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Advanced NLP Master Practitioner Experience Bundle

Audio and Video!

John Overdurfs Advanced Master Practitioner Experience:

8 Days of recording- too many minutes to count!

This 3 disc MP3, 88 track, audio set is a live recording of a Master Practitioner Class in Portland Oregon with my newest developments integrated with HNLP, classic NLP, and Coaching.

It is well beyond the typical Master Practitioner material, filled with demonstrations of every process, in-depth question answer, with very spontaneous, transformative and sometimes very humorous moments.

This a comprehensive training experience that is loaded!


Quantum Physics metaphors Conversational Change…Beyond Words New Advanced Sub-Modality Quantum Patterns Allergy Relief Process meta-Programs, Completely conversational, not paper and pencil Values Elicitation, Utilization, Transformation New Streamlined Breakthrough Session Format with full-length demo of each phase of the process

Time-Based Techniques New Training and Presentation Skills and Many More Mind-Expanding Moments

Get Advanced Master Practitioner Experience – John Overdurf, only price $55


Access Alignment

Pattern using and anchoring of eye accessing cues to create rapid, unconscious change.

Also includes conversational regression technique, change personal history and hypnotic languaging in a relationship issue.

Amazingly simple technique, yet profound in its results.

Changing Perspective with Neuro-Drivers

This Pattern uses peripheral vision, quantum perceptual positions and creative Ericksonian hypnosis to eliminate and transform flight and flight related states and generalize the change very rapidly and powerfully.

Problem Dissolver…And More

Explains how to overcome procrastination, while using a quantum based pattern to anchor the void, extensive inductive languaging, conversational chaining of states to integrate parts conflict.

With outrageous closing induction to the class.

Conversational Change

Subtle conversational use of non-linear, inductive and hypnotic language, precise strategy and state elicitation and anchoring to resolve a complex anxiety issue.

This is a great companion to Beyond Words audio sets.

John Overdurf is an established therapist, coach and Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP. For over 20 years he has worked with clients and students inspiring them to reach their potential in their careers, personal life and athletics.

John has a degree in Psychology and was a Certified Addictions Counselor (C.A.C.) for over fifteen years.

He began his career as a full time therapist in the Detoxification Unit before graduating from college.

He entered graduate school, but soon became disillusioned with how impractical it was, compared to what he was dealing with in the real world of mental health and drug and alcohol treatment.

After working in the trenches of mental health and addictions, he launched a very successful private practice at the age of 24. As he began to work with his clients, he became frustrated with the limitations of traditional approaches to therapy and began searching for a new approach.

During his search, John discovered the benefits of Hypnosis and NLP.

Integrating these tools into his practice, he was able to work with his clients in an entirely new way, and they were able to make profound changes in their lives.

Because of his effective style, he became known the Therapists Therapist as many of his clients were therapists who needed to work through their own issues.

While maintaining his private practice, he was a frequently requested speaker and consultant, working with several colleges and universities.

He developed the first Drug & Alcohol and Wellness programs in the Lancaster area and was an adjunct Psychology Professor at Elizabethtown College for five years. When working with the colleges, he enjoyed integrating NLP into the processes of teaching, learning and athletic performance, and as his passion grew toward education, NLP and Hypnosis, John made the transition from public teaching to private teaching when he began conducting Hypnosis and NLP seminars full time.

Since 1989, John has trained and certified thousands of people around the world in NLP, HNLP, Hypnosis and Coaching.

His current focus is Advanced Training and Supervision. He works with Coaches, Practitioners and Therapists in the area of Hypnosis and NLP so they can master the skills that will have the biggest impact and create changes in their lives, as well as the lives of their clients.

Get Advanced Master Practitioner Experience – John Overdurf, only price $55

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