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Strong deal structuring skills are critical. 

You’re investors want to know they’re protected, and that you’re smarter than the rest out there. 

How do you currently measure up?

The most valuable commodity today is information and knowledge. It’s time for you to leverage the information found within the pages of our Value-Added Financier learning system and you’ll be able to accumulate wealth and make your commercial real estate aspirations a reality. Our ever-popular eManual reveals all the tips, tricks and traps relating to value-added investing. These closely guarded techniques will really get the wheels turning and motivate you to drum up some new business.

Value-Added Financier was developed to explain the main differences between the often confused, value-added and stabilized deals. We’ve found that many investment brokers don’t know the difference between these two distinct deals. A value-added deal is a rehab deal on a multifamily complex that may be B or C class where you can do the “Real Estate Grand Slam” and pull out money. Our comprehensive guide will demonstrate how to determine a value-added deal, what makes the deal work and the key events that are needed to make it pop.

If you’ve ever seen an opportunity and asked yourself, “Now what do I do?”, then you need Value-Added Financier™. This is a playbook that you will certainly reference every time one of these deals comes across your table. You’ll know exactly how to structure the deal and better yet, structure away the risk for your investors. After using our techniques, you’ll walk into a meeting so prepared your investors won’t be able to turn you down. It’s time to close some deals and make some serious money. You can’t afford to pass up this opportunity. What are you waiting for?

Intermediaries Will Learn:

What is a Value-Added Deal?

Intermediaries will learn the value-added basics and the characteristics that make up a value added transaction.

Value Added Investing: “Tricks, Traps & Tests”

As with all of Dandrew Media’s tutorials, we’ll show you some of Wall Street’s closely guarded secrets regarding value added investing along with how to recognize red flags before it’s too late.

Differentiating Value Added Investing & Stabilized Investing

It’s imperative that Intermediaries know how to recognize the difference between value added and stabilized investing. You’ll walk away from this tutorial with an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of these deals.

Understanding the “Key Event”

One of our secrets to success is the “key event”. Know what it is and the probability of achieving the “event”.

Leverage & The Property

Learn how to add value to the property and determine how much leverage the property will support.


Why Commercial Real Estate Deals Go Bad

As you continue the loan process its essential that every Intermediary remembers the seven main reasons why a commercial real estate deal fails. By hanging this Infographic on your wall, you can ensure that you won’t lose a deal by making one of these common mistakes.


Search & Rescue or Destroy Marketing

Calling a potential client is far more effective than sending an e-mail in this competitive high-dollar environment. How do your phone skills measure up? This Infographic gives Intermediaries a thorough sales training offering industry-tested closing techniques that’ll exponentially increase your closing ratios. Need a call script that’ll actually work? Yeah, it has that too.


Triage Where the Best Opportunities are Uncovered in CRE

Here you go! Come and get it! You know we love to reveal the industry’s best deal sourcing strategies and this Infographic discloses the top six methods for finding distressed commercial properties. If you aren’t using these techniques, then you’re throwing money out the window.


Understanding the Transaction and Sales Strategies

It’s essential that Intermediaries understand that there is more to commercial real estate than just learning how to structure deals and create clever financing options. Taking the time to develop strong sales techniques is the key to your success in this industry. This Infographic not only helps you understand the transaction but gives you unrivaled sales strategies when marketing to investment sales professional and leasing brokers.

Capital Placement Series

Dandrew Media’s ever popular Capital Placement Series covers how Intermediaries can become a successful Capital Provider and also delves into the core of commercial real estate revealing sought after industry secrets.

Whether you’re new to investing, currently locked out of the real estate market due to a lack of funding options or looking to start your own fund or syndication, the Capital Placement Series is your go-to resource. Invest in yourself. You’ll be astounded by the results

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