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Architect%20and%20Entrepreneur%20Course%20with%20Consultation%201 - eBokly - Library of new courses!Imagine your commercial enterprise a yr from now. How an awful lot sales are you incomes? What type of tasks are you running on? What are you doing greater of? What are you doing much less of? Imagine waking as much as a Monday morning with out the pressure of questioning wherein your subsequent greenback is coming from. Your to-do lists are manageable, your mission listing centered simplest at the stuff you need to be doing. You have structures in vicinity to address new leads, structures for incomes whilst you sleep, structures that take the tedium from your each day routine.

You have time to think. Time to create, time to be innovative. Time to your own circle of relatives. The time you spend, you’re running at the commercial enterprise, now no longer withinside the commercial enterprise. You’re strategic, now no longer reactionary. You have the freedom to say “no” to the matters that aren’t a very good fit. You have sufficient. Enough cash withinside the bank, sufficient time together along with your own circle of relatives and pals and you’re doing paintings you enjoy.

If this appears like someplace you’d want to be, this direction is for you.

You don’t should defer the dream, at the moment is attainable, it is able to be your every day. I say this with self belief due to the fact I’ve been there too. Frustrated with a expert lifestyles that wasn't what I had envisioned. And so, I left a "safe" task and a consistent paycheck searching for a greater satisfying innovative exercise of my very own making.

This direction stocks the training I've found out in view that beginning my entrepreneurial exercise, 30X40 Design Workshop, in 2013. I've designed it as an accelerator, to transport you from suffering to successful. From concept to implementation. You'll study the techniques and processes I've leveraged to earn a residing as an unbiased innovative expert.

Whether you’re simply getting commenced or you’ve been at this some time and you’re now no longer wherein you’d notion you’d be, you’ll discover treasured training here. I proportion what saves me time and makes my commercial enterprise extra money every month. The curriculum affords a framework and a fixed of actionable steps to help you installed vicinity the structures required to layout a commercial enterprise that works for you. You’ll have the liberty to pick out what you figure on every day, a motive riding you ahead and the time to spend at the matters in lifestyles that actually count number: your non-public relationships.

Without the freedom to selected what I paintings on every day, a motive riding me ahead and robust non-public relationships I do not do not forget myself successful. How you choose fulfillment can be different. Maybe your metrics are monetary, perhaps you need to run an worldwide team, or win the Pritzker or tour full-time. There aren't anyt any proper answers, simplest ones which are proper for you. This direction teaches you to paintings with intention, in the direction of desires that count number.

When I commenced 30X40 Design Workshop in 2013 I become centered on constructing a non-conventional studio. I desired to layout homes, however I desired to layout different matters too. As a innovative individual with many interests, I desired a commercial enterprise that might permit me to discover them all. I made a totally easy shift withinside the manner I exercise and this direction will display you a way to make that transition too. The standards I'll educate you may construct innovative white area so that you can do greater of the matters you need to do. It's absolutely viable to layout a commercial enterprise that serves your monetary needs, helps your own circle of relatives and additionally feeds your innovative intellect. And, it would not count number in case you stay in a city, a suburb or a far flung island – like I do – while you follow the standards of entrepreneurship to reinvent a traditional exercise version you may earn greater and feature greater time for the stuff you enjoy.

The direction is sequential and could manual you from no commercial enterprise and no emblem, to an operational, lean startup commercial enterprise. You'll study what structures I even have in vicinity, a way to construct a emblem that caters in your best client, a way to marketplace to the ones customers and earn passive earnings whilst doing so. You'll find out a way to use your layout technique as a advertising tool and you’ll see a number of the opposite innovative pastimes I’m capable of % into my day, the stuff you in all likelihood do not have time for now.

Whether you've got got a longtime commercial enterprise or you are simply getting commenced, this direction is designed that will help you discover higher customers, come up with the liberty to do paintings that topics to you and earn greater doing it.


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A quick peek inside the course…

What's Included?

