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This course is about distilling the 20 plus years of coaching experience, taking some of the fun hypnotic language I have developed and putting it into coaching / counselling / hypnotherapy / consulting situations. It includes many of the frames, covert inductions and presentations I use with clients and prospects.

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What is this course about?

This course is about distilling the 20 plus years of coaching experience, taking some of the fun hypnotic language I have developed and putting it into coaching / counselling / hypnotherapy / consulting situations. It includes many of the frames, covert inductions and presentations I use with clients and prospects. For me it is not enough to sell the client on to the course. Once they are there I want them to have a fantastic experience and get the changes they want. In any field where you are reliant on yourclient to make changes you arealways up against the fact that the best work you can do is limited by what the client does. For me that means that at the point of purchase I want tomakesure that the client is motivated, cleared out their baggage and any negative beliefs and already along the path of getting far more than they expected. My version of the sales process is integral to the work they are going to do. This course is about preframes to attract clients that are going to get massive benefit from your services, packing them full of preframes that will support them making useful changes and then value you enough to be willing to pay well for your services.

Who is this for?

If you are working as a consultant, coach, hypnotist, therapist, NLPer, counsellor or trainer and you want to use more trance work in your business whether to sell more effectively, develop more status, reputation and authority or just make the change work easier for your clients then this course has some great material for you.

If you do change work with individuals and groups and you want to know how to preframe those conversations so your clients change fast and completely then this material is useful for you. If you want active demonstrations of spatial anchoring, covert trance inductions, setting up and using timelineswith groups and how you can do the same in a client situation then this course has content for you. In short if you do any client change work then this course will have content you can useto sell the client, stack them full of useful beliefs to preframe their work with you and idea on how to make the changes so quickly and completely that they may not even notice that it has happened. If you are a sales professional this package has lots of content that is directly applicable to you. If you make complicated sales in a consultative environment then this course has ideas, techniques and content ready for you to tweak and use with your prospects. If you are a student of persuasion all the tools, techniques and trance inductions I use are completely demonstrated with the students. This is a rare peak under the hood so you not only get the content but also see it applied on an audience.

Here is what this course is not about

It wont teach you your expertise. You need to already be or on your way to being a coach, therapist, counsellor, trainer or consultant.

It will not give you superpowers to cover up incompetence, lack of skills or experience.

Whilst you could use these ideas to lie, cheat and bamboozle your clients and customers the overall strategies within this course rely on a long term relationshipthat treats the people that want your services with respect.

Some of the material in this course seems magical in how it can turn vague interest into zealot like fans but it is not a magic bullet or a quick fix.

Everything within this course is easy. But that is not to say that you dont need to apply effort. You will get ten times the clients using these ideas and developing these skills. But you will need to put in the effort.

Summary of Content

Overall this is over three hours of video with eight coaches, counsellors, therapists, consultants with a variety of experience of trance and NLP. I give these students a direct demonstrations of all the classic models, concepts and ideas that I use with prospects and clients. I demonstrate them using the spatial anchors and non-verbal cues that develop these into trance inductions. I give you my overall coaching formula that starts before the sale and often includes the change work happening before the client has even properly expressed themselves.

Video One

In this video you will see me demonstrate a lot of covert trance inductions, setting up spatial anchors and preframing the audience. Once you have watched all three videos you will come back to this one time and again to deconstruct what is really going on. Here is an example of a clip from this course and the deconstruction one of my advanced student did on it:

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In addition we:

  • Explain how I accidentally became a world renowned coach and how you can do the same although more deliberately.

  • Use trance to deconstruct trance and how we can link emotions to actions to push and pull your clients forward.
  • Discuss the one model that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the hoards and allow you to charge more for your services than your peers. I give you the exact strategy I use in sales meetings that allow me make thousands of pounds from this one model alone.
  • My overall coaching formula that you can use as the template for rapid change in your clients.

Video Two

In this video we take a look at preframes with several examples I used all the time with clients. We look at preframes that:

  • Change or install particular beliefs
  • Do away with the need for confidence
  • Make difference between positive thinking and changing your thinking
  • Recruit the ideal client

Video Three

This video is the one that ties things together. It includes:

  • Charging more by raising your profile and being an authority in your field
  • An overall sales strategy for coaches, consultants, hypnotherapists and trainers
  • Why free, taster sessions are bad and how to get people to pay for them instead
  • The one technique that will take you from being a good coach to being a complete super hero in the eyes of your clients

Additionally I demonstrate and deconstruct some of my favourite trance inductions including conscious and unconscious integration and setting up timelines using special anchors.

Do We Get Any Bonuses?

Overall this is over three hours of great content and active demonstrations of a lot of hypnotic persuasion techniques but I wanted you to have something more so I have included a couple ofreally smart bonus recordings. One of the things I advocate for all self employed coaches, consultants, trainers, hypnotherapists and counsellors is having books, courses, videos, articles both free content and paid for content. It is a great way of raising your profile, conditioning your clients and creating some authority. So I am going to give you all of my insider tips on how to get sellable info products out on to the market in record time.

Get Trancey Coaching – Rintu Basu , Only Price $37

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