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Get the account structure right – So many accounts fail from the start because they are set up and structured incorrectly! Get it right & you're on the path to a consistent flow of new leads…

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Purchase this course Ultimate Adwords Training – Steve Perry at eBokly, You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha).

All the courses you buy, when you need them, Please inform and I will always resend the link to you. However, You should download early and conveniently study anytime, anywhere.

Learn From A Multi-Award Winning Adwords Agency How To;

  • Get the account structure right – So many accounts fail from the start because they are set up and structured incorrectly! Get it right & you're on the path to a consistent flow of new leads…
  • Avoid Wasted Spend – Google makes it too easy for advertisers to waste HUGE chunks of their budget on ineffective clicks. These videos alone will pay the price of the course!
  • Set Up Remarketing – Follow your previous website visitors as they browse the internet with graphical banners encouraging them to return. Do this right & expect remarketing to be the highest converting element of your account!
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking, Split Test, Optimise For Maximum ROI & More

Hi, my name is Steve Perry and I run a multi-award winning Adwords Management Agency. We help businesses every-single-day to attract new customers through the use of Google Adwords… 

I've been working with Google Adwords for over 10 years and have worked in one of the UK's top digital agencies where I personally managed the Adwords accounts of many multi-national brands spending hundreds of thousands of pounds PER MONTH… 

So I know a thing or two about digging deep into Adwords in order to achieve maximum returns…

BUT I noticed that many business owners were missing out on this amazing marketing platform, either because they tried to do it all themselves and got burnt by Google's 'stupidity tax' or they lacked the capital to hire a specialist to ensure the account gets set up, managed and optimised correctly.

I decided that the time is right to reveal every insider tactic and specialist trick I know in order to leverage my experience and help even more small business owners…

This is the COMPLETE package as far as Adwords is concerned.

In short, to-the-point videos I reveal everything you need in order to properly research keywords, structure an account for high click-through-rates, quality scores & conversions, upload campaigns correctly, write great (keyword specific) ad copy, manage, maintain, optimise and essentially;

Create a consistent & predictable flow of fresh new customers into your business!

If you've been struggling to get Adwords working – or if you've never dared to use it – or if you're a complete novice who has only just stumbled onto the concept of Adwords then Ultimate Adwords Training will get you using the system like a pro.

This course has been designed for the content to be easily and immediately implemented, ensuring fast results for those who invest in it. The videos are short, simple to understand and easy to apply straight away. No longer will you have to waste your time watching a video for an hour wondering when the presenter will get to the point – Aarrghh, I hate that! Just give me the damn information already! πŸ™‚

TESTIMONIAL: "Clear, concise and easily implementable content delivered by a true Adwords expert! The improved results in my account have been near instant. Highly recommended for new and existing Adwords users!" – Mark Huggins, Corporate Drama

If you came to our agency and asked us to personally show you all of the basic to advanced information available in this training we would require an investment of £3,000 MINIMUM simply due to the time requirement alone.

The cost of this training will also be increasing very shortly as we are running an EXCLUSIVE EVENT SPECIAL OFFER, so for a short time only you can…

If you have experienced…

  • Frustration trying to figure out how to make Adwords work for your business
  • Disappointing campaign results
  • Confusion over exactly how to structure your account and set up killer campaigns
  • Annoyance that you can’t afford expert help to achieve the results you want

Then look no further because Ultimate Adwords Training will give you step-by-step guidance to get Adwords bringing you awesome results no matter how ‘techy’ you are…

  • Consistently generate a line of hot, fresh new customers (these tactics will keep-on-working- there’s no ‘flavour of the month’ tricks here)
  • Take your business to the next level! (& quickly)

So what will you receive when you purchase Ultimate Adwords Training?

  • Full Access To The Ultimate Adwords Training Membership Area – Here you have access to all the training videos in one place to access at anytime. All videos are categorised by subject and are easy to find.
  • The 30 day challenge – A video delivered DAILY – To help with your implementation we also deliver one of the training videos to your inbox every day for 30 days in a logical order – perfect for those short on time! (easy opt-out should prefer to devour the content within the membership area)
  • Over My Shoulder Training – Keyword research, match types, the ideal account structure,  how to optimise conversions and more – see EXACTLY what to do on screen – nothing is hidden
  • Conversion Tracking – How to track your results and maximise your ROI
  • Remarketing – Learn how to set up remarketing and display graphical banner ads to your previous website visitors so you can tap into this amazingly powerful targeting method
  • Understand Quality Score  Pay less per click than your competitors but appear in higher positions
  • Ad Extensions – Make your ads bigger than your competitors and use all the functionality that Google makes available to boost your conversions
  • Create Ads that get CLICKED – get right in front of hot prospects, engage them and convert them
  • Split testing – find out what works- no guesswork needed
  • Learn the most common mistakes business owners make so you can hurdle the struggle and sprint to the finish line!
  • Plus  LOTS more Adwords magic revealed… its ALL here…

Get Ultimate Adwords Training – Steve Perry , Only Price $127

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