  • Client Handbook (25-page PDF)
  • Branding Workbook (16-page PDF)
  • Marketing Workbook (24-page PDF)
  • Passive Income Product Workbook / Ideabook (21-page PDF)
  • Financial Handbook (12-page PDF)
  • $100K "Hyperfine" Case Study + (PDF)
  • Financial KPI's spreadsheet
  • Contractor Interview Checklist + sample
  • Budget Proposal Template
  • Services Proposal / Terms + Conditions Examples
  • Project Fee tracking spreadsheet
  • Invoice sample
  • Break Even Analysis spreadsheet
  • Passive Income Product Revenue tracking spreadsheet
  • 30X40's Design Process Guide
  • Site analysis template + sample
  • Parcel Review Template + sample
  • Program worksheet / template
  • Presentation template + sample schematic presentation
  • Email templates (6-page PDF)
  • Anatomy of an Email Campaign Cheatsheet
  • Success metrics worksheet
  • Scope document (sample)
  • Code + Zoning checklist (sample)
  • 30X40's Video production workflow + checklist
  • 30X40's Business Folder Structure
  • Video lectures include a "homework" section + additional contextual resources for further study
  • Content is updated regularly (i.e. – "Pandemic Plan: What I'm doing right now" )

Click the arrow to see the full curriculum.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction (12:06)
  • (re)Defining Success (7:30)
  • Financial Fears (+ Your Budget) (17:54)
  • Planning for…a pandemic?
  • Tell Me About Yourself

The Entrepreneurial Business Model

  • Your Business (Revenue) Model (32:01)
  • Choosing Your Business Structure (10:48)
  • Productized Service Example – New Client Parcel Evaluation (4:19)
  • Productized Service Example – Existing Conditions Survey Proposal
  • Productized Service Example – Short Course for Homeowners (2:18)
  • Affiliate Links (Done Artfully) (11:53)
  • Lessons Learned Selling Plan Sets (12:12)
  • $100K "Hyperfine" Case Study (13:48)

Your Brand™οΈ

  • The Brand Plan (8:45)
  • Your Brand Visuals + Story (10:52)
  • Your (Virtual) Studio (33:25)
  • Your (Physical) Studio (21:09)
  • Case Study: Employee to Firm Owner (17:28)

Business Fundamentals

  • How to Find Clients (+ How They Find You) (19:36)
  • Document while you create (Your Marketing Plan) (22:37)
  • How (not) to Write Proposals (10:53)
  • Overcoming Client Objections (5:28)
  • A (Real) Potential Client Phone Call (26:40)
  • Social Media for Architects (29:26)
  • Your Email List (11:11)
  • Pricing Your Work (17:41)
  • Project Scheduling (13:01)
  • Profit + Hourly Rates (15:30)
  • Accounting (Simplified) for Designers (6:16)
  • Invoicing: What you need to know (14:50)

Your Process

  • Your Process (What Your Client is Actually Buying) (3:57)
  • Client Site Visit + Predesign Meeting – The Outpost (26:08)
  • Programming + Budgeting – The Outpost (7:00)
  • Site Analysis + Contractor Interviews – The Outpost (14:38)
  • Contractor Interviews – The Outpost (22:49)
  • Concept Development – The Outpost (14:49)
  • Design Concept Presentation + Client Meeting – The Outpost (24:48)
  • Design Development Client Presentation(s) – The Outpost (22:48)
  • Collaborating with Consultants (25:38)
  • Client Presentation: Preparation, Process + Materials (12:21)
  • Problems + Challenges of Practice (23:34)

Tools, Resources + Routines

  • The MVP of SOPs (8:57)
  • Designing Your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) – Part 1 (10:06)
  • How to Organize + Use Your SOPs (2:50)
  • Project + Office Management using Notion (21:09)
  • Side Hustle to Solopreneur (11:10)
  • Time Management Strategies (14:00)
  • Goal Setting (Reimagined) (4:33)
  • A Typical Day in the Life (12:46)
  • The Value of Side Projects (4:48)
  • Course Workbooks + Handbooks
  • Email Templates
  • Meeting Notes Template
  • Business Folder Structure
  • Site Analysis Template + Sample
  • Passive Income Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Software, Links, + Recommendations

Next Steps

  • Outro (Go Make Things…)
  • Leave a Review

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