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The Article Writing Self-Study Course

Learn why articles do a far superior job of attracting the clients that you want

How to stop knocking on clients' doors, and get them to call you instead

Knocking on a client's door is the hardest way to get business – yet we do it all the time

In order to get the client's attention, we send out sales letters; we make presentations; we do everything we can to try and sell to clients. The more we try to sell, the higher the client's hackles go up. The more we try to convince; to persuade, the more the client starts avoiding you. Or at the very least, they put off buying from you till much later.

So why do clients put off the purchase?

There are two big reasons. The first reason, is that they don't want to buy at the exact moment that you want to sell. So even if you've just made this wonderful presentation of your product or service, there's a close to zero-response on the client's part. And that's just because they're not ready to buy right away. The second reason is that the client doesn't really recognise you as an expert. All they can see is someone who's trying to sell something to them. To them you're just another ‘sales pitch' coming through the front door. What you really need is a side-door entry!

Why articles help you sneak in the side door

Articles help you get the client's attention, because articles rarely if ever, try to sell. Articles educate. They give the client the various angles to a concept. And in doing so, clients don't put up a wall. The more you inform a client about a topic, the more they're interested in getting in touch with you. And not only do they get in touch with you– but they also choose you (instead of your competition).

Well-written articles are not only vital for your website and newsletter, but can earn you revenue, as well as free publicity. Articles published in offline magazines, can drive hundreds of readers to your business. And yes, if you write really well, you are actually given a column in a magazine or newspaper or online portal. The above are just some of the magazines that I've written for. And the articles were published in sales, training, marketing, business as well as alpaca magazines  And this is a small representation of places where our articles have been published.

But hey, the competition can write articles too, right?

Right. They can, and they will. But there's a difference. And that difference lies in the ability to not only attract the client to what you're writing, but to keep the client reading from the start to finish. And then to actually look forward to reading more than ever before. Now you've stopped becoming the ‘salesperson they want to avoid', and have become the educator and entertainer.

Entertainer? What's entertainment got to do with article writing?

Everything. Drama is what causes customers to keep reading your words. Think of a movie being rolled out in a word format. Each of your articles not only need to educate, but need to take the client on a rollercoaster ride. The biggest mistake most article writers make (actually most amateur writers) is that they believe in just writing words. Words don't create stickiness. Drama does.

Get Article Writing Home Study – Sean D'Souza, Only Price $117

Presenting: The Article Writing Self-Study Course

Do you stare at a blank screen every time you have to write something? Does it drive you crazy and then you just give up in frustration? Do you figure you're never ever going to write an article? If so, then this course is just for you. You'll learn how article writing, or writing for that matter, is a simple science. It's a paint- by-dot system.

By the time you finish the course, you'll have not only learned how to write an article, but have written one yourself plus have generated two or three future articles. And as we've seen before, you'll not only be able to write articles, but write articles that keep your customer riveted to your writing. But there's always the fear… What if you're not a good writer? What if you've tried to write before, and gotten so-so results? What if you have other issues like dyslexia? Could you still learn to write captivating articles?

The Article Writing Course is designed to do the following:

  1. Enable you to write faster than ever before.
  2. Reduce the frustration of never getting past the first line
  3. Create content that is so captivating that customers consider you the expert.

We use a simple system to achieve the above

  • Deconstruction
  • Reconstruction

In deconstruction, you'll take apart articles and other forms of copy. You'll see why the best writers in the world, became who they are, and what systems they used to persuade their audiences. In construction, you'll learn exactly what strategies and tactics you need to create text that moves people to action.

Anyone can write an article. What we are looking to create is speed, drama as well as expertise within the article. And I'll be there with you to guide and teach you, and more importantly to show you exactly what you need to fix, so that your articles improves instantly.

