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Higher Status

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "I thought I'd be further ahead by now?"

Your income stinks. It doesn’t represent your true worth, does it?

Or is it your friends? Maybe they stink. Maybe you do deserve better people in your life.

Or is it your relationships? You yearn for something hotter and tighter, not something with more rolls than the local bakery.

You don’t wake up excited anymore. You’re drifting, and you f*cking know it.

How can I know all this? Because I used to be just like you.

My name is Jason Capital. I’m the author of the best-selling audiobook, Higher Statusand for the last 10 years, I’ve been coachinlgpro athletes, CEO’s and entrepreneurs – but you don’t have to be a CEO or a pro athlete to benefit from Higher Status!

Today when I make TV appearances or get interviewed on podcasts, they call me America’s High-Income Expert. But only a little bit ago, I was dead-broke living in my mom’s cold, empty basement.

My grocery budget was tuna fish and bananas. I needed a miracle. But fortunately, I got something even better – a shortcut.

With this shortcut, I skipped all the hard work and lept from my mom’s basement to a mansion on the beach in only 9 months.

What if you could experience a transformation like that right now? You can. But you must escape the “Average Life” trap like I did. You must WAKE UP and…

shout “F*ck you” to the Great Lie.

The Great Lie we’re told is “you must climb the ladder to get to the top”.

You know the ladder: School… Degree… Job…. Kiss-Ass for 30 years… Retire.

The problem is this ladder is BROKEN.

It isn’t a ladder to money, power or freedom.

It’s a ladder to pain and misery. It’s the ladder to an Average Life.

Look around you. Look at most people. We both see it: They’re miserable.

Haven’t you realized the more you try to climb this ladder, the more your life sucks?

And today’s the day you GET that shortcut. With it, my life has never been better…

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I went from mom’s basement to a mansion in 9 months.

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Women used to forget my name, now they scream it.

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Every morning I wake up pumped out of my mind I get to live my life! You're next…

What if this was your life Today?

What if you were only one click away ?

The Great Shortcut is laid out for you in simple english inside my best-selling and extremely entertaining 215-page audiobook Higher Status (which is yours FREE for instantly download from this private webpage). Just fill out the form at the top, and you’ll have the audiobook in your possession instantly.

Here’s the deal: The audiobook retails for $19.95 on Amazon but we bought the audiobook here so you get it free. In order to keep it free for everybody, we just ask that you help us with hosting costs by donating just $4.95 today one-time. You'll get instant access to the best-selling 15-Chapter Audiobook immediately, and then the real magic begins!

where have your excuses gotten you?

“But Jason, I’m too old.. too young… too broke… too rich… too stupidtoo smart… too skeptical… too gullible.”

Trust me, having done this every day the last 9 years, working with pro athletes, millionaires and everyday guys in over 120 countries, I’ve heard every damn excuse in the book. The facts are this:

  1. You’re not satisfied with your life.
  2. What you’ve tried isn't working. Your next 5 years will be just like the last 5 unless you do something different.
  3. The Higher Status Shortcut my clients and I swear by is working. Pro athletes are sharing Higher Status with their teammates in the locker room. Millionaires are doubling their net worths. Professors are sharing these lessons with their students. You can't afford to miss out on this any longer.
  4. I’m giving you immediate access to this shortcut FREE on this webpage for the rest of today. Just click any of the yellow buttons on this page to download my best-selling audiobook Higher Status now.

What’s there to think about?

Frank Sinatra said the best revenge is massive success, and he’s right.

How many more peers need to overshadow you before you say "enough is enough"?

How many more people need to reject you?

How many more unsatisfied days do you need to suffer through?

The Great Shortcut is the cure your life’s been dying for. You’ll feel the surge of power it gives you in the first 5 minutes, I promise.

And until my publishers say we have to start charging, the audiobook is FREE for the rest of today on this webpage.

So if the form on this page still works now, then the book is still free.

Over 117,989 people are loving life right now using the Great Shortcut in their life. Now it’s your turn.

Don’t procrastinate and miss out. Claim your free copy right now, and we’ll see you on the inside.

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