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Advanced social media marketing strategies. Reach over 1,000,000 people. Professional social media marketing strategy

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LATEST: Course Updated On September, 2015 To Include More Lectures:

  • Example of an advanced strategy for getting more retweets on Twitter
  • Lecture on how to write better headlines that drive more traffic
  • Example of how to use social media to boost the SEO rankings of your web pages


In this course you will learn:

  • Advanced social media marketing used by growth hackers and professional marketers
  • How to grow traffic, customers, and ultimately make more money
  • How to get other people to retweet, like and re-share your content
  • How to use social media to boost your Google SEO
  • How to use hashtags and catchy headlines to increase virality of your messages

I am a small business owner just like you! The strategies in this course work for start-ups and small businesses. So if you have a small business or a tech start-up, this course is designed to make you a pro marketer, and empower you to get many new customers.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction: Watch This First To Understand What You Get From The Course

  • Warm welcome to the course what you will get in the course (2:08)
  • How to use the discussion to get my personal feedback for yo nd your business (1:17)
  • Pro tip how to quickly get through this course (1:55)

Social media marketing fundamentals before diving into advanced material

  • Social media marketing introduction (5:05)
  • How to do social media marketing right (8:10)
  • How-not-to-do-social-media-marketing-common-mistakes (3:09)
  • Get your content discovered by combining search and socia media (5:00)
  • The viral coefficient formula how to make your website more viral (5:42)
  • Social media marketing section summary (2:47)

Facebook marketing

  • Facebook marketing section introduction (2:23)
  • Facebook groups-vs.-Facebook business pages-vs.-Fan-pages (4:01)
  • Best hacks to sell from Facebook for free without paying them (8:03)
  • NEW Dec 2014 Facebook paid advertising to sell products Segment 1 (6:47)
  • NEW-Dec-2014-Facebook paid advertising to sell products Segment-2 (7:11)
  • Facebook marketing strategy that gets 1000 increase in engagement (9:37)
  • Examples-of successful Facebook groups and poorly run Facebook groups Segment-1 (7:14)
  • Examples of successful Facebook groups and poorly run Facebook groups Segment-2 (8:02)
  • NEW-How to use images in Facebook posts to increase engagement (4:01)
  • NEW How I sell on Facebook in an effective and legitimate (3:52)
  • How to sell on Facebook using pinned posts (1:51)

How to use different social media marketing websites to get traffic

  • Quora marketing how to drive traffic from Quora and build you personal brand (2:46)
  • NEW Growth hack to use Quora for SEO, YouTube SEO and to get traffic (8:08)
  • Marketing with a podcast how t use a podcast to promot your business (5:27)
  • Google Plus How to do Google Plus marketing and boost SEO (5:28)
  • NEW Google Plus posts for SEO (5:51)
  • Forummarketing (2:09)
  • Marketing with your blog (3:29)
  • LinkedIn marketing how Facebook is the new LinkedIn (6:55)

YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube marketing section introduction (1:26)
  • YouTube SEO How to rank videos in YouTube—1 (7:13)
  • YouTube SEO How to rank videos in YouTube—2 (6:28)
  • How to get more subscribers on YouTube (5:04)
  • Special plugin to get insights on your and competitors videos YouTube (4:06)
  • How to get your video to appear in YouTubes recommended videos (3:23)
  • How to get more views on YouTube—1 (7:40)
  • How to get more views on YouTube—2 (6:36)

Twitter Marketing: How To Get Retweets And Maximize Social Sharing

  • Twitter marketing (4:13)
  • Using hashtags in social media posts (3:13)
  • NEW Ideal number of hashtags to use in a tweet to amplify sharing engagement (1:42)
  • NEW-How to write good headlines that increase clickthrough (5:36)
  • NEW How to structure your tweets for optimal engagement (1:53)
  • How to maximize social sharing by building it into your product (2:44)
  • Mention people in your social media updates to get more exposure (1:34)
  • NEW How to get more retweets and boost your Twitter AND SEO (8:47)
  • NEW Best time of the day to tweet to get the most engagement (2:48)
  • NEW NOV 2014 Ideal tweet length to maximize engagement and retweets (1:35)
  • Twitter how to consistently rank in hashtag searches–automate-it-wWordpress (6:39)
  • NEW advanced Twitter marketing strategy to drive sales and branding (10:30)
  • Please take a second to add a review of this course or tell me how to improve it (3:26)

Other techniques to get and amplify traffic

  • Marketing by using photos (2:54)
  • Dont forget, social media is entertainment too (1:40)
  • How social sharing will help your Google SEO (6:45)
  • How-to-engage-your-audience-and-retain-them-long-term–why-it-is-so-important (6:34)
  • How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature (2:12)


  • Buffer app to automate social media updates (1:47)
  • Revive Old Posts WordPress plugin to boost pages by sharing and SEO (3:13)
  • NEW Cool Twitter Follower Recommendation Account (1:23)

Paid Advertising With Social Media

  • NEW How to buy cheap Facebook engagement with Boosted Posts (6:50)
  • NEW Facebook boosted posts experiment conclusion, results and strategies (4:03)

Further resources

  • Your opinion matters to me. I want to make sure you love the course (2:18)

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