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Discover The #1 Secret For Turning Ordinary Videos and Sales Pages Into Your Personal ATM… Guaranteed!

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Warning: Graphics & video expert reveals how to create an avalanche of new customers…

Discover The #1 Secret For Turning Ordinary Videos and Sales Pages Into Your Personal ATM… Guaranteed!

Now You Can Practically Steal The Ultimate Collection Of Vector Characters For Maximizing Conversions And Sales

It's a well-known fact…

In the real world you have about seven seconds to make a good first impression…

And when it comes to online web traffic… statistics are showing that you could have as little as two!

In those two precious seconds, your success or failure in getting your prospect to opt-in, buy or simply click to their next step, comes down to three factors.

  • Did you engage your visitor?
  • Was their first overall impression a positive one?
  • Did you build enough trust to warrant them spending their time and/or money?

Unless you answer YES!" to all three, you have lost that prospect – likely forever.

Now the most successful marketers will tell you…

Good graphics boost your presentations; whether it’s a video you are creating, a product cover or software box, a banner…

Or simply placing them on your blog posts to boost the engagement of your site visitors.

Well, for the past 2 years, my wife and I have been working tirelessly to create the ultimate collection of vector character illustrations.

A catalog, so powerful that within a few minutes you can transform your average looking project into jaw dropping, eye-catching masterpiece.

The good news…. NOW you can get your hands on the most professional looking, easy to use solution for boosting conversions, sales and visitor stick rate.

And at the lowest price ever offered during our Vector Firesale!

You can use these characters in all of your projects, from web design to social media, infographics, print and video production. (No restrictions!)

Imagine seeing those higher conversion numbers now…. and take a minute to explore how big and powerful the Vectors Firesale collection is…

Take a minute to explore just how big and powerful the Vectors Firesale collection is…

Character Set 1 – Businessman

(Value: $127)

113 Great Action Set Poses All in One Pack

05 Different Expressions | 51 Different Postures | 56 Different Objects

Character Set 2 – Bussinesswoman

(Value: $127)

113 Great Action Set Poses All in One Pack

5 Different Expressions | 73 Different Postures | 58 Different Objects

Character Set 3 – Young Man

(Value: $127)

113 Great Action Set Poses All in One Pack

06 Different Expressions | 54 Different Postures | 46 Different Objects

Character Set 4 – Superhero

(Value: $127)

113 Great Action Set Poses All in One Pack

06 Different Expressions | 11 Different Postures | 52 Different Objects

Character Set 5 – Surgeon

(Value: $97)

108 Great Action Set Poses All in One Pack

04 Different Expressions | 44 Different Postures | 66 Different Objects

Character Set 6 – Policeman

(Value: $47)

035 Great Action Set Poses All in One Pack

04 Different Expressions | 20 Different Postures | 06 Different Objects

SWF – Animated Characters

(Value: $97)

These 5 sets of animated characters will increase interactivity of your video.

These adorable "SWF" characters are compatible with leading video making software viz. VideoMakerFX & Explaindio.

Use them to your benefit and woo your visitors in their first visit.

Where can you use it?

The Benefits of Vector Graphics

  • Scalable

    Since vector graphics are driven by math instead of pixels, you can scale them up as large as you need them without ever destroying their original quality.

  • Rotate

    You can play around by rotating, these vectors to any angle you want.

  • Skew/Transform

    Modifying vector graphics to fit your exact needs is an absolute breeze.

Raster Images

Raster images have a limited number of pixels, so when enlarged they get pixelated

Vector Images

Vector Images are based on math, and scaling them up has no impact on quality at all.

Plus, there’s a BIG price difference

Similar images at a popular stock image website may cost anywhere from $50 up to $200.

  • That’s the price for a single image, not an entire set
  • The single image does not include additional poses
  • Nor does it include facial expressions, props or icons
  • Plus they have restrictive licensing & terms of use

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Here's Everything You'll Receive


  • Module 1 – Toon Beard Business Man – 113 images Value $127
  • Module 2 – Toon Businesswoman Two – 113 images Value $127
  • Module 3 – Toon Superhero – 113 images Value $127
  • Module 4 – Toon Young Man – 113 images Value $127
  • Module 5 – Toon Surgeon – 108 images Value $97
  • Module 6 – Toon Policeman – 35 images Value $47
  • Module 7 – Bonus Set Icons – 49 images Value $97
  • Module 8 – SWF – Animated Characters Value $197

Total Value – $946

The Clock Is Ticking…

If you've been struggling with making money online… and you're ready to take things to the next level…

It can all change the moment you invest in the Vectors Firesale collection.

Picture right now, how it will feel the moment you KNOW your Videos, Salespages, Squeeze pages and websites literally spring off the page… and practically force your customers to fork over the cash.

You feel excited and filled with anticipation…

You see profits flooding your account week after week…

You are experiencing the energy, the confidence and life-changing results you deserve… at long last!

All because you decided this is the day to take the action necessary.

Just do it.

To your success…

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