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BTW:  If you heard the FREE REPLAY of #WorthyNotWorthy that's great! 

​The LONG & LUSH intro is here including the first EnergyWork Round as a free gift for you.


 in the original recording!!!wasn't​There's an EXTRA BONUS TOOL included that 

You guessed it:  It's the Payola Money/Finances/Abundance Bonus Clearing Tool. 



This topic of Worthiness/UnWorthiness is vast, deep and strongly influences and

 of your life. every single areapotentiallyblocks 

​It's a BIG DEAL! 

You will use this EnergyWork Tool often as you claim more and more freedom for yourself.

When you purchase your personal copy, the BONUS TOOL on Money/Finances/Abundance will be included for you as well.  The embedded energetics in these tools will stay active for life so you can think of these tools as a refuge or recharging station for your Personal Worth on every level & layer of your being. 

You ARE worth it!

THE PRICE FOR BOTH TOOLS is just $77.00.

[#WorthyNotWorthy + the added Money/Abundance/Prosperity Tool]

You'll use these special tools often throughout your life.

Below is your FREE LONG & LUSH AUDIO INTRO [running time 17:26] which includes the first round of EnergyWork as a gift to you.  Purchase and own the full 41:18 minute energetic recording of #WorthyNotWorthy below for your personal β€‹library & the Bonus Tool on Money/Finances/Abundance
​[running time 9:43] is included also.

Here is a list of all the rounds of EnergyWork included in the amazing #WorthyNotWorthy tool:

[Below is your long & lush audio intro which includes the first energetic round for you]

1-Worthy/Not Worthy

[Included below for FREE as another gift from Rudy to you!]

2-The Body

[If you have any issues with it!]

3-The Fear Of Being Alone

[By Myself / With Myself]

​4-Worthiness In Partnerships

[Of Love, Intimacy, Business, Family, Faith & With Other People]

5-Creativity & UnLocking Your Life's Purpose Easily


Here's just a lovely & right-on-the-nose testimonial all the way

from New Zealand about #WorthyNotWorthy:

Dear Rudy,

I've been a follower and fan of yours for a long time.

I wanted to let you know I did the Worthy / Not Worthy full recording two times and I felt

the most significant, long prayed for shift that has made me feel My Self. 

I've done a lot of healing work and I have no doubt every single healing has helped but

this particular recording helped Me feel the shift "click".

I am most grateful – feeling connected, home, aligned, whole, really here for again is the best feeling ever.

I have known I've been disconnected and missed my Self deeply for a very long time.

Your work is beautiful, beneficial, significant and I salute you my friend.

Much Love and many blessings to you

Maureen Bennett 

Christchurch – New Zealand 

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