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Hello and welcome!  My name is Jennifer Ledbetter – known online as ‘PotPieGirl’.  I’ve been an Amazon affiliate since 2007 and I LOVE it.

I’m also a ‘test-a-holic’ – I love testing new ideas and strategies that can help us all do better and most importantly – EARN more.

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** What Works Now 2.0 (for 2016-2017) Is Now Available! **

It’s all new for this year… and it’s AWESOME!

special early bird pricing available for a limited time – details below

Would YOU like to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings?

If you answered, “YES!”, read on…

My Best Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks That Drastically Increased My Earnings and Give Me Daily Earnings Like You’ll See Below

Hello and welcome!  My name is Jennifer Ledbetter – known online as ‘PotPieGirl’.  I’ve been an Amazon affiliate since 2007 and I LOVE it.

I’m also a ‘test-a-holic’ – I love testing new ideas and strategies that can help us all do better and most importantly – EARN more.

All throughout the year, I test many, MANY little tweaks and strategies to help improve my clicks and conversions as an Amazon affiliate.

Inside this guide are the results of what works best for me and earns me more money as a result.

Introducing: What Works NOW 2.0 for 2016 – 2017

yes, it’s all new!

This year’s guide is MUCH bigger than last years – it is jammed packed with the “best of the best” conversion tweaks I have tested all year long that have improved my affiliate link clicks AND my conversions to sales.

This 120+ page guide is a basically a “brain dump” of the most successful techniques that helped me to increase my Amazon affiliate earnings by 36.3% in 2016 vs 2015.

This All New What Works Now 2.0 will help you get the edge over all the “other” Amazon affiliates out there who are still doing things the same ol’ way – yet expecting (and hoping for) different results.

In What Works Now 2.0, we will talk about effective ways to be creative with your Amazon promotional content, about ways to up your sales AND stay relevant, how to wow your readers and be HELPFUL

(all while increasing your clicks and sales)…

And we’ll be talking a LOT about “saving the sale” and “free money” =)

Below you will find all the details from the first edition of What Works Now…

But, we now have an ALL NEW edition of What Works Now as of October 11, 2016 and it contains ALL NEW tweaks, tips… and yep, even some tricks, to help YOU increase YOUR Amazon Affiliate earnings.

Important Note!

This is NOT an “update” to the first What Works Now Guide – this is a totally new training guide

(and some videos too!)

I’ve been testing these things ALL YEAR LONG and these are all new tips, tweaks, and tricks. A ton of work, time, and effort went into What Works Now 2.0 – it is FAR from an “update”.

Get What Works Now 2.0 – PotPieGirl , Only Price $27

About Your Early Bird Price Opportunity

While I am in the process of updating this sales page, you will have a limited opportunity to get this ALL NEW What Works Now 2.0 2016-2017 Guide for a Deep Discount.

If you’d still like to get your hands on the FIRST EDITION of What Works Now

(and it all does still Work Now)…

Keep reading and you can still purchase it at this time down below.

I haven’t quite decided if I will take the FIRST Edition of What Works Now OFF the market or not.

While the info and the conversion tips inside the first edition DO still work very well, it just might be time to limit how many affiliates have the opportunity to know them.

So, all that said, if YOU did not get a copy of the FIRST What Works Now, you probably ought to grab one just in case it’s never available to the public again.

NOTE: Any links to purchase below this message will be for the FIRST edition of What Works Now – and NOT for the NEW edition.

Begin Info for FIRST Edition of What Works Now


What Works Now 1.0 – The FIRST EDITION Info

What Kinds of “Tips & Tweaks” are in What Works Now?

We’re talking simple things anyone can do. For example:

  • the best place to put your links (always do this!)
  • a certain KIND of image that works amazingly well
  • how to “tweak” links so they get clicked a LOT more
  • a simple tweak to really amp up sales from mobile traffic
  • a certain color that really increases CTR
  • and much, much more

If you’re already getting traffic to your affiliate web pages, you could see the results of these tweaks almost instantly


This guide includes live examples and screenshots of the techniques as well as in-depth thoughts about each one.

These are also the tips, techniques, tools, and web page tweaks I personally use in 2016 to further increase my earnings.

No fluff.  Just real live tips, techniques, and tweaks you can immediately go apply to your own Amazon affiliate pages and/or use them on future affiliate web pages you create.

These tips and tweaks can be applied to your own WordPress-based affiliate sites or ANY site you use to promote Amazon products.

Many of these techniques are effective for any type of affiliate promotion – not just Amazon affiliates – but the guide is directed towards other Amazon affiliates like me.

Each year around October, I do an in-depth review of my Amazon stats and see how all my various tests performed.

This enables me to know the best ways to tweak my current web pages for better sales throughout the holiday shopping season and to prepare my sites for better performance throughout the next year.

Same content – it just converts BETTER because of the simple tweaks in this guide

I Was Extra Excited About My 2015 Testing Results

Every year, these tests shed new light on ways I can increase my over-all Amazon affiliate earnings, but the results from this year’s tests were extra good.

I can see the results in my stats, but most importantly, I can see the results in my monthly earnings.

I figured I would share my results with other Amazon affiliates so they, also, can enjoy better results from their Amazon affiliate promotions.

We all want to do better…and this guide shows what I’m doing to DO better with the Amazon Associates Program.

This isn’t some “make money online” strategy – this is serious tweaks and techniques for your currently-existing affiliate content to help it perform better as well as solid strategies for creating any new affiliate content.

If your Amazon pages aren’t converting to sales very well (or not making sales at all), and/or you want them to convert to MORE sales, this is a great guide to help you out…

Well THAT’S a Cool Idea!

My ultimate hope with this guide is that you will say, “Wow, that’s a cool idea!” at least a few times while reading and go out and IMPLEMENT that tweak or technique.

If you’ve ever wondered what subtle tweaks and techniques successful Amazon affiliates are using to increase their earnings… this is the guide for you.

We can all get affiliate content online, but many times, it’s the subtle little tweaks that make the difference between earning a little… and earning a LOT.

My hope is that this What Works Now guide is that difference for YOU.


Get What Works Now 2.0 – PotPieGirl , Only Price $27

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