A Tiny Insight Into What You'll Learn

  • The three main systems of writing. And how to pick a system that is suited to your own individual personality. This means you can be who you are, instead of simply copying someone else.
  • Spotting an instant disaster before you write the article. You'll learn how to spot if an article is useless, simply by analysing parameters in your headline. This alone saves you hours of frustration and toil of going round in circles.
  • Why writing effective headlines is critical. Most articles are read, or deleted solely on the basis of a headline. If your reader doesn't get attracted by your headline, the rest of the article is almost never read–leading to a massive waste of time on your part. (This applies to both online as well as offline articles, by the way).
  • How to get the reader to slip-slide (yes, there's no better word) right from the headline to the first fifty words. And what to put in those first fifty that captivates the reader, and almost compels them to read the entire article.
  • How to then take the reader past the first fifty words. The secrets to connecting thoughts, and disconnecting thoughts. And how connectors and disconnectors, when used with structure in mind, create intense drama and flow.
  • How to create a grid that speeds up your article writing by 50% or more. The grid also enables you to construct an article that suits both the reader who reads every word, as well as the reader who scans.
  • How to never run out of ideas. You'll have so many ideas, that you'll realise that writer's block is really a myth.
  • Learn why ‘creating a wall' or ‘disturbance' in an article is critical to keep the reader's attention, and why it so appeals to human nature. Most mediocre articles avoid the ‘wall', thus creating a boring, tepid style of writing.
  • How to literally outline half a dozen (or more) articles in less than an hour, sitting at the cafe.
  • How to mesh articles with selling products/services. Just writing an article will not get your customers to respond. You need to actually guide the customer to buy the product or service. How do you move from editorial to sales seamlessly?
  • The secrets of formatting an article. Formatting is the visual aspect of your article. Most people look at a page, before they read a word. In an instant, your ‘lack of formatting' can lose the reader.
  • Learn which article headlines work better–and why. Why: That's what you want to learn. Why does this headline supercede that headline? The key isn't in copying blindly, but having a deep understanding of human psychology (It's easier than you think).
  • Understanding what makes an article boring–and how to avoid that scenario like the plague. It's not enough to know what makes an article exciting. There are factors that make an article boring too. What are those factors?
  • The Secret of writing angles to a story–and how you can write on one topic over and over again–without losing audience interest. This saves you enormous time and effort. Imagine having one topic and being able to generate ten, twenty, even a hundred angles. And yet the audience is clamouring for even more angles to that topic.
  • How to use structure to build up momentum. Without structure you're simply writing without parameters. Every time I write randomly, I waste more time than ever, and end up with a half-baked article that can't be used. The structure is what will enable you to avoid making the mistakes I made at the start–and write faster than ever before.
  • How to leverage articles into books, reports and other forms of revenue and customer-generation.

Get Article Writing Home Study – Sean D'Souza, Only Price $117

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to master the ability to write. And not just write, but write with drama and flow. Therefore, we've had complete beginners on this course, and seasoned copywriters, or article writers. Just because you're comfortable writing, doesn't mean you're outstanding. It takes a certain discipline to be outstanding at your writing, and in this course, everyone (from beginner to advanced writer) finds a lot that they can learn and move ahead.

If you're a complete newbie at writing it doesn't matter. And if you're a pro, there's a lot to learn. This may appear weird to you when reading this paragraph, but you can trust me on this. Every course has a mix of people from different countries, backgrounds and skills. And this course moves them all along the path where they become superb at what they do.

I know the struggle of writing

For one I know how it feels to deal with a blank page. When I started, I had what was called the ‘article graveyard'. I'd write half an article. Then I'd stop. Then I'd start off with another another. Soon I had a graveyard of articles. (Aarrrrrrrrrgh!) But that's not all. I was also taking a whole two days to write one article. So in order to just write 12 articles a year, I was taking close to a month!

Well, now I write hundreds of articles a year…

So going from all that struggle, I found a way to write faster and with more effect than ever before. And today, our articles are not just for Psychotactics subscribers. They are published in magazines both online and offline. They help run a membership site at 5000bc. And they form the basis for books, products etc. (What is a book or product but a series of articles in a chapter format? What is a video but a series of articles in a set of frames? What is a teleclass but an article being spoken out?) But of course you may want to put off this learning till later…

So could you do this course later?

There are several reasons why you may think that you'll need to do this later.

Reason 1: You're busy now and later may be better…

Unless you're going through a really messy situation in your life (you know what I mean) there's never going to be a better time to do this course. I'll tell you why. Most people think that somehow there will be more time in the future. Think about it. Do you have more time today, than say even a year or two ago? You're never going to have free time in the future.

You're going to have to make that time now. And the nice part about article writing is that it saves you enormous time in the long run. In fact, at first the course will indeed suck up all your time (read that again).

That's normal when you're learning any skill. Then as you get better, you'll be able to turn out articles in a fraction of the time. And not just articles—any idiot can write an article—but an outstanding article. So time is a good excuse, but time doesn't free itself, and it's up to you to make the time for this course.

