The AMS Ads Profit Formula – Marco Moutinho


Are you a self-published author and struggling to get your book out there and drive traffic?

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Discover How to Boost Your Sales With AMS

Are you a self-published author and struggling to get your book out there and drive traffic?

Do you have multiple books published and want to drive more traffic?

Have you published books that no longer get sales?

If so, I have the perfect formula to drive traffic and boost your sales

In this course, I go over every aspect of AMS and how to get started. The exact formula I use that has quadrupled my sales in a single month.

If you want success with self-publishing on Amazon then understanding how to market your books through Amazon Marketing Services is absolutely vital.

Hi, I'm Marco

And I want to teach you how I went from $1,000 in sales from Kindle Publishing to almost $4,000 in sales in a single month without publishing any more books.

I have a formula for AMS to drive traffic and generate sales while maximizing ad performance and reducing the amount you spend on ads.

I have been studying AMS for over a year now and I finally have a concrete strategy that works and produces amazing results.

I have been able to almost 4X my book sales over a single month by implementing the formula contained within this course.

I designed this course to teach you exactly how you too can skyrocket your sales using AMS. After months of testing, overspending on ads, and trying various ad strategies, I finally have a solution that works consistently, book after book.

Before the Formula – February 2018

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After Implementing the Formula – March 2018

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So What Changed?

I systemized my approach to AMS and started doing things differently from other AMS users. My intent was to find an approach to AMS that can work with most books. Also, I wanted to find out if it was possible to bring old, dead books, back to life.

After testing, creating a concrete bid strategy, a strategy to approach new ads and new books, and running the formula on multiple books, I discovered that I had found a solution that works for a majority of the books I have published!

So, I started implementing the formula for all of my books to see how it would play out and the kind of results I could get.

And bam, I almost 4X my publishing income in a single month.

The reason why the jump was so big was that I was able to revive old books that hadn't sold a copy in months while drastically boosting currently selling books.

The trick is finding the best keywords that perform for your specific book(s)

No assumptions are made on which keywords work and which don't. I let the market do the talking.

The formula revolves around how to find the best performing keywords for your books and how to optimize them to consistently produce.

Keywords That Produce – Max Performance Keywords:

The%20AMS%20Ads%20Profit%20Formula%2005 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

This is directly from one of my best performing ads. These results aren't typical but the best way you can find them is by following the exact formula I have laid out for you inside this course.

A More Typical Result – Research Phase:

The%20AMS%20Ads%20Profit%20Formula%2006 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And – Research Phase:

The%20AMS%20Ads%20Profit%20Formula%2007 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

Not every ad is going to produce amazing results, but without the formula, you will struggle to achieve anything close.

The AMS Ads Profit Formula

Inside this course discover how I completely boosted my book sales following a single formula to maximize my ad performance

  • How to get started marketing your books with AMS
  • Keyword types you never knew existed
  • Why your ads aren't performing and how to reverse that
  • A precise bid strategy that gets you the best results and maximizes your ads performance
  • The truth about bids and the best strategy when getting started
  • How to get ads to produce 10% or less in ACoS
  • The 11 exact steps to take you from 0 to profit with your ads

The Ultimate AMS Course

  • How to Optimize Your Ads

    Discover how to optimize your ads to maximize your profits while reducing your ad spend.

  • Keyword Strategy

    Discover how to find, optimize, and maximize your keywords to maximize your profit and find the best keywords to drive traffic to your books on Amazon.

  • Ad Strategy

    The most cost-effective strategy to leverage AMS to drive traffic to your books, boost sales, and discover keywords that work best for your book.

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