Todo List Dapp (Legacy)


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Todo List Dapp (Legacy)

This course has been DISCONTINUED.

Checkout the new courseΒ “6 figures Blockchain developer”Β instead πŸ™‚

You will learn how to:

  • Develop Solidity smart contracts: data structures, functions, modifier, mapping, arrays, and more.
  • Use the Truffle framework to build Ethereum Dapps: compilation, migration, configuration of Truffle project
  • Use Web3 and TruffleContract to communicate between the frontend and the smart contract
  • Configure Webpack for Ethereum Dapp development (with truffle-solidity-loader)

This will cover every part of the Dapp:

  • Smart contract (Solidity)
  • Backend (Nodejs server to serve the frontend)
  • Frontend (Javascript, jQuery, React, Redux & Saga)

The dapp will be able to:

  • create new tasks
  • list existing tasks
  • toggle a done/not done status for each task.

The dapp will look like this:

Course Curriculum

Writing the Smart contract

  • Step 1: Writing the smart contract (Part I) (15:46)
  • Step 2: Writing the smart contract (Part II) (17:45)

Setup backend & Frontend

  • Step 3: Writing The Nodejs Backend
  • Step 4: Setup The Frontend & Read Account Data (20:37)

Build the frontend with jQuery

  • Step 5: Build a smart contract client with Truffle Contract (14:11)
  • Step 6: Webpack, ES6 and truffle-solidity-loader (23:45)
  • Step 7: Read Contract data from Frontend (25:56)
  • Step 8: Create Smart Contract Data From The Frontend (18:19)
  • Step 9: Toggle Task Done & Keep Frontend Updated (14:21)

Refactor With React

  • Step 10: Refactor with React (14:22)
  • Step 11: Refactor with React (Part II) (11:09)
  • Step 12: Refactor with React (Part III) (6:17)
  • Step 13: Refactor with React (Part IV) (13:31)
  • Step 14: Refactor with React (Part V, Update to Solidity 0.5.x) (25:07)

Refactor with Drizzle

  • Step 15: Refactor with Drizzle – Part I (27:55)
  • Step 16: Refactor with Drizzle – Part II (18:31)

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