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What is

The E5 C.A.M.P Masterclass is a truly comprehensive blueprint for everything. Engineering, researching, evaluating, optimizing, and scaling a mega-hit customer-acquisition marketing campaigns. It shares in detail the 5-stage Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol (i.e. E5 C.A.M.P.) used by Todd Brown..and now few other top marketers as well.

It’s the exact process Todd Brown uses to create all of the six and seven-figure customer-acquisition campaigns he’s known for. It’s the same methodology well-known marketers fly-out to West Palm Beach — each paying $12,500 for the day — to have Todd install in their businesses. And it’s the same process Todd’s agency has used to create marketing campaigns for some of the biggest direct response companies selling online today.

Todd says it’s truly his life’s work in the world of direct response marketing over the past fifteen-plus years… distilled into a dialed framework, taught over 15 hours, with a series of 8 modules, 30 masterclass lessons, 18 step-by-step Execution Guides, and handouts for everything.

And, the entire program is delivered via a custom portal designed from the ground up.

Whether you want to implement E5 C.A.M.P in your own business or you are a marketing consulting, this is THE course for you.

As said, I am a big fan of Todd. But it’s only because of the stuff he puts out. Not his looks or whatever weird stuff you might think of. It’s the quality of the content.  This course gets my highest rating.

This course will change everything in your marketing.

If the course is not open, sign up for the waitlist. If it is open, go through the free training videos and see what it’s all about.

To who

For any business owner. I can’t think of any industry or type of business that would not benefit from this course. Ok, maybe companies that only deal with government agencies and do not need any marketing at all.

For all the rest of us..it’s a no brainer. Because all businesses are interested in ramping up their sales.

It’s definately better if you already have some understanding of marketing. This course is advanced stuff.

However, if you are starting out and you want to have the shortcut in understanding how good marketing is done and how pros operate, you can sign up and be ready to have your mind blown.

That said..it might be too overwhelming to start with. Unless you are ready to put in some hard work to follow through.


  • Over 40 Training Videos
  • Life-time access to E5 Community
  • Step by step instructions (10h)
  • 18 Execution Guides

Module one: Examine – Part 1

  • Lesson#1: Conducting the Prospect Analysis
  • Lesson#2: Conducting the Product Analysis
  • Lesson#3: Conducting the Competitive Analysis

Module Two: Examine- Part 2

  • Lesson#4: Conducting the Promise Exposure Spectrum Analysis
  • Lesson#5: Conducting the Prospect Awareness Pyramid Analysis
  • Lesson#6: Creating the Three Dimensional Prospect Profile

Module Three: Engineer – Part 1

  • Lesson#7: Your engineering tools
  • Lesson#8: Engineering the Perfect Customer-Generating Product
  • Lesson#9: Engineering the Perfect Offer
  • Lesson#10: Engineering the Perfect Marketing Funnel Thesis
  • Lesson#11: Engineering the Perfect Big Idea

Module Four: Engineer – Part 2

  • Lesson#12: Flawless Funnel Copywriting
  • Lesson#13: Engineering the Perfect Headline & Lead
  • Lesson#14: Engineering the Perfect Marketing Message

Module Five: Engineer – Part 3

  • Lesson#15: Engineering the Perfect Minimum Viable Funnel
  • Lesson#16: Engineering the Perfect Lead Capture Page
  • Lesson#17: Engineering the Perfect Marketing/Sales Page
  • Lesson#18: Engineering the Perfect Order Form

Module Six: Evaluate

  • Lesson#19: Testing Your Minimum Viable Funnel
  • Lesson#20: Understanding Your MVF Response

My Comments

If you want to build profitable marketing campaigns online (or even offline, as the underlying principles are the same for every marketing channel) then this course is the best there is. There are tons of samples and swipes you can use out of the gate.

It’s very specific and technical. It’s not easy to implement..if it was, then everyone would build 6 or 7 figure campaigns.

There’s a lot of emphasis on the copywriting. Conducting the right message, using the right words, the unique mechanism.

I know I am being super salesy with this one. But look, once you check out some of Todd’s training videos, you understand why. This course can fix your marketing.

My goal here is to give overviews and recommend you the best courses.

And what if you don’t like it after all? There’s a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.


It’s not easy to implement. E5 C.A.M.P. is not something that works this month and the next month you’ll have a new best thing. It’s evergreen. So why would you expect it to be easy?

However, it’s still a drawback as we are always after the simplest things.  The quick fixes. For this reason, if you are just starting out and you don’t know a thing about marketing, you might want to get your basic education from free material.

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