The Arbitrage Magician – Dr. Ben Adkins


Arbitrage Magician is the training everyone has been raving about.

…and for good reason.

It’s an easy 5 step system. Specially designed to turn your rollercoaster business into a sustainable 6-Figure enterprise.

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The Simple 5 Step System that Will Force You to Generate a RELIAB LE MONTHLY Income… While Shrinking Your "To-Do" List by 90%!

Stop Being An Overworked Small-Time Business Owner and Become a 6-Figure 'CEO Minded' Professional… in 5 Easy Steps.

Let's be honest.

Being the underdog really friggln' sucks. It's a constant balancing act.

You're always…

  • Living from one small success to another. Relying on short-income income generators, and questioning whether there will be money in the bank to keep your operation going.
  • Striving to be like the "big guys" who've got their shit together. Wishing you were a little less 'small-time' and a lot more CEO.
  • Working around the clock. Turning down social outings and time with family is a staple in your day. The idea of "having a life" seems like a cruel tease.
  • Stressed about the future of your business. You're quickly running out of steam with no promise of growth. Struggling to keep up with the pace you're at now.

Building a Sustainable business with an Ever-Flowing Income Stream is Much easier Than you Think. (…And a lot Less work too!)

Dear Overworked Business Owner,

Dr. Ben Adkins here. And before we go any further, I want you to stop what you're doing.

Because the truth is, you're working yourself death and there's a better (and much easier) way to get long-term results.

As the owner of a million dollar business, you'd expect that I'm

working around the clock, right? Wrong.

By systematizing every aspect of my business, I've created a scalable operation that continues to grow. Month after month. Surrounding myself with an amazing support staff, I actually get to enjoy what I do. Better yet, I've actually got time to relax (without feeling guilty that I should be working.)

But as you know, things like this don't happen overnight. And where I'm at now was far from a "miracle."

I was livi ng in Constant fear about Where My Next Paycheck Was Coming From.

Just a few years ago, I had gotten over the "newbie" hump online. Success was beginning to happen, and I knew this was a viable opportunity.

The problem was… success was sporadic. I was busting my ass. Sacrificing time with my family and friends. Giving up everything to make this work. Doing all of this with zero guarantee there'd be a paycheck waiting for me at the end!

To say things were tense is a giant understatement.

I was about to be a first-time dad. And while I didn't know much about babies yet, I knew there was a huge diaper expense about to hit me (not to mention every other bill and expense swimming around me.)

Sounds familiar though, doesn't it? How often do you find yourself…

  • Craving stability in your business. Tired of jumping from one craze to the next, putting everything you have in the hands of short-term income generators. You're exhausted from worrying when the next payday will be.
  • Feeling uneasy as you continue to make huge time and financial investments, while taking a shot in the dark. Never knowing when your work will pay off.
  • Working yourself to the point of exhaustion. You barely have time to eat or sleep in a day, let alone do anything you want to do.
  • Struggling to build your brand and establish authority within your niche. You try to keep up with industry leaders, but you constantly feel like the 'little guy'.
  • Wishing you knew how to systemize your business to scale your success for a long-term income stream, and reliable paychecks.


At this point, I also owned my own Chiropractic business. And while things were shaky with my online venture, the practice was slowly increasing.

So what was the difference? Why was one about to take off, while the other teetered on uneven ground?

Finally, it hit me. It was the "ah ha" moment that changed everything.

The practice was built on a sturdy foundation of systems. With a reliable team in place, all the critical functions were taken care of.

But more importantly, I only focused on one key area. I wasn't cracking backs while dabbling in dental work and eye exams… jumping from one thing to the next.

I focused on becoming really, really good at one thing. And it was paying off.

So why was I trying to be a 'jack of all trades' in my online business? Switching between different niches, methods and the latest "money making" fad… all while running a one-man show? It didn't make any sense!

I switched gears. Laser focusing on a key aspect of my business, determined to make it grow. I also began hiring support staff. Not only was I starting to get some sleep, my business was quickly taking off.

BEFORE LONG, 1 WAS KNOCKING ON THE Door of the 'Million Dollar' Club!

By exploiting the experience I happened to have from running the Chiropractic office, I had finally built the sustainable online business I craved.

