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If a web page that took 10 minutes to throw together was outsourced to a barely English-speaking person, you could use the domain name <url>, which comes out in front of WebMD.com then I think we could all agree that search engines didn’t do a good job.

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Note: Adsense revenue, affiliate&CPA commission applicants are product creators&service providers …

Stop chasing after high rankings on sites where no one wants to land”

Follow a step-by-step training course for building a true authority site that will help cement your rankings and your income.

Is 2013 the year your site is buried by search engines? Or will you stay on top and keep growing?

Let me tell you something very urgent and relevant to my question above …

As you know, the job of search engines is simple, to put the site of the highest quality at the top of any particular search phrase.

That’s it.

Let’s say you’re searching for information about”knee pain treatment”.

If a web page that took 10 minutes to throw together was outsourced to a barely English-speaking person, you could use the domain name <url>, which comes out in front of WebMD.com then I think we could all agree that search engines didn’t do a good job.

And I’m just pointing this out because I love search engines or I’m plagued with spam, so I’m not just talking about how it’s going.

Sites like <url> are on the hit list of search engines. An article that barely took 10 minutes to create based on the fact that the content was outsourced to an English speaking man provides a whole lot of value and there is no actual reference…Again…Quality,not useless.

Let’s really do it here…

If that site makes it to the top of the results page, it made it there through some trick. And search engines do their best to figure out that trick and make sure that page no longer ranks high.

They don’t want their visitors to find it. It makes them look bad. So they try to bury it.

If you want to know exactly where to put a site on the search engine hit list, here are some tips from Google covering two types of sites they are seeking.:

Thin affiliate sites: these sites collect income on Pay-Per-Click(PPC)by sending visitors to sites with affiliate programs, while offering users almost any value-added content or services.

A doorway page is typically a large set of poor quality pages where each page is optimized for specific keywords or phrases.

Not only is Google trying to get rid of these with algorithm updates, but it’s really trying to make thin affiliate and doorway pages the right way in Webmaster Guidelines.

Before proceeding, I want to straighten out one thing, I’m not the internet police.

I don’t really care if you did this or not. I don’t really care if this is the type of thing you’re doing right now. I don’t care if you’re doing worse stuff than trying to get a perfect spam site to rank high.

There is nothing morally wrong with any of this.

Ethically speaking, I think this is a Google problem. They’re big business with lots of smart people, they can deal with it, so the last thing we need to do is worry about them.

My loyalty is with people like me who run online businesses.

I hate seeing these people spend their time and money being pushed in the wrong direction. That’s exactly what’s happening.

There are a lot of”make money online courses”. And they’re teaching people how to build a site that Google is going to label as a thin affiliate or doorway page. 95% of them and perhaps even more tell us the very ones that are on the road to being canned.

It’s pretty upsetting.

Many of the products of the creators will not be able to sell the course, which is centered on ”fast”and”easy’. Creating thin affliate or doorway sites and Pages is definitely quick and easy. They basically have catchy names for these to hide that they’re creating spam that no one wants to land.

So much money is being used. ”Fast”and” easy ” always outsells something else even if it doesn’t work.

And while many of these product creators are actually ethical, they just don’t know how to build other types of sites. So even if they’re not out to get your money, they just don’t know how to build anything other than low-quality, slap-together sites.

If you want permanent traffic from the search engine(or anywhere else) you have quality, comprehensive information on the site.

You need to build a permission site.
It’s not a matter of choice anymore. There is no choice.

It will build a real site that sucks, but you will find your site that offers value or maybe buried in the bottom of the results.

Again, both thin affiliate and doorway pages are not just low value sites, Google is saying they are violating quality guidelines. Not a choice here, but also its rules if you want to start.

And with everything like 80% of all search engine shares wrapped up in Google, you have no choice but to follow the rules.

The problem is, if you do not offer anything of value, ideally, they would like to see you go.

The trick is getting harder.

In 2011 many webmasters saw their rankings plummet.

And I’m afraid,that’s just the beginning.

You have to make a decision …

You can keep betting systems and try to trick search engines into high rankings of your make-for-advertising sites. …

…Or you can build actual permissions on the topic.

You can offer something of value so your site should be on top of the search engines.

That’s really the best way to ensure it stays there.

And you don’t need to have a site with 100’s of pages to achieve this. So you can reach a narrow subset of the market, even 10 pages of rights situation.

It provides a comprehensive piece of accurate information based on proven keywords on research strategies

It’s not that difficult.

It’s definitely not rocket science

It’s not something that takes years to put together.

You can start now and start seeing results in a few short weeks.

We’re not going to see good results by scraping content, autobloging, rotating content, dominating exact matches, or low-quality mass production.

I don’t really like building a site search engine type and then thinking all your traffic is going to come through high rankings.

How could it be better?

Your entire strategy for getting traffic is to get search engineers around the clock to neutralize.

It goes against all logic.

So I don’t want to see you caught in that trap.

And I see a lot of people heading that way.

Again, most of what is taught will pull down that path.

There are very high turnover rates for online businesses and this type of misleading information is part of the reason.

I’ve had a lot of success on the internet since I started in 2001. So, it’s over 10 years as an online entrepreneur. And I realize that I was very lucky.

I have been getting 6 Figures Every year since about 2004 and much of it has been by profiting from the traffic I got through search engines.

I do my best to provide quality and I know what I’m doing when it comes to SEO

That was my#1 secret for a long-term stable income.

I use a lot of sites to test different things, because learning how to get and maintain the top rankings is something I’m a bit obsessed with.

I doubt that building authority sites is the best and most stable income you can create if you want free traffic from search engines.

No matter how good you earn online, you can not profit by the authority of the site.

This model is acquired from affiliates or chartered accountants/teens who provide.

This model allows you to increase revenue even if you have a product or service.

And if you want to get from Adsense you can use this model.

I used the Authority site model to gain from all of the above methods.

I built the authority site in 2001, which is still ranking this very day at the top of the search engines. It was on the high profile, directly related to the products I used to sell.

I was earned about$10,000 each month for many years before I moved into pursuing other businesses. I would say 95% of the traffic I was getting was from search engines. I didn’t have to bother for backlinks or worry about search engine updates because the site was the authority on the market.

I’ve built other sites too that have brought major Adsense profits based on my authority site model.

In 2011, AdSense alone earned a 6-digit income …

– And … –

…I also earned an additional 6 figure income from CPA offers and promoting affiliate programs that very same year.

So I’ve done very well.

Last year, I had just under 3 million page views across all of my sites.

So I know that combining SEO with high value content works and runs loosely based”fast”and”easy”so-called”magic bullet” to get top rankings.

Many of my former clients also know how well this works too.

An SEO course called the INLINESEO system I created in 2009 has received rave reviews. This is the usual course.:

”Your expertise in the field of SEO is excellent”

Top notch material”

”Thanks to your information, people can progress”

”Good, solid training and not outdated”

”By far the best” SEO teacher out there””

Through my previous training, I’ve helped 100’s of people get high rankings. Through earning with various people who aim for offline companies, affiliate marketing, Adsense, all kinds of?

I really enjoy helping people start a business and that’s why I’m back with this new course, the”authority site model.”

I see more people taking their online business to a new level.

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