The Instagram Lab -Extended Payment Plan – Jenna Kutcher


The moment you join, you get instant access to all the modules, the deep dives, and all of the updates I throw in when the platform shifts gears on anything… The Instagram Lab -Extended Payment Plan – Jenna Kutcher

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The Instagram Lab -Extended Payment Plan – Jenna Kutcher

The Instagram Lab -Extended Payment Plan - Jenna KutcherTHE INSTAGRAM LAB

Say           to
Your Full-Scope Instagram Blueprint


Get my proven, stress-busting plan to showcase you, your brand, and your message, all while converting followers into an engaged community and paying clients.

It’s not about the number under your name anymore. By attracting the RIGHT people, you can convert followers to clients and tell your story in a meaningful way. You can be true to YOU, your strengths, brand voice, and creativity— and grow your business’ impact at the same time.

You see: You have influence right where you are.

And you don’t have to shout into the void anymore! There’s a clear, actionable way to up your Instagram engagement without obsessive grid planning, posting every single day, or the anxiety of “am I even doing this right?”

This is your time to shift out of low gear and get outta that useless Insta-routine that hasn’t been working for you! My Instagram blueprint is here to help you overcome algorithm fatigue and learn a REAL process for being seen on the app— and growing beyond it!
Time to carve a new path. Time to open your phone and know what the heck you’re doing! Time to make Instagram less of a popularity contest and more about your profitability.

So, why does posting on Instagram make so many of us  break out in a cold sweat?

You’ve been holding your phone for 15 minutes, accidentally scrolling for most of it, and you think Oh, shoot, right, I need to post.”

You’re scrolling through your photos desperate for something that feels like YOU, but also doesn’t feel like you’re trying too hard.

The time and creative energy are draining out of you because you have no idea if your followers will even see what you worked so hard to post.

You try to remember what the Instagram rules are…

45 minutes later, you’re finally putting the finishing touches on a caption that, at THIS point, you’ve fiddled with for so long that you’re crosseyed and want to just control-alt-delete.

Eventually, you take a deep breath, hit publish, aaaand paste up some hashtags that at least won’t put you in Instagram jail.

WHEW—Done. Or, kind of.

…“Am I allowed to edit this typo? Was I supposed to ask a question in my caption? Is 4pm okay? Do I share this on Facebook? Is anyone even ON Facebook? Maybe I’m supposed to finally make a Reel. Shoot, I need more time.”

 It’s an invitation into your world.

Remember the good ol’ days of the ‘gram? You know, when we didn’t have a care in the world—and used questionable orange filters. A blurry selfie here, a life update there, a place to scrapbook your life — because that’s where you invited people into seeing it!

Whatever your “good ol’ days” looked like, there’s a way we can take what we learned from them, implement now, and move into that shimmering future in front of you!

And that’s why a lot of “Instagram growth strategies” don’t work


Remember the good ol’ days of the ‘gram? You know, when we didn’t have a care in the world—and used questionable orange filters. A blurry selfie here, a life update there, a place to scrapbook your life — because that’s where you invited people into seeing it!

Whatever your “good ol’ days” looked like, there’s a way we can take what we learned from them, implement now, and move into that shimmering future in front of you!

What would happen if we started being honest again on the platform?

Loyal, in-sync followers — a true community!— who happily invest in your biz as new clients, because they know your content is both true to YOU and thoughtfully crafted for them. They’ll line up at any chance they’ve got to work with you and gobble up what you’re cookin’. Maybe literally!

An audience anxiously awaiting to engage with your next heartfelt post, to flip out at any announcement of a spot open to work with or collaborate with you, because your content speaks right into their bones.

Connectedness with your community that leads to sales driven through authentically-crafted posts FULL of life that flip the scammy salesman pitch upside down and actually turn into you starting to write yourself a well-earned paycheck.

Continually honing a voice that is so instantly recognizable, your fans spot your words and work from a mile away, letting you make your mark on the world in a BIG way.



I’ve inched upwards of 900k+ organic followers, without ever paying for a bot or batch of followers.

My feed is filled with long captions. I tell stories. I talk about the hard stuff. I show up in my underpants (don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do that).

