The Professional Intuitive Healing Program 2022 – Anna Sayce


The Professional Intuitive Healing Program 2022 – Anna Sayce… A lot of healers know the basics of earthbound spirit release, but not many have the skills to release enmeshed earthbound spirits — this is an advanced technique.

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The Professional Intuitive Healing Program 2022 – Anna Sayce

The Professional Intuitive Healing Program 2022 - Anna Sayce

How will it feel to know that you have an effective way to help clients:

  • Get closure on break-ups
  • Release attachments to past partners
  • Heal from past difficult experiences
  • Recover from abusive relationships
  • Improve existing relationships
  • And free themselves up to attract positive, new relationships and experiences into their lives

All of this can be achieved through intuitive healing, which is now available to learn through Anna’s Professional Intuitive Healing Program.

Cord cutting is a modality that essentially allows us to cut the cord to a person or a situation, permanently upgrading our energy and releasing old relationship patterns that no longer serve us. It can be used for all kinds of relationships and situations, including romantic relationships, family, friendships and professional relationships.

It has not only been the most rewarding part of my past work with clients, but it is also the healing modality that has personally helped me massively in my personal and professional life.

Like many people who fit the archetype of the ‘wounded healer’, I came into this world with a couple of recent traumatic past lives behind me, and a difficult early life waiting for me.

I was born into a family with a narcissistic parent who was emotionally abusive. I also grew up with a sibling who I felt was a sociopath, and who made our home life very chaotic and traumatic while we were growing up. My brother was later diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and after a 20 year descent into drug addiction, passed away 3 years ago.

These early life experiences left their mark. I found myself in abusive relationships and dangerous situations in my twenties, because I had not learned how to protect myself, as a result of what I grew up with, and what I was used to. Although I had certain privileges, I also know what it is like to struggle, hard.

The task that Spirit gave me, if I was willing to take it on, was to move beyond the dysfunction, create healthy relationships, embrace my soul’s purpose, and create a thriving business which would give me independence.

I managed all of the above, although it took me years and much of the path was walked alone.

I also found tools which helped me along the way. I cut around 50 of my own cords, I released earthbound spirits, and I went into therapy. The intuitive healing tools and techniques I learned were the key to my resilience and healing.

The beautiful thing about all of this was that my experiences motivated me to learn to work with other people with their own healing, and I spent years as an intuitive healer. In my view, there is no other work that I have done, that is more rewarding than to facilitate healing for another person.

This level is suitable for those who want to learn these techniques primarily for themselves, and independent learners and practitioners with experience who do not feel they need support and mentoring.


Earthbound spirits are the mental and emotional bodies of deceased people, that can attach both to peoples’ auras and to places.

You can read more about them here.

Many spiritual seekers and intuitive developers have attaching earthbound spirits, and these spirits can:

1. Drain our energy
2. Affect our intuitive accuracy
3. Affect our emotional state

Most earthbound spirit attachments are positioned at the out of doors of a person’s aura. These are your ordinary, normal attachments and I actually have launched a lot of those for customers and students. Sometimes you could encounter an earthbound spirit attachment positioned at the inner of the aura, this means that that the spirit is sharing a part of the client’s power and consciousness. These are enmeshed earthbound spirits, and that they require a distinctive technique on the subject of healing (a mixture of earthbound spirit launch paintings AND twine cutting.) In this application I will educate you to do both, after which additionally educate you a way to defend yourself (and educate your customers a way to defend themselves) from this kind of attachment withinside the future.

Earthbound spirits are very prevalent among Reiki practitioners, empaths, those who use cannabis, and intuitive developers who are not concerned with spiritual protection.

Not only will you learn how to release these for clients, but you’ll also learn when each type of session is appropriate, and how to advise your client on what sort of work would be the best next step for him/her.

A lot of healers know the basics of earthbound spirit release, but not many have the skills to release enmeshed earthbound spirits — this is an advanced technique.

In addition, you will learn how to clear and release four other types of ‘astral level debris’ from clients’ auric fields, including psychic ties, emotional residues, unwanted influencing energy and negative thought forms.

Here’s what is included as part of this level:

  • An audio attunement to Divine-level energies (Ascended Masters and Archangels) who will be assisting you in your healing work.
  • 15 hours of pre-recorded video lectures, along with a the recordings of 2 support calls (around 3 hours) where Anna answers additional questions not covered in the video lectures.
  • 93,000+ words of written material plus cheat sheets and detailed protocols of the intuitive healing processes

Please note that for the Independent Learner level, mentoring from Anna is not included, however Anna ensures that all bases are covered in the program so that you can do an intuitive healing session with confidence by the time you have worked through the course materials.

You will be able to work with paying clients once you have completed this level, but you won’t be eligible for certification or for listing in the practitioner directory. If you’d like the opportunity to be certified, you’ll want to opt for the ‘apprenticeship’ option below instead.

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