A business so successful… I was able to sell my practice and begin online work full-time!

The success was so overwhelming, I knew I couldn't keep it all to myself. Surely I wasn't the only one out there with dreams of building a sturdy business.

So I began sharing my methods with a select group. Teaching them everything I had mastered in such a short-time, including…

  • Building a sustainable business from scratch that will generate a reliable paycheck week after week.
  • Establishing authority within your niche and building a brand that consumers will actively seek out and buy from.
  • Dramatically decreasing your workload, so you actually have time to enjoy all the success you've built.
  • Minimizing any risks so you can have peace of mind knowing your time and financial investments are going where it really counts (straight into your bank account!)
  • Creating powerful systems that will scale your business so that your profits are always on the up.

After unimaginable success with just a small crew, time and time again, this system was just too powerful to keep on lockdown.

So I put together a little something, just for you.


The 5-Step System that Will Transform your Small successes into Long-Term income Generators*

Arbitrage Magician is the training everyone has been raving about.

…and for good reason.

It's an easy 5 step system. Specially designed to turn your rollercoaster business Into a sustainable 6-Figure enterprise.

Instead of jumping from one fad to the next, Arbitrage Magician will take you by the hand. Putting you in the driver's seat of a reliable business that you can be proud of.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What’s Inside:

Session l: Your Pre-Warm up to Success

Top 3 Niche Finders that Will Start You Off on the ‘Profitable’ Foot

* Before we dive right in, I’m going to give you my secret warm-up strategy. This will set the pace for your upcoming success. Allowing you to choose a niche that you can easily dominate.

Session 2: The Foundation of a Real facebook based business.

The Big Facebook Business Mistake That’s Setting You Up for Failure:

The #1 reason most Facebook marketers fail is lack of a long-term strategy. Investing time and money into assets, all while skipping over the most critical part. I’m going to show you how to avoid making a career-ending mistake that will set you up for failure before you even begin.

Selling the Right Products… Without All the Work

Increasing your profits relies on you growing your business. Which means you don’t have time to be creating products. I’m going to pull you out of that “worker” mindset, and launch you into CEO status. Together, we’ll slash your workload (this is all about keeping it simple and not having to carry any inventory.)

The Big Question: “Is there a Market for My Product?”

Nothing is worse than making a high-risk investment. We’re going to remove “risk” from the equation and ensure you’re marketing a viable product-before putting in too much money or time. This is a huge life saver!

Setting Up Your First Online Store

Unlike brick and mortar, you’re start-up costs for this store are almost nill… but that doesn’t mean you’re not vulnerable to some profit-breaking mistakes. No worries. I’m going to give you my personal cheat sheet, and 4 key rules to ensure your success.

Hot Seat #1

At the end of Session 1, you’ll have built a sturdy foundation for your business. This is the core of a sustainable business and reliable income stream. With just Session 1 under your belt, you’ll already be light years ahead of 95% of marketers out there.

Session 3: Ramping Up the Business and Building a Real Traffic Backbone

The Facebook Ad Test: Your Short-Term Traffic Generator

Your foundation is set, now it’s time to take action. With a carefully crafted Facebook ad, I’ll show you how to test your product to ensure it’s a winner. This prevents you from investing in a heavy launch that’s doomed before you begin.

Setting up Your First Long term Traffic Generator

Next, I’m going to show you how to exploit your test data. This will build your first long-term traffic generation source. Sending a steady stream of visitors to your sales page. Better yet, you’ll spend a fraction of what expensive Facebook ads will run you.

Hot Seat #3

After Session 3, you’ll know how to quickly test your product’s viability (saving you a ton in lost time and money!) And how to take a successful campaign and build a long-term (and very cheap!) traffic strategy around it. You’ll also have the tools to build a high converting email list that will send massive profits your way for a long time to come.

This session will give you more experience than most marketers have in their entire career. You’ll easily launch ahead as a leading authority.

Session 4: Ecommerce Copywriting Training

I hadn’t planned on including this… but to ensure you have all the tools you need, we’re even adding in a bonus copywriting training!

2 Magic Questions Every Copywriter Asks

Knowing whether a product will take off can be tough. These 2 “magic” questions are what every expert copywriter considers before they put a pen to paper (…erg, I guess fingers to the keyboard is more accurate!)

