own fulfilment process & customer service.

  •  Meaning that they could deliver the products next day.
  •  If an item was defective, they could replace it right away.
  •  And as medium sized to big brands, they wouldn’t have to worry about people stealing their products.
  •  They were not selling commodities.
  •  They had created a loyal fan base.
  •  They had returning customers buying again and again.
  •  People who absolutely LOVED the brand. 
  •  They were not dependent on FB ads only.

You know the feeling of owning something that you could be proud of.

If you ask most dropshippers what’s their store,

 they will start laughing. 

They don’t want to reveal it for multiple reasons.

I wouldn't reveal it either.

First of all because they are worried of someone else stealing their winning product.

And most importantly, because they are not proud of their stores.

They know that at the end of the day, they are selling crappy products from China.

Quality is usually terrible.

It makes good money. 

Dropshipping is great for cash flow.

But that’s it.

FB ads have been way more competitive than in 2015.

It’s super easy for someone to start selling with dropshipping.

In less than 2 hours, you can get a store up and running.

Due to the fact, it’s a low hanging fruit, everyone does this.

Don’t get me wrong.

Dropshipping is an amazing model to get started

And I have plenty of friends that are killing the game.

 But it’s not for long term.

Go ahead and check some stores that you bought from last year (non brands)

8 out of 10 do not exist anymore.

  • FB doesn’t like dropshipping.
  • PayPal doesn’t like dropshipping.
  • Stripe (another payment processor) doesn’t like dropshipping.
  • Ad accounts getting disabled far easier to dropshippers compared to brand owners.

Do you think that Adidas or Nike will die out anytime soon?

Doubt it.

92,55% of people who start with dropshipping will fail.

How do I know?

How can I be so accurate?

Because I promote Shopify as an amazing platform to sell online.

I have referred 940 people so far.

And 870 of those stores are inactive. 

92,55% failure rate. 

Or 7,45% success rate. 

Depends on how you look at things.

For some reason, that number gives me hope.

What if there was a different model?

Get Brand Master Accelerator – Dimitris Skiadas , Only Price $47

What if we could take ONLY the good stuff 

form each model?

And create a NEW model.

  • A new way of doing ecom.
  • ​A way to build an ecom brand from scratch.
  • ​A way to scale the brand from zero to 7 figures.

And all that…

  • WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on ads
  • WITHOUT testing a hundred products to see what works
  • WITHOUT dropshipping from China
  • WITHOUT buying inventory that will never sell
  • WITHOUT worrying that my “winning” products will die or being stolen

And at the same, CREATE a business that :

  • You will be proud of owning
  • You could sell & possibly exit for multiple 7 or 8 figures
  • Fans absolutely LOVE and keep coming back
  • Is not DEPENDENT on FB ads alone
  • Delivers your products the next day
  • Is a BRAND that has LOYAL customers

My framework for scaling ecom brands needed some small tweaks.

This is where it hit me.

I had quit my job the previous year & started helping clients grow their business.

So I started testing my not so new framework into new clients.

And the results were beyond amazing.

Started getting results like this…

And this…

Dimitris%20Skiadas%20%E2%80%93%20Brand%20Master%20Accelerator%2001 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And what worked then, still works today.

Dimitris%20Skiadas%20%E2%80%93%20Brand%20Master%20Accelerator%2002 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And this one.

Dimitris%20Skiadas%20%E2%80%93%20Brand%20Master%20Accelerator%2003 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And this one.

Dimitris%20Skiadas%20%E2%80%93%20Brand%20Master%20Accelerator%2004 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And there’s a good reason my frameworks through the years.

Dimitris%20Skiadas%20%E2%80%93%20Brand%20Master%20Accelerator%2005 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

Because techniques will change.

What works today might not work 6 months from now.

But strategies will ALWAYS remain the same.

And as Mark Joyner once said..:

The Keys to a Successful business are :

  • Find a thirsty crowd
  • ​Find out what they want  
  • ​Give it to them

My framework works.

And it works because it’s simple.

Actually it’s so simple that i created a name for it.

It’s a 6-step framework that will help you find success with building a brand.

My method is called… (drum roll please) 

The M.A.S.T.E.R method!

And as you can see, there’s an acronym created!

Let’s start with step No 1.


“What does mindset has to do with building a store?” Someone might think.

Mindset plays a huge role in the success of any business really.

I would say 80% of the success of any project is mindset.

20% is hard work, dedication, consistency, techniques & strategies.

Having the belief that this project will be a success.

And no, I am not talking only about the “think positive” crap.

Inside my Master method, you will learn every loophole you need to avoid.

I’ve made the mistakes already so you don’t have to.

  •  You will learn how the MASTER model works in details.
  •  You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of every ecommerce business model.
  •  You will learn how we take all the good stuff from each model.
  •  And how we throw away all the crap that we don’t want to deal with.

And more importantly…

  •  You will learn what is the mindset you need to develop in order to be a successful brand owner.

See what other people are saying about how I inspired them & shifted their mindset to success below…

Let’s go to audience now.

A for Audience.

Everyone talks about winning products.

