The P.I.G. Method – Chris Haddad


The key to The P.I.G. Method is learning what I call “deep empathy” which allows you to CONNECT with your market deeper than any other copywriter or marketer out there, giving you a RIDICULOUS unfair advantage in the market… The P.I.G. Method – Chris Haddad

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The P.I.G. Method – Chris Haddad

The P.I.G. Method - Chris Haddad

The P.I.G. Method: How To Craft Punched In The Gut Copy And Cash-Sucking Stories That Have Them BEGGING To Buy From You!

WARNING: Doors Will SLAM Shut At MIDNIGHT PST On Tuesday Night, Dec 7 NO MATTER WHAT!

If you want to get access to Chris’ secrets that have made over $800 MILLION IN SALES (and counting) AND get PERSONAL ACCESS and MENTORSHIP from Chris through the FB group in calls, YOU MUST act while there is still time.

Hey! It’s Chris!
AND I realized this morning that my “VSL” I did for this course just DID NOT GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEEDED TO MAKE the decision you need to make.
SO I just wrote this BEAST of a letter that goes into EXACTING detail about WHAT P.I.G. is…
EXACTLY what you will learn and how it will transform your copywriting skills and your profits…
EXACTLY what each of the bonuses are and why they are INSANELY VALUABLE (including a new bonus I just added today that is easily worth $3k on its own at least.)
And what EXACTLY is going to happen to the lucky people who become my mentees and get to go around saying they have been PERSONALLY taught by Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad. (Drop that name, damn it. It’ll make you WAY more money. Heck, just saying you are in the group will let you raise your fees.)
So, here we go!
Read away!

Here’s EXACTLY what you’re going to get in The P.I.G. Method and how it’s going to change your business and change your life =-)

What is “The P.I.G. Method?
The P.I.G. Method (which stands for “Punched In The Gut” is the copywriting and storytelling course folks have literally been BEGGING me to create for something like TEN FREAKING YEARS.
It’s the culmination of my 16 years as an “Elite” direct response copywriter in a FREAKISH number of niches and is where I reveal the deep and crazy secrets I’ve used to understand the market on a downright DISTURBING level which has allowed me to DOUBLE and in some cases QUADRUPLE the conversion on projects I work on… turning a lot of projects into COLD TRAFFIC MONSTERS… transforming “So So” offers into Clickbank Number ones and making a LOT of people HORRIFYINGLY RICH along the way (heck, it’s made me MILLIONS too. Which is great!)
The key to The P.I.G. Method is learning what I call “deep empathy” which allows you to CONNECT with your market deeper than any other copywriter or marketer out there, giving you a RIDICULOUS unfair advantage in the market.
Here’s a few examples of what The P.I.G. Method has accomplished for me, my clients and folks who have learned from me.
What’s IN the P.I.G. Method?
The main P.I.G. Method training is broken down into TWO modules (or halves).

Module 1 is called “Mind Reading Your Market” and it’s where I open up my brain and teach you my entire step-by-step process for understanding your market on a truly PRIMAL level that goes WAY beyond the standard “create an avatar” kind of thing.

My “12 Haddonic Apostles” (who were the first 12 people allowed into the group so they could review it – if you go to our pre-launch FB group and look in “Media” you can see their breathless, overwhelmingly positive reviews) all say that this has been the most PROFOUND dive into human psychology, behavior and motivation they have EVER seen in any kind of marketing or copywriting course.
(They also say the videos are HILARIOUS and fun to watch which makes DOWNLOADING what I’m teaching into your brains WAY easier.)

Mind Reading Your Market is broken down into FOUR distinct lessons…

1. Lesson one is where I explain the truth about PRIMAL, EVOLUTIONARY emotions, WHY stories are the “operating system of the human mind,” what TRULY motivates people (and why most copywriting programs have NO IDEA what makes people REALLY buy and where I talk you through story after story about times the P.I.G. method has DRAMATICALLY increased conversions and made MILLIONS for offer owners.
Actually, some of the letters I talk about in that lesson are:
Power 4 Home which I used the P.I.G. Method on years ago to raise conversions on a “pretty good” letter by over 70% literally over night…
Simply by using my “Benefit Transformation” technique to change the letter from being about “saving money on power” to make it about a man PROTECTING HIS FAMILY.
That letter became a Clickbank Number 1 for TWO FREAKING YEARS because of The P.I.G. Method and (this is true) only lost its top spot because my client GOT OVERWHELMED BY THE FREAKISH SUCCESS OF AN OFFER MAKING 2 – 4 THOUSAND sales a day.
Flat Belly Fix where I turned a “get abs” product into a story about a man going on a MISSION to save his wife and his marriage and getting the love of his life back after a horrible car accident…
THAT letter ALSO became a Clickbank Number 1 for OVER A YEAR and turned my client Todd Lamb from a poor cop into a multi millionaire who flies helicopters!
Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever where I took one of my own “standard benefit” VSL scripts from years ago and applied the P.I.G. Method to (this is no lie) LITERALLY QUADRUPLE conversions over night.
And several more (several more MANY MILLION DOLLAR SELLERS.)
2. Lesson 2 is called “The Deep, Irrational Desires of Your Market” and it’s where I give you my suite of Psychological Tools that will allow you to PENETRATE through surface level “wants” to get to the anxiety, agony and wonder that your customers have BUBBLING in their hearts all day, every day…
So many copywriters get this stuff COMPLETELY wrong and it costs them SO MUCH MONEY and SO MUCH in fees they could charge.
Seriously, Pauline Longdon says this is a “Master Class in Emotion” and that learning a version of this stuff from me years ago has completely transformed her career.
3. Lesson 3 is where I reveal the incredible power of using The 7 Deadly Sins to instantaneously discover your markets true (and dark) desires even if you have no experience in a niche at all… even if you have the understanding of people of a dead rat…
Its basically “Plug and Play Emotion Crack” for your VSL’s and sales letter.
Actually, I don’t know if you know the guys from VShred but they told me when I talked at Copy Accelerator that discovering a previous (and far inferior) version of this tool from a speech I did years ago IS WHAT GAVE THEM THE PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL JUICE to create a company that does OVER $100 MILLION a year (and it only took a few years.)
4. Lesson 4 is called “The Empathy Game” and it’s where I explain the the TRUE meaning of empathy… help you get more deeply in touch with your own light and dark emotions, dreams and fears and give you a simple exercise where I use hypnotic principles.
For instance, do you know the REAL reason I’ve sold over 100,00 Text Your Ex Back program?
It’s because I know the REAL hot button for that market is NOT getting their ex back… No… it’s getting their ex to BEG to get THEM back. And THAT understanding is what made TXB DESTROY every other ex back product on the market (and that offer was a CB top 10 for like 5 freaking years.)
See most people get the very IDEA of empathy completely wrong, but I use “Method Acting For Marketers” to help you psychologically TRANSFORM into your prospect so you FEEL what they are feeling even if you’re a 5 foot tall 25 year old woman and you’re selling to overweight, conservative men. (My ability to “transform” myself into a 40 year old woman with a broken heart is what made me a MILLIONAIRE in my Digital Romance business.)
By the end of Module one you will have almost-psychic super powers when it comes to understanding your market and will see dramatic increases in conversions even if you never got to the 2nd half.

