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Increase your reading speed many times over (average increase documented at 550%!).

  •  Increase your comprehension.
  •  Increase your memory capacity.
  • Increase your ability to learn quickly many times over.
  • Increase your enjoyment in learning.
  • Develop greater concentration.
  • Enjoy having a laser-like focus that you can turn on when needed.
  • Learn to teach your brain to operate better and faster with exercises you can do anywhere.
  • Turn on both sides of your brain when you learn.
  • Discover the two keys to learning revealed by the world’s leading chess coach.
  •  In short, have access to unlimited knowledge.

Unlimited knowledge gives you unlimited power to sell, convince, and grow in any undertaking. “The ultimate high-speed learning program gives you the power to win consistently,” quoted Vic Conant, President, Nightengale-Conant.

If knowledge is power, unlimited knowledge is the unlimited power to:

  • Stay ahead of any competitor with an ordinary learning ability.
  • Learn virtually everything there is to know that can allow you be more successful in any situation you choose, and do it in a useable time frame.
  • Allow yourself to enter a new field, or just easily expand on existing skills, at any age.
  • Always have facts, figures and information at your fingertips.
  • To be perceived as brilliant by others.
  • Excel in any field by making better use of the information you absorb.
  • Put more ‘quality’ time back into your life by reducing the time spent learning and keeping up to scratch.

Suppose you have a meeting with a client whom you want to impress and sell on using your services. Fifteen minutes before the meeting you sit down with a very technical book on the subject of the technology that underlies your prospect’s business. In 15 minutes you read, understand and absorb the information in the book. What would that power be worth to you?

Or let us suppose there is a four or five hundred page manual on new technology that has just been installed in your company. In half an hour you absorb the whole material with an 80% retention rate … and you remember what you learned permanently. You become the instant expert while the whole office is struggling. With Reading Genius students of any subject, at any age, can now telescope their learning time into a fraction of what it was formerly.

Knowledge: ‘The ultimate edge in today’s global competition.’

Just imagine how far ahead of any competitor you could always be if you had the incredible power of ‘unlimited knowledge’ whenever you needed it. If you could have access and time to understand any knowledge which could help make you a leader in any field – magazine articles, books, new research papers, the internet, would all be sources of information you could capture and use faster than ever before. Simply by taking this program, and all it takes is 4 hours to complete, you will increase the information you can access beyond recognition.

Naturally, you will not reach your peak learning rate in that time, but you will increase your learning ability significantly … and you will keep on improving as you use what you learned from the program. Unlike other study aids, such as speed-reading, the skills you gain from this program do not require constant practice, and do not become ‘rusty’. Once you learn the many techniques taught in this high tech program, you will have advanced your learning power forever!

You are looking for ways to grow your business. Others in your industry have done it before you… You should not have to re-invent the wheel. So you sit down, and within three days you have researched and read every book and every article ever written that pertains to your business, Not only that, but you are better able to utilize the information more creatively than ever before.

Imagine starting a new job/business . You and a competitor are racing each other to find innovative ways to bring your product to the market. You would be able to uncover and absorb hundreds more possibilities than your competitor in the same time frame. What is something like that worth to you?

You know that someone you are dating has a special interest. In just a few minutes you read the book that enables you to talk about the subject for hours, and then impress them on your date with your wide range of knowledge.

You see, the old axiom is true; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! If you achieve the ‘average’ gain of 500% learning ability, shown with standardized tests at the U.S. Air Force Academy, you will have virtually UNLIMITED POWER to accomplish anything you want once you have taken this program.

Most post graduates agree that 80% of most university programs are simply telling you what books to read, and in what order. With the Reading Genius program you can cruise through the equivalent of four years text books in less than most people’s summer vacation, and start earning your worth while most people are still registering for the fall semester!

Remember the old adage, you are what you have read. Well everyone loves a well-read person. One who understands life’s deeper meanings and provides answers to our most difficult problems. People’s judgments of you, however right or wrong, are a fact of life. Often you really only have that one chance to make that proverbial ‘first impression.’

Whether you influence young minds in a classroom, talk with a friend on a park bench, or even inspire the creation of the next Microsoft, people always appreciate someone who is well read. Books are the only universal way to gain this knowledge. Using the Reading Genius System, you will have a chance to realize more of your own inner wisdom with a lot less time/effort than you ever thought was possible.

The Reading Genius system incorporates the latest in brain technology. It has been said that we have learned more about the human brain in the last 25 years than all of previous history combined. We have learnt the incredible raw power the human brain possesses; breakthroughs in the field of right and left brain theory, visualization, alpha brain waves and brain states, mind-mapping, and much, much, more …

Unlike those outdated, over hyped finger numbing speed reading methods which bombard you with their antiquated methods, the Reading Genius System incorporates this new research so that you receive the simplest, most natural and effective way to learn a superior method once and for all! We have done all the work so you don’t have to.

Do You have too much information and not enough time? Are the amounts of books, reports, journals, newspapers, magazines, e-mails you have to read overwhelming you? Are you flustered by the ever increasing demands on your time that prevent you from doing all you need to?

The bad news is it’s not going to get easier. Information is doubling every 4 years. Competition for better paying jobs and more profitable businesses is fiercer than ever. You need an advantage, a way to catch up and move ahead so that you can outdistance the competition so fast they’ll be but a spec in your rear view mirror!! The good news is there is now an answer. Whether the information is about World affairs, Technology, Health, Literature or Science, you probably haven’t read the books that can put you in the lead.

If you learned to read in school, you were taught to read in a way that was so limited you probably couldn’t get through the most important books. After you graduated from school, it was even more difficult to find the time to read.

The average American reads about1 to 2 books a year, and over 90% of all books purchased do not even get read beyond the first chapter. Now it’s being said that the average professional has about 37 hours of reading to do every week, and only a couple of hours to do it. And it’s not going to slow down.

So learn to Tap into Your Own Mental Capacities.

Catch up on your work and have time to play. Study more effectively and with amazing speed at school or university.

Stop wasting countless hours rereading material. Remember what you read, the first time you read it. ‘You’ possess the ultimate power and resource for success already. Your ‘Mind’. When your mind is open, focused, and relaxed, it can produce results that are almost supernatural. You just have to know how to tap into the power.

The Reading Genius gives you the power to access more of your mind’s potential, so you can read at an incredible speed and start succeeding in new and exciting ways.

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