Authentic Social Influence Weeks 1-3 – David Hamilton


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Authentic Social Influence

  • Four-Week Online Course
  • Instructor, David Hamilton

This course is now underway Registration closes Saturday 3 December

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Free Interview

"Stranger In A Strange Land"

A Free Interview with Dr. Glover and David Hamilton On Shyness, Introversion, and Social Anxiety


Become a Social Master

Are you at ease talking to people everywhere you go?

Or do you find it difficult to build great connections?

Do you want more work and life success through being more social?

At some point we all experience frustration at doing these things well (or at all), or seeing others be successful at it. Some people just cringe at the thought of being actively social, though they know they are limiting themselves. 

If we are always outside-looking-in it can be hard to know exactly how to become a social master. It seems like a mystery from the outside, because without the understanding of the inner workings and mindset of a social virtuoso, AND how to integrate them, we feel lost.

Actually, there’s a lot of confusion around what it means to be social, and the misconception that only “extraverts” can do it. 

This just isn’t the case. 

The most social guy I’ve ever seen is an introvert, on the quieter side, yet he’s like the mayor of the city wherever he goes. 

I too used to be one of those who cringed at being social, until one day I’d had enough and drew up a deep desire to become a social man – in both my business and my personal life. 

In fact, I used to suffer from social anxiety but made it my mission to do everything I could to be social AND authentic. For many years I lacked the skills to do it: I was awkward, quiet in groups, and used to suffer from a great deal of social anxiety. 

As I started to dissolve what I call my “anti-social mindset,” I realized that, as human beings, we are naturally social creaturesThe more social we are, the more we “succeed.” So I broke those patterns, and I’m happy to be teaching what I’ve learned through this course.

As someone who has gone through the process of changing from very socially awkward to extremely social, I’ve designed Authentic Social Influence (ASI) to help you learn the inner mindset and outer skills needed to take your social life in business and leisure to the next level

Please join us in the ASI course if you want to expand your social skills and life in an authentic way.

Get Authentic Social Influence Weeks 1-3 – David Hamilton, Only Price $29

Is this You?

  • You know the importance of being highly social but don’t know how to do it.
  • You understand that being more social will bring you more business and life success, but the path is unclear.
  • You wonder, “How do those extraverts do it?”
  • You feel burnt out when you’re even just a little bit social, like you can’t keep up.
  • You have some social success but want to really take it to the next level.
  • You want to be social without trying to have all the power and “dominating” others; you’d rather be persuasive and authentically yourself.

Authentic Social Influence—You will:

  • Discover the fundamental concepts of being social in all areas of life and put them into action.
  • Build the proper mindset to drive your new social behavior in business/work and life.
  • Uncover your social values and strengths to leverage them.
  • Apply strategies to become a social “nexus” quickly.
  • Learn how and why introverts can be the most social people.
  • Integrate these social skills with your other dating skills from Dr. Glover’s courses to have even more success with women (who are “people,” too, don’t forget!).
  • Learn the one thing you must do in order to step up all areas of your life socially, and why it works so well.


  • Lesson 1: Principles of Authentic Social Influence
  • Lesson 2: Social Skills Part 1
  • Lesson 3: Social Skills Part 2
  • Lesson 4: Building and Leading Your Social Circles Authentically

Bonus Material

David’s eBook, 10 Keys to Stop Feeling Anxious and Nervous

A Free Podcast by David: Three Keys to a Great Social Vibe

A Group Coaching Webinar

Get Authentic Social Influence Weeks 1-3 – David Hamilton, Only Price $29

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