Module 2 is where I reveal The P.I.G. Method Action Beat Map and flat out GIVE YOU my complete storytelling and creating formula that I’ve used to crank out P.I.G. stories SHOCKINGLY quickly (and dramatically increasing conversions every time.)

In Module 2, I’ll teach you…
  • How to decide who the hero/narrator of your story is… why having the “product creator” as the hero is sometimes a RELALY bad idea and the EXACT 4 types of heroes you should use in a P.I.G. story and (and this is really valuable) EXACTLY what story you tell for each type of hero (messing this up and using the wrong hero for your product can literally destroy your sales.)
  • How to discover the VILLAINS of your story… the simple method that allows you to discover who your market feels OPPRESSED by… why everyone has a VICTIM MENTALITY and how to use that to make buying your product feel like an HONORABLE and NECESSARY thing to do in the fight against “EVIL” (seriously.)
  • A REALLY BIG ONE — Next I’ll teach you how to determine what the MOMENT OF CRISIS and P.I.G. Line that opens your story and hooks your reader should be.
    If I’m famous for anything in this business, it’s these PIG LINES that use deep emotional hooks to force your project to watch your video or read your letter.
You know, lines like “He kissed me like his sister and I knew I was alone again” from Make Him Worship You, “Talk Dirty To me he said on our one year anniversary” from Language of Desire,” “Daddy I’m Cold” from Power 4 Home, “She Woke Up Screaming, That’s what I remember the most. That’s what shattered my heart into pieces” from Flat Belly Fix and MANY more.
I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to determine the most POWERFUL and EMOTIONALLY DRAMATIC Moment of Crisis you can… why sometimes a chipped nail is more DRAMATIC than a car crash… and why a CONVERSION MULTIPLYING P.I.G. story is NEVER about what “happens” and ALWAYS about how “what happens” EMOTIONALLY impacts the narrator.
THEN I walk you through the exact process for converting the Moment of Crisis into your own “P.I.G. Line” that tells the whole story up until now in just a few words. It’s a damn art. It’s hard. But I will teach you exactly how to do it.
From there I’ll teach you how to:
  • “Set the Table” for the big CHOICE your narrator will make to TAKE CONTROL of their life and solve their BIG PROBLEM…
  • Bring your narrator to an emotional place where they must make The Choice to either GIVE up and accept that their BIG PROBLEM will never be solved, or get up and GO OUT TO CHANGE THE WORLD (which creates incredible ADMIRATION in your prospect so they want your narrator to LEAD them)…
  • How to create the right “Dead Ends” where the VILLAINS of your story do everything they can to DEFEAT your Hero…
  • How to make the HOOK and MECHANISM of your offer into “Secrets and Magic” that fundamentally transforms the hero… their way of looking at the world… and incredibly SOLVES their Big Problem in a way that dramatically raises your prospect’s feeling of HOPE.
  • The exact AMAZING RESULTS your project gets, that RELIEVES their terrible anxiety and low self esteem and gives them both what they THINK they want and what they REALLY want (even though they have no idea what that is… but you do because I give you the TOOLS…
  • How to “Let The Secret Get Out” so it transforms the lives of the Hero’s friends, family and those who admire them… PROVING that your incredible product works for a wide range of people and “Broadening the Lust” for it.
    From there you PITCH the offer and used the Emotional Callback to future pace your product to their “Dream World” so it’s literally PAINFUL not to buy.
    THEN I give you an AMAZING lesson where I show you, step-by-step, word by word how to add EMOTIONAL DRAMA into your writing so prospects are swept away by your words, even if you had the emotional intelligence of Lt. Data before you met me.

Here’s My Promise To You…

If you go through the P.I.G. Method, give yourself over to what I teach you, DO THE HOMEWORK and use your ACCESS TO ME to pick my brain and get feedback you will have a nuclear missile attached to your keyboard that allows you to “Blow Up” prospect’s and create INSANE emotional desire for what you sell. (Seriously. Look how I got you hopped up during the launch.)

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