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You may already be familiar with our hugely popular Advanced Content Roadmap Generator. This uses a similar process – but delivers very different outputs.

This simple-but-mighty spreadsheet uses in-built coding to take granular pieces of information about your prospects, their problems and your solutions.

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The Sales Prospect Analyzer

Are you:

  • Struggling to define your sales prospects in detail?
  • Unable to really hone in on your target customers’ pain points?
  • Worried that you might be missing a real opportunity to provide them with value?

Yup. We’ve been there.

  • Best-case scenario: it’s costing you time and mental energy to complete what should be a straightforward task.
  • Worst-case scenario: it’s costing you sales, customers, clients… and money.

That’s why we evolved our previous tools to build the Sales Prospect Analyzer.

Fill in the green cells. This tool does the rest for you.

You may already be familiar with our hugely popular Advanced Content Roadmap Generator. This uses a similar process – but delivers very different outputs.

This simple-but-mighty spreadsheet uses in-built coding to take granular pieces of information about your prospects, their problems and your solutions.

Then, like magic, it maps it out into a logical flow.

Get into your prospects’ heads – and understand what they REALLY want

This template will guide you through:

  • Detailed breakdown of your target customer and their influencers;
  • A deep-dive into their buying journey, from awareness to action;
  • Development of a psychological map so you can deploy the right message at the right time.

You’ll come away with the ability to get right inside your prospect’s head – and this will allow you to close more deals, win more sales, and delight more customers.

Get The Sales Prospect Analyzer – Lean Content Academy, Only Price $37

Turn chaos to growth in 5 simple steps


Define your prospects: Answer simple questions about your key personas to frame their problem – and how it aligns with the solution you’re offering.

What do they want, and how can you give it to them?


Orientate your goals: What do you want your prospects to do? Our tool will help you create a simple one-line statement to sum this up.


Break down your prospect’s buyer journey: Using a framework that’s preloaded into the spreadsheet, and based on your previous answers, identify the touchpoints for each stage of the decision journey.

What does your prospect need to know at this stage to progress their journey – and how can you influence this?


Evaluate your messaging: What does your decision maker want, who influences them, and what is the distilled version of the messaging?


Develop your Prospect Mindmap: Use our simple framework to categorise what you’ve done so far – and turn it into a visual mindmap that will help you deliver the right message at the right time.

I was having a bit of an issue

Hi! I’m Aidan.

I’m co-founder and Managing Director of Far From Avocados, one of Ireland’s leading content marketing agencies.

And I built this tool.

Not because I love Excel (though I kinda do). But because I needed to solve a problem that was holding me back.

As a content strategist. As a content creator. As a marketer.

As a business owner.

I could get into my prospects’ heads – but only sometimes

I was great at establishing rapport and helping people to see how we would add value to their businesses or to their lives.

But sometimes, I just missed the mark entirely.

I realised I hadn’t thought of something crucial to them – even though it was crystal clear in hindsight.

Or maybe I focused on something that was important or interesting to me… but not to my prospect.

You’ve got the most sophisticated content creation operation in Ireland? That’s good for you, and thanks for spending the last 20 minutes explaining it to me. But I’m here to learn about how I can solve my problems.”

Even when I got it right, I was always being niggled by a sense that I’d left out something important.

Too much was left to chance.

So I decided to fix this problem once and for all

I say ‘decided’. But really, I had no choice!

I drew up a very basic process for mapping out my thoughts – based on the needs of the audience, as with everything we do in our agency.

First on paper.

Then, on Excel – in a product that evolved into what is now our top-selling product, The Advanced Content Roadmap Planner.

And then, once we realised it could do far more than just plan content, we developed it further.

First, for myself

Immediately, it fixed the big issue that had plagued me for all that time.

I stopped chasing scraps of paper, and spent more time delivering business-changing value to my clients.

It made me feel less stressed, because I knew we had a system in place.

I wasn’t under pressure to come up with great ideas out of nowhere. I filled in the blanks, reviewed the outputs, and they came to me.

Then, for the agency team

Any sales manager or business owner knows that a repeatable process has to work for more than one person.

As we rolled out this tool internally, our sales operation became about much more than just me.

The entire team was equipped to generate and close deals – because we had a tool to quickly analyse any prospect or persona, and determine how we could show them our value.

We started selling systematically, predictably – and successfully

We were picking up on the details that our competitors didn’t.

We got inside the finer points of our prospects’ problems, challenges, pain points and motivators.

We understood when to deploy emotional versus rational messages – and what those messages were.

We grew. A lot.

A tool that will add real value to your business – built for:

Business owners

Frustrated that others don’t ‘get’ your customers in the same way as you do? That ends here…

Sales reps

See your prospects in a way that others don’t – and top that leaderboard at last!

Account managers

Delight your clients and upsell more – by spotting the problems they didn’t even know they had.

Sales leaders

Scale your insights and your know-how across the team, and get the results you need.

Sell systematically

When it comes to your customers, how can you be fully sure that you’re not overlooking something important?

A key detail that would close deals and grow your business?

This tool offers a thorough process so that you leave no stone unturned – identifying all of your prospects’ questions, and giving them the answers they really want to know.

Sell at scale (and stop being an obstacle to growth)

Many business owners and sales leaders know in their gut who their prospects are – and what they need.

But often, the same can’t be said of their teams. And that’s not only a huge frustration – but an enormous obstacle to growth.

This tool will help you define your prospects on paper – and let others sell (almost) as well as you do!

Get The Sales Prospect Analyzer – Lean Content Academy, Only Price $37

Sell in a way that your competitors can’t

Imagine how you’d grow if you were able to pick up on the small-but-crucial details that your rivals all failed to notice.

By having a repeatable process in place to analyse your prospects, you will consistently be able to show that you are best-placed to solve their problems.

Your competition simply won’t be able to compete with that.

This Excel-based tool is:


Let technology do the work for you. Answer the questions, and the tool will do the rest.


This is different to other strategy templates – you won’t get this anywhere else.


Conceived, developed and refined in-house by a hugely successful content agency.

One-time purchase – no subscription needed

The Document

  • Sales Prospect Analyzer – Google Sheets Version.rtf
  • Sales Prospect Analysis Tool.xlsx
  • Sales Prospect Analyzer Guide.pdf

Get The Sales Prospect Analyzer – Lean Content Academy, Only Price $37

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