Reason 2: The Difficulty Factor

In terms of difficulty, you have three levels. Anything in life can be described in three ways. Cat, dog or baby level.

  • Cat Level: Little or no maintenance
  • Dog Level: A bit of maintenance
  • Baby Level: A lot of maintenance

To get you to sign up to something, people will give you the impression that your course is going to be at “Cat Level”. That you'll learn some techniques and voila—you'll be super duper at the skill. This course doesn't give you that false impression. And really, feel free to do another article writing course because then you can see for yourself how much more is put into this course.

So yeah, it's not easy, and that may put you off. But nothing really great is easy to achieve. If you put your mind to it, and we pulls oars together, we'll get there—difficulty or no difficulty. If you want to learn this skill like it should be learned then now is a good time. The more you put it off, the more you'll start believing in “talent” (see below). Depending on how much effort you put in, the value you get will scale accordingly. I'm here to make sure you struggle for a while, because it's in the struggle that you're going to really learn.

So if you're wondering what level you'll need to do the course at, it oscillates somewhere between “dog” and “baby” level. It's never going to be at “cat” level, because frankly you can't learn anything with zero effort. Which of course takes us to the age-old misunderstanding of inborn talent.

Reason 3: It seems scary and possibly you don't have the “talent”

Most people were told by their parents and teachers that some people are more talented than others. This course is proof that talent (if it does exist) doesn't matter at all. What matters is daily practice, making lots and lots and lots of mistakes (and fixing them), and application of the methods to write better and faster.

I personally don't believe in talent, because I've seen dozens of people do this course. People who believed they could not write; people who had dyslexia or other issues, and they all come out at the other end writing outstanding stuff. If you are ready to rise above the beliefs of your teachers, parents (and possibly the belief in your own brain) then yes, you'll get there—guaranteed!

Warning! BIG Warning!

If you are prone to making excuses, this is not the course for you. I want to make you exceedingly good at creating superb content.

If you're not serious about getting outstandingly good, then don't bother. If you are self-motivated, you will indeed be encouraged and given the tools and the expertise to move ahead.

This article writing course is not about hundreds of pages of notes, endless videos and audio. You'll be given precisely what you need to get a high level of confidence—and skill—in article writing. This course is not about even more information—it's about skill.

Complete Details of the Course

Which leads us to the nitty-gritty details…

Some of the topics that will be covered

  • 1) How to write with drama–so your material is actually read.
  • 2) How to use structure to speed up your writing considerably.
  • 3) How to use articles online as well as offline to create expertise.
  • 4) How to craft stories, analogies and metaphors like clockwork.
  • 5) Deconstruction of the work of other articles (and other media).
  • 6) How to write consistently great headlines that pull clients in.
  • 7) How to write even if you believe you're not a writer.

What do I get with the Article Writing Self Study Course? What is the format? When will I get the product?

  • First, you will get an introductory message from Sean. The message is designed to give you a clear understanding on how to use the self-study course. And the reason why you should follow the tiny increment system. (Audio and PDF)
  • You will be given the step-by-step tiny increment syllabus. The syllabus gives you detailed instructions on how to go about implementing the course—step-by-step. (PDF)
  • You will get PDF notes and audio files for every section with examples. (PDF and audio)

The Conditions

  • Condition 1: You have to first get on a waiting list (see link below).
  • Condition 2: We are manually approving you (see approval conditions below).
  • Condition 3: You'll need to make the payment once you are approved.

About the approval process

We understand that not everyone will want to go through three barriers just to get a product, and that's fine with us. However, we will be approving you based on your previous transactions with us. If you have a good history with us you will get to the final stage. Expect an e-mail once the course opens up again if you're approved.

Do I get any support?

This is a home study course. You will be working by yourself. So you can work at your own pace. There is no involvement from Sean. With the premium option, you get two critiques from Sean.

What does it cost? Do you have an installment plan?

See below for information and the installment plan.

Is there a guarantee?

I recommend that you NEVER buy anything that isn't 100% guaranteed. And with this course you get our ‘Smiley Guarantee'. Which means that if you decide all this information is rubbish, you can literally email us and we'll give you all your money back. With no questions asked. Email me within 30 days for a complete refund. And I'll be happy to refund your money with a smile.