My system’s about showing up, being me, and trying to remind people they’re not alone.
And now? I want to invite you behind the velvet rope. Wanna see what’s inside?

Your A-to-Z blueprint to learn the Instagram ropes for a deeper connection to your digital community that drives engagement and profits…all in a 4 module, self-paced program backed by a community of over 10k like-minded entrepreneurs.

In two years, I went from less than 2,000 to over 64,000 followers. Now? My audience continues to grow every single day to over 900k—and I’ve helped more than 10,000 others do the same thing.

I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get there.

What (and Who!) Is Inside The Lab

What to Post


If you’ve ever felt like a tiny fish in a giant sea, (Hi! You’re welcome here!) this one’s for you. Quit scratching your head over the catch words ‘aesthetic’, ‘curation’, and ‘branding’! I’ll teach you how to create a visual brand on Instagram and how to know what images to pick to post.

First, we’re diving into the definition of a TRUE brand and my step-by-step process to positioning yourself on Instagram as an expert in your industry.

Next, you’ll learn my special ABCDQ Formula so you can hone your voice and vision, and ensure each post has a purpose in serving your audience.

Get ready to unlock the mystery of attracting your dream community by standing out beyond what you do or what you sell, through owning who you are.

What to Say


Now that you have an idea and the ability to brainstorm what types of imagery you plan to use and plan to incorporate into your feed, let’s talk about how to write captions that support, story-tell, and ultimately convert your audience… because popular doesn’t pay the bills.

In this module, I’ll give you my go-to tips to write captions that invite engagement and turn your followers into engaged, long-lasting fans. You’ll get your hands on my tried and true tools that will help you beat the algorithm and craft captions that carry your voice to EVERYONE that’s supposed to hear it!

By the end, you will understand where social media plays a role in your overall marketing strategy so that you can remove the pressure to always have *thee perfect thing* to say and, instead, focus on creatively serving your community in a way that is authentic to YOU and your brand. Zero spammy posts, no more sounding like you’re trying too hard!

How to Plan Your Posts


Planning your posts does NOT have to take the fun out of the app. In fact, it can (and will) give you more freedom. I’ll equip you with our exact content-planning process so that you never open the app and wonder “what the heck am I going to post about today?” Save time, save yourself frustration, and build out your plan.

I’ll walk you through how I plan a week’s worth of content in under an hour so you can focus more on engaging than endless creating (a surefire way to beat the algorithm).

You’ll learn how to speak with the voice of a true brand and not just a business through how you post, when you show up, and what you want to say.

Plus, we’ll explore how you can quickly plan not just the image but the caption, hashtag, posting time and more so that every week you know your content is ready for you to simply publish, interact, and have freakin’ fun!

Convert Followers to Clients


What good is all of this strategy if it’s not actually leading you towards more sales and growing your biz? It’s time to talk about the end game of Instagram and how to actually convert your followers into true (i.e. paying) clients.

Instagram? It’s the handshake, but when you extend invitations for your followers to connect with you and become clients, you’re on your way to adding to your precious bottom line.

I’ll share my 6 favorite ways to invite followers off of the app and what to do once they RSVP “yes” to your invitation to give them a memorable experience with you.

You’ll also learn the perfect mix of storytelling and pitching so that you can stop cringing when you share what you do

Ever bought a program about social media that was outdated within a couple of months? Yeah. That’s not this one. I’m constantly updating with whatever new changes hit the platform, so you’re always on the cutting edge of the app.

PLUS, My Platform-Specific Deep Dive Trainings

The How to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio Training that will have you clear on what to say up top of your feed so that people understand why they should stick around.

The debate-ending criteria for determining if you should have ONE account or two—one for both personal and business—so you can decide what your followers need to see to believe you, to like you, and to follow you.

The unexpected Business vs. Personal Account opinion I have, and how to decide what raises the desire-factor for whatever you’re selling (“should I separate myself from my brand … or AM I my brand?” <– decoded).

My Instagram Stories Method—plus 4 confidence-boosting bonus hacks—to start feeling comfy and more open to using stories regularly.

The 3 Golden Questions for Hashtag Use—make sure you know WHY you’re slapping up the hashtags you are … before you copy/paste whatever list you’ve got planned out.