Generating Hungry Buyers with the Perfect Sales Page

Setting up the sales page can be hugely stressful… it’s a key element in transforming a visitor into a buyer. But don’t worry. I’ll walk you through setting up your sales page to put visitors in a buying frenzy. Giving you a template that you can recycle across multiple niches and industries.

BONUS: You’ll receive an easy-to-follow ecommerce template that makes writing your copy as easy as filling in the blanks!

The Dead Simple ‘Facebook Ads’ Formula

Once your product page is set up, you need an irresistible ad to drive traffic there. I’ve got you covered. This simple formula is the same one I use to pummel my offers with visitors!

Analyzing Your Ads to Squash the Budget-Breakers

Knowing how to read your stats is critical. It’ll save you from running an ad that will kill your ad budget, with little return. Together we’ll walk through how to analyze your ads, and how to know what tweaks you need to make to improve your success.

Hot Seat #4

After Session 4, you’ll have a clear picture of how to write your product descriptions and Facebook ads to generate big conversions, and even biggers sales.

This training will allow you to put together your own ads quickly and easily.

Session 5: Scaling and automating Your Facebook based Business

Building Your “Trip Wire Funnel”

Did you know that for most Facebook Marketers 30% of their sales come directly from Facebook while the other 70% comes from the list they’ve built?

Sounds crazy but it’s true. Which it why I’m going to walk you through setting up a “trip wire funnel.” Only a select few have ever heard about this, and now I’m letting you in on the secret!

The Business Automation Workflow

By now you’ll be reeling in sales, and it’s time to kick it into high gear. Boosting profits means putting a scalable system in place. I’m going to reveal how to make your business run more efficiently. Forcing you to work less while earning more. It’s that simple.

Fulfilling Your Orders Without Losing Your Cool

Sales are reeling in, and you’ve got customers relying on you. It can be really stressful… but not anymore. I’m going to walk you through getting your orders fulfilled… without any of the hassle! It’s actually much easier than you think.

Scaling Your Business for Increased Profits

You’ve nailed the mechanics of your business with the “Business Automation Workflow” that forces everything to run smoothly. Next, it’s time to grow. But don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through and show you how to scale, without driving yourself crazy (or putting your new success at risk!)

Next Steps for Long term Success:

After Session 5, you’ll have all the tools and know-how to grow multiple Facebook-based arbitrage businesses. After all the grief you’ve suffered, you’ll be blown away at how simple it really is.

Before we close down this final session, I’m going to give you an exclusive look at a few extra tricks… Facebook isn’t my only traffic source. I’ll show you why and walk you through how to expand your own business as well.

And That's not All… you'll also Get A FREE MASTERMIND MEMBERSHIP!

This isn't my first set of training sessions. I know what it takes to help you launch your business and get ready for take off.

So when you secure your spot TODAY, you'll also receive a FREE membership inside our special membership group.

Inside, you'll get ongoing support directly from me, my amazing support staff and a network of peers. This is what it takes to get your business to the success you deserve. And I'm going to give you every resource you need to get you there. That's my promise to you.

In fact, I'm going to prove to you right now just how good this system really is!

Arbitrage Magician has Already put 100's of People on the Path to a Steady 6-Figure income.

Just See for Yourself…


This is it.

It's all coming out on the table. Everything you need to build your business from scratch. And with this high intensity level of training, charging $1497 wouldn't be unreasonable.

When you consider my one-to-one coaching is $500/hour, you'd be looking at a huge investment (and that doesn't include bonus support you'll receive in the mastermind group.)

But don't worry.

I'm not doing this for people who are already established. This is for you.

And quite frankly, you've invested so much into your business already and it's time to reach your potential. This training will take you there. Which is why I want to make sure you get your hands on it.

When you secure your spot inside the training, you'll get access to:

I'm letting go of my best business-building, traffic generation secrets for an amazing deal.

But I have to tell you…

To maintain the high-level training every member receives, we're keeping spots limited.

Which means at any moment, we may close the doors. This ensures anyone inside the training is getting top quality assistance. I don't settle for any less.

So the only way to guarantee your spot is to secure it right now, before the doors close.

No worries. You can secure your spot now with peace of mind.

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