Can I do the live online course after I do the self study course?

Yes, you can do the live course when we have one, if you have completed the self study course. If you already have the self-study course you're on the priority list for the live course. However, you will need to email Renuka to make sure you're availing of this priority. The priority matters because we only take between 25-30 people on any given course (and the course often sells out within a single hour). To get on the super-priority list, here's Renuka's email address. The next live course will start on 11 May 2020.

How do I get the Article Writing Course—Limited Edition right away?

The course sold out in 72 hours. It will next be available on 8 February 2020. However, you have to get on the waiting list. Click here to get on the waiting list.

Get Article Writing Home Study – Sean D'Souza, Only Price $117

The course is designed for frighteningly outstanding results

This isn't your yada, yada course where you get notes and you get a little nudge. If you want to play around with your career, then this course is not for you. This is not a course for those who want to avoid dedication and hard work. You can become an average writer by reading a book or two, or doing a course or two.

But you can't become a stunning writer

A writer who demands and gets attention. For that, you need to be able to put in the effort to make mistakes—yes make mistakes—and then correct those mistakes. This course requires time for your brain to make all of those mistakes, and then systematically correct them, so that you become close to flawless in your writing.

It's not designed to simply give you information about articles, but enable you to become a master at writing, and then going on to create audio articles/podcasts, and video. It's designed so that you can create powerful presentations, just by sitting down for 10-15 minutes and implementing the lessons learned.

In short, it will make you a master of being able to communicate, because the course isn't treated just like another ‘hobby', but instead that you're learning a language where you need to be super-fluent and super-confident. And to get to this super level, you need to go through stages that don't allow for laziness or excuses.

  1. It's designed to maximise your time and money by helping you make “mistakes”.
  2. It's structured in great detail.
  3. You're never ever alone to work out things.

Maximising Time By Increasing Your Mistake-Rate

If you look up “article writing courses” on the Internet, you'll find courses that are a lot cheaper than ours. A lot. This one isn't cheap and it's not cheap because it's designed to maximise your time and your money. The way to maximise your time is to get you to deliberately make mistakes. Most courses tell you what you should do, and then leave you alone.

That is not the way the human brain learns.

Instead the brain needs to learn the right way, then make mistakes and then fix those mistakes. This is how you truly learn. This is how we learned to walk, talk, drive cars etc. You have to make mistakes—and get instruction. This course is aware how busy you are, and hence allows you to make more mistakes—thus speeding up the learning process.

What’s Unique About This Course?

The difference between this course, is simply ‘the drama'.

Drama enables you to get and keep the attention of the reader from start to finish. Something that most articles just fail miserably to do. Drama is everything. Learning how to mix drama with structure is what makes this course different from anything else. Other courses simply give you the ingredients of basic article writing.

The Psychotactics Article Writing Course is different, because you write using methods that are similar to what's used in movies, television series etc. In just three months, you progress from just any ol' writing to stuff people stop, read—AND read again. The Article Writing Course brings out that drama in your writing.

This article writing course is not about hundreds of pages of notes, endless videos and audio.

You'll be given precisely what you need to get a high level of confidence—and skill—in article writing. This course is not about even more information—it's about skill.

Smiley Psychotactics Guarantee

I recommend that you NEVER buy anything that isn't 100% guaranteed. And with this course, you get our ‘Smiley Guarantee'. Which means that if you decide all this information is rubbish, you can literally email us and we'll give you all your money back. With no questions asked. Email me within 30 days for a complete refund. And I'll be happy to refund your money with a smile.

Incredibly Valuable Bonuses (Available with Premium Option)

# 1 Big Bonus: Psychotactics Archives (worth $300)

Imagine getting an archive of articles written from the year 2002 onwards. You'll have an instant inspiration, that you can draw upon when you write an article.

#2: 12 Article-Starters worth $300 (Premium)

Often the hardest part about just about anything is starting up. Well, it's not such a big problem if you have a bunch of article-starters. With the Premium Option, you get a dozen ways to start up any article. That gets you well on your way.

# 3: (Worth $1500) Two Critiques by Sean (Premium)

Every time Sean critiques a sales page or any marketing material, there is a fixed fee of $750 per critique. As part of the Program, you will be entitled to two complete critiques worth $1500. (Note: Critiques are valid until 6 months from the date of purchase).

Get Article Writing Home Study – Sean D'Souza, Only Price $117

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