The Complete Guide to Building Fail-Proof Relationships – Kain Ramsay


In this course you’ll discover life changing secrets, principles and strategies for building healthier, happier and more rewarding relationships throughout every area of your life…. The Complete Guide to Building Fail-Proof Relationships – Kain Ramsay

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The Complete Guide to Building Fail-Proof Relationships – Kain Ramsay

What will you get: 

Sec 1

  • 1. Introduction.mp4
  • 2. Introduction to the ULTIMATE Relationships Coaching Programme.mp4
  • 3. Who this course Is & Isn’t for!.mp4
  • 4. Our GREATEST & most basis relationship need!.mp4
  • 5. A Foundation for Healthy Relationships.mp4
  • 6. Identity Glue You DON’T have to be who it is that you think you are!.mp4
  • 7. Self Assessment #1.txt
  • 8. Whatever you’d expect from others… give it first.mp4
  • 9.The Comfort Zone = The Danger Zone.mp4
  • 10. Life Balance Questionnaire.pdf
  • 11. PHYSICAL CHALLENGE # 1.mp4

Sec 2

  • 13. The Relationship Disease Self Consumption-itis.mp4
  • 14. The difference between Love & Lust.mp4
  • 15. The short lived lifespan of lust.txt
  • 16. Birds of a feather dont have to flock together.mp4
  • 17. Why.txt
  • 18. How to become a ‘wiser’ Judge of character.mp4
  • 19. The ‘Art’ of Healthy Communications.mp4
  • 20. Understand the 4 levels of communication.txt
  • 21. Judgement the trust killer.mp4
  • 22. The Judgement Trap.txt

Sec 3

  • 23. Before all things …. seek to Understanding!.mp4
  • 24. The ‘Marie’ Perspective.mp4
  • 25. True Story.txt
  • 26. The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt An example to live by.mp4
  • 27. A Perspective for Life.txt
  • 28. The mustard seed perspective.mp4
  • 29. The Importance of Humility.txt
  • 30. Self Assessment #3.txt

Sec 4

  • 31. How ‘Change’ begins with every crisis.mp4
  • 32. How some Relationships will ‘Grow’ apart.mp4
  • 33. How to choose the ‘Right’ relationships.mp4
  • 34. 3 kinds of relationships.rtf
  • 35. How to become the ‘RIGHT’ kind of person for others!.mp4
  • 36. How to Know when you’re in the ‘RIGHT’ Relationship.mp4
  • 37. Co-Dependant Quiz.pdf
  • 38. How to get more of what you want from others.mp4
  • 39. Self Assessment #4.txt
  • 40. Identifying the gaps.mp4
  • 41. Shortening the ‘Gaps’ in our Relationships.mp4
  • 42. The foundations for Ideal relationships.mp4
  • 43. 3 wrong reasons for being in a relationship.txt
  • 44. The POWER of One Little Word!.mp4
  • 45. The Perspective that ‘Breaks’ Relationships.mp4
  • 46. The Perspective that ‘Makes’ Relationships.mp4
  • 47. PHYSICAL CHALLENGE # 2.mp4
  • 48. The ‘Mutual Submission’ Commission.mp4

Sec 5

  • 49. Introduction to the Bonus Section.mp4
  • 50. Why some Relationships break down..mp4
  • 51. How to reduce the stress in your Relationships..mp4
  • 52. The Catalyst for Positive Change in Relationships.mp4
  • 53. How to prevent Self Sabotage.mp4
  • 54. How to Strengthen your Relationships..mp4
  • 55. How to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.mp4
  • 56. One of the penultimate final principles ….mp4
  • 57. A message for the ‘Unhappy’ Singles.mp4
  • 58. The Epic Concludes … We’ve made it!.mp4

High Impact Strategies for Transforming the Quality of Your Intimate, Social & Professional Relationships

The No1 Key Element to Happy & Fulfilled People is the Quality of their Intimate, Social & Professional Relationships – Nothing Else Comes Even Remotely Close!

In this course you’ll discover life changing secrets, principles and strategies for building healthier, happier and more rewarding relationships throughout every area of your life.

In similarity to your personal finances or even your chosen career, if your approach to relationships isn’t focussed toward the best possible outcomes, you might find it difficult to maintain the relationships you have and also nurture new ones.

The Ultimate Guide To Building ‘Fail-Proof’ Relationships will help you to:

Develop strong connections with friends, colleagues and romantic relationships

Improve family relationships (with partners, children and even parents)

Transform the quality of the relationship you have with yourself

Address self-esteem issues and your ability to attract or retain a great partner

Enhance your ability to listen, acknowledge & resolve conflicts in effective ways

Fully recognise & apprehend the elements that impact courting breakdowns

Whether you’re Married, Single, Gay or Straight this enticing and idea scary path will gift you with a extensive variety of conversation concepts, insights and techniques for enticing with different human beings in a ways greater impacting ways.

A Complete Guide to Building ‘Fail-Proof’ Relationships has been called one of the maximum insightful self-development packages of new years with over 6 hours of concepts that may be actioned immediately.

By the stop of the path you’ll have obtained all of the essential insights & route you want for reviewing and enhance ALL of your intimate, social and expert relationships.

Partnered with 100% Money Back Guarantee, be part of lots of others in studying a way to construct stronger, more healthy and greater gratifying relationships in the course of the maximum essential regions of your life.

What are the requirements?

Students will need to be committed to improving their current relationship status in some way.

Students will need access to a computer, notepad and pen.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 56 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!

Discover the key strategies that strengthen relationships and that keep them exciting and alive

Be more genuine and authentic throughout you full range of personal and professional relationships.

Deal with the inevitable challenges that often arise in relationships

Learn how to communicate more effectively with other people.

Identify and choose a long term life partner more effectively.

Understand how to earn the trust of other people.

Recognise the telltale signs that a relationship isn’t working.

Dissolve arguments and disagreements before they even begin.

Transform the quality of your intimate, social and professional relationships.

Know how to build stronger and more vibrant relationships.

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