Learn How to Pin Your Instagram Posts to Pinterest because your content shouldn’t live and die within a handful of hours (especially with all that genius you pour into it)! Pinterest is the place to show off your content, even your Instagram Stories, for a longer shelf life!

Instagram Ads 101, where I show you types of ads you can run and give you a ball-park of what to spend while you’re testing.

The Getting Started with Influencer Marketing Training, because I’ve worked REALLY hard to make sure that when I get paid 6-figures a year just in sponsored content, it’s in a way that serves my audience. I’ll tell you how I do that here.

My Ideal Client Identification System will show you how to hone your brand voice to speak directly to the kind of people you want to see in your online community. A voice that welcomes a diverse community, lets people know what you’re about boldly and clearly, and attracts the people who will want to learn from and with you!


Learn from the Pros:

Instagram is prioritizing the most engaging types of content… which just happens to be video. And that’s why I’m joining forces with my gal pals and Reel + video geniuses, Natasha and Julianna! We’re your official IG coaches. Get ready for deep dives into everything you need to know to branch out and bound forward!

Meet: Natasha

How to Get Started with Video

Reinvigorate the way you serve your audience with the dynamic creativity that goes into creating your own Reels, IGTV, stories and Instagram lives! Learn how to stay consistent, pick up best practices for when to create what, and a step-by-step video creation flow! Plus, a video toolbox with apps, tools, and video inspo for DIY to get you started stress-free!

Learn how video humanizes your brand which builds authority in your industry and relationships with your followers.

Understand why video is a multi-sensory experience with your brand which can help you connect deeper with your community.

Harness the power of gaining confidence with video, staying consistent, and get your hands on hacks that yield results.

Understand where video lives on IG, best practices for when to create where, and step-by-step video creation flow.

Get a walkthrough of Natasha’s video toolbox where she shares apps and tools for DIY video content.

Feeling stuck? We’re sharing how to find the best video content inspiration to inspire you the next time you hit record.

Meet: Julianna

Instagram Reels

Join Julianna, our go-to Instagram Reels expert, to learn how to utilize and create Instagram Reels to connect with your audience. Plan, record, edit, and share your Reels in a way that feels authentic to you! Drive results and be seen by a wider audience! Learn how to easily create Reels that engage, convert, and invite community growth in a fun and creative way!

step-by-step tutorial on how to create your first Reel and the simple set up you’ll need.

Get your hands on a strategic approach that covers what to say, where to find inspiration, and how to create a Reel.

Unpack the formula to know how to create Reels that connect and convert so you can record with confidence.

Discover how to know what content is trending and how to use it to your advantage.

Learn how to connect with your audience through Reels and the strategies to convert and invite engagement.

Watch as Julianna creates Reels live so you can be inspired and take action on creating your own.

The Instagram Lab arms you with a no-fluff, clear and easily actionable system so you can work it while you learn it. Show off what matters most—you, your brand, and your message, all while converting followers into an engaged community and paying clients.

The moment you join, you get instant access to all the modules, the deep dives, and all of the updates I throw in when the platform shifts gears on anything.

As you start putting your learnings to use, you can hop into our private community to dish out questions, gather feedback and inspiration, and learn from other current and past students. Nothing like an extra pair of eyes… and yes, mine will be there to help you too!

I’m still going… because I know you may have avoided this platform in the past, and I want to do all I can to help you be in it to win it!


I Got You. Are you ready?

You’ve been in business a hot second and if you hear how you need to curate a feed of boring images that aren’t even your real life ONE more time, you’re going to go off the grid—like, actually off the grid (not just the Insta one).

You’re fairly new to business and are seeing there’s no WAY you’re gonna catch up to the Instagram engagement rates some people have and don’t want to spend years “paying your dues” because helloooo, your people deserve what you do and they can’t wait for that.

You’re a boss, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, hyphenate-curious, coach, maker, creative, VA, or hobbyist who’s actively looking to raise a matcha to a better outcome on Friday paydays. You want to empower your marketing strategy to ACTUALLY post captions and photos that turn heads!

You’re all about your people—the ones you create for, fight for, learn for, do better for. The ones at home, too. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this Instagram thing out once and for all, putting in time and getting your biz a little bit closer to that long-term asset that serves your family, your community, and your world.

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