But without Winning audiences, a product means nothing.

  • Isider the master method, you will learn how to find the ideal buyer for your products.
  •  You will find what people want so you can give it to them.
  •  You will find how to create your ideal customer avatar & how you can sell again and again and again.
  •  You will find what are the characteristics that your ideal buyer that makes buy almost anything you’ll put in front of them.

This is going to be a game changer for you.

Especially if you have tried making money online with eCommerce before.

See what other people are saying about how I showed them a different way to think about audiences & products below,

Let’s go to step 3 of the framework.

S for Solution.

This is where it gets interesting.

  •  This is where you will start selling the products that our hungry A for Audience wants.
  • This is where you will start developing your brand.
  •  This is where you will craft the long term vision.
  •  This is where you will learn how to find trustworthy suppliers.
  •  This is where you are building your store from scratch.
  •  This is where you are giving the Solution that your customers asking.
  •  This is where you are Solving the big pain of your customer.

You don’t have to test a hundred different products to see what works.

Cause you’ll know before hand what your A for audience wants.

And you’ll just give it to them.

Choosing the right solution (product) is half the battle won.

Like my student K. (who kindly asked me not to share his full name) who made 55,000+ euros with his brand in his 2nd month!

And Phil who transitioned from dropshipping to his own brand & absolutely crushed it! He made $1.1mm in 13 days after attending my Greek Mastermind.

Now it’s time to start making some sales.

T for Traffic.

And this is where I do things differently.

Not because I am smarter than anyone.

But because FB is smarter than all of us.

You’ll just have to understand how the platform works.

Its like women.

When you understand what they want & you give it to them, they are happy.

If they are not happy, this is where the problems start. 🙂

When you feed FB with a good offer, good creatives and target an ideal audience, the traffic will convert.

Here’s a big misconception.

FB is just a traffic source.

It can’t turn a bad product to a good one.

And vice versa.

Get Brand Master Accelerator – Dimitris Skiadas , Only Price $47

The goal of FB ads isn’t to sell the product!

(Mind blowing I know!) 

The goal of fb ads is to sell the click!

If you want to sell you need a combination of S for Solution and E for…

Oh wait, we are not there yet…

In T for Traffic then :

  •  Here you will learn what creatives convert the best & why. 
  •  Here you will understand which FB audiences convert the best and why.
  •  Here you will learn how to write ad copy that sells that click.
  • You will understand how the platform works & how to consistently put $1 get $2-$3 back.
  •  Even when you get to spend $2MM in one month and get $6MM back.


Here’s another big misconception.

Traffic is not only FB ads.

The T for Traffic in the MASTER method also includes Google & YouTube.

Email marketing, Snapchat ads, native ads.

In T for Traffic you will learn how to leverage all traffic sources above.

So you won’t have to have all eggs into one basket.

Like Anthony below which followed my advice for Google ads & you can see the results immediately.

E for Excel!

Excel the traffic you have already.

So you started selling your products online.

And you are so happy cause your numbers rock!

For every 100 people that land into your store, 5 of them buy something!

That’s amazing!

You don’t wanna be negative but…

But 95% didn’t buy something from your store.

And supposedly, you were sending super targeted traffic.

Something must be wrong!”

Nothing’s wrong with your store.

To be honest, that’s pretty normal.

Majority of the people who will visit your store, won’t buy something from you.

Here’s how I look at it.

No matter what you do, you will always have people that buy from you.

Even if you screw up big time, some people will buy from you (let’s say eg 5%)

No matter what you do, you will always have people that will NEVER buy from you.

And that’s for their own reasons (let’s say eg 35%)

  •  Your goal should be to convert as many users as possible into BUYERS form the remaining 60%.

Even if you manage to convert 2 more people out of 100 to buy something from you…

  •  You have 7 people in total out of 100 that bought something from your store!

And the best of all?

  • You didn’t have to spend any more money in advertising!
  • You literally picked up some of the money you were leaving at the table!
  •  100% free!

Imagine if your average order value was $30 and you managed to get it at $35.

I won’t do the math for you.

I’ll let you imagine the endless possibilities.

So in E for Excel…

  •  This is where we excel our traffic.
  •  We look at the data and we understand our buyers.
  •  So we can sell to more people, more & more items, again and again.

The good thing?

Very few brands really know how to read their data.

  •  And you are going to learn EXACTLY how! 🙂

Like Oz, a student of mine, who implemented my method on scaling with their data & made $41,000+ in 7 days!

And now we reach to the final step of the MASTER method.

Drum roll (again) please!… 

R for retention!

  •  Here’s where you make loyal fans!
  •  Here’s where you bring them back again and again.
  • And here’s where you take things to the next level.

Meaning, creating a memorable brand that will last for years to come.

  •  Here’s where you will apply some of ecoms best practices that only the big boys know of.
  •  Here's where you create returning customers. You acquired them once, they keep coming back!

Like this store below! That went from dropshipping into creating their own brand. The results speak for themselves.


Now you know it!

This is my 6 step framework for creating eCom Brands from scratch & scale to the moon


Now you might be thinking….

“This is not for me”

I can’t blame you.

Not everything is for everyone.

Here are the bad news.

  •  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.
  •  You will have to put in real work.
  •  As any business model, it requires hard work, consistency, dedication, risk taking, decision making & patience.
  •  There is no form of guarantee of any profits.

It’s not your fault if you have been taught differently.

As any industry has it, there are people in this e-commerce/digital marketing space that they promise you heaven.

But delivery is closer to hell.

Reality is…

The dream is free… The hustle is sold separately!

If you are not willing to understand this, then you can exit this page now.

There’s nothing more for you to see here

Get Brand Master Accelerator – Dimitris Skiadas , Only Price $47

I have SOME GOOD news too!

If you are ready to put in the work, I am ready to help and support you!

  •  I have done this again and again.
  •  And I have multiple success stories to show case.
  • And I want you to be my next success story.


You know what?

That’s totally egoistic from my side.

I want you to be YOUR success story!

  •  I’ll be your biggest fan!
  •  I’ll be rooting for you!
  •  I’ll be here to help and support you.

So here comes the million dollar question.

You have 2 choices now.

Choice No 1

Stop reading & get back to what you were doing before.. you were reading this letter.

No hard feelings as everything is not for everyone.

Choice No 2

Let me show you how can I help you build and grow (or grow and scale) your own branded store to 7 figures WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on ads and inventory.



The Masterclass that I wish I had when I was starting it out 10+ years ago!

It’s a 6 week masterclass with super detailed step by step videos that will help build your own ecom branded store from scratch.

This is what you get when you decide to invest into Brand Master Accelerator today:

  • 6 weeks of BMA masterclass
  • PDFs, transcripts and audio version of every lesson 
  • A private FB community for help and support
  • Monthly Q and A calls to make sure you stay on track with your goals

This is dramatically different from any ecommerce training you’ve been through before.

Here’s why.

  •  BMA is my proven framework that I've perfected the last 10+ years.
  •  BMA is responsible for dozens of success stories & case studies
  • BMA is a fully detailed online training BASED ON REAL DATA & NOT THEORY!

Let me show you in details what are going to get when you invest today in BMA.

Week 1 


  • ​The WINNING mindset : The 6 things you need to do daily that will be responsible for 80% of your success
  • ​How to build your own brand from scratch WITHOUT huge advertising budgets or inventory
  • ​Cash on delivery: How to capitalize on the most preferred payment method in Europe (more than 90% of people use this)
  • ​Why the new MASTER model is better than everything else combined. 
  • ​And way more!

Week 2 


  • How to know EXACTLY to the point who your ideal buyer is & how to sell to to them AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN
  • ​Learn how to solve problems ONCE and get paid AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN from that one problem
  • ​How you can be ALWAYS be one step ahead of your competition & never run out of customers again
  • ​Why you don’t need to EVER sell commodities & ALWAYS be on top of your game
  • ​And way more!

Week 3 


  • PRODUCT RESEARCH on STEROIDS: The 5-step CHECKLIST to choose winning PRODUCTS with 90% success rate
  • ​How to find trustworthy suppliers & never get scammed out of your hard earned money
  • ​The logo, the colors, the fonts & the brand name that will increase the trustworthiness & authority of your brand
  • ​The PROVEN formula on setting up your branded store for MAXIMUM sales (suggested themes & apps to use INCLUDED)
  • ​How to write copy that converts visitors to buyers WITHOUT ever being salesy or pushy
  • ​The elements of a HIGH converting product page (PROVEN formula)
  • ​And way more!

Week 4 


  • The 4 Steps of the Customer Journey (80% of advertisers dont even know about this)
  • ​The creatives that work like clockwork- Step by step how to create video & photo ads that convert
  • ​FB ads TESTING strategies: How to test ads & quickly cut down the losers & scale the winners to graduation phase
  • ​FB ads SCALING strategies: How we QUICKLY scale our ad campaigns to 4 figures per day
  • ​Remarketing on steroids – How to setup all your audiences so they can convert like clockwork
  • ​Google Ads : How to Set up your ads that makes people tick. Step by step video tutorials on creating high converting Google ads
  • ​YouTube ads : The 5 high converting audiences that you need to set up immediately
  • ​SCALING: How we predictably scale our Google & YouTube ads to 4 figures per day
  • ​And way more…

Week 5 


  • How to cut down your advertising costs WITHOUT sacrificing your valuable product margin
  • How to increase the profitability of your ads WITHOUT spending any extra money on advertising
  • TARGETING on steroids : How to identify your ideal buyers inside the data so you target them every single time
  • ​The 5 Key Audiences to Focus that Convert like Clockwork
  • ​And many more!

Week 6 


  • The 7 things to Avoid that will Kill your Conversions
  • ECOM BEST PRACTICES: the Strategies that the big brands use & turn buyers to LOYAL FANS
  • How to increase every user you turn into BUYER without spending any extra money on ads
  • ​The proven formula to increase how much people spend on your store REPEATEDLY
  • ​And many more!

Get Brand Master Accelerator – Dimitris Skiadas , Only Price $47

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