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In fact, after hearing this, you might cancel every marketing mastermind and newsletter you’re subscribed to and save thousands of dollars a year… Steal Our Winners – Rich Schefren

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Steal Our Winners – Rich Schefren

Steal Our Winners – Rich Schefren course is available you will get immediately after payment only $1197 $86.

Hey Rich Schefren here,

And today I have an important announcement…

In fact, after hearing this, you might cancel every marketing mastermind and newsletter you’re subscribed to and save thousands of dollars a year.

Now I enjoy masterminds… I’m in a few myself.

But there’s a HUGE problem with most masterminds.

Often they cost $10,000, $20,000 even $100,000 per year and they only give you access to a handful of experts.

But I’m here to change all of that.

Today I’m giving you the opportunity to join the first ever digital mastermind with over 100 of the world’s top marketers…

Rich with Lurn founder, Anik Singal, and co-founder of DigitalMarketer, Perry Belcher

But before you decide, I want you to take a moment and think about this question…

What Would It Be Like To Have The World’s Best Internet Marketers Fighting For YOUR Business?

Just think if you could have myself, Mike Filsaime, and Jeff Walker showing you the fastest ways to launch your new funnel…

Or have Todd BrownRyan Levesque, and Scott Oldford teaching you how to double the lifetime value of your customers.

…All while pointing out the mistakes you should NEVER make.

Rich with GrooveDigital founder, Mike Filsaime,

& product launch expert,

Jeff Walker

Just imagine what that would do to your business and your bank account.

Imagine what that type of information would do to your lifestyle…

Or your freedom.

Now imagine having all these gurus in your corner WITHOUT ever paying individual fees for 106 different gurus across 106 different masterminds.


I have some good news for you.

That’s what I’m offering you today…

The world’s best marketers… working to grow your business, your accounts… every single month!

Here’s How I Made This Possible…

You see, I was recently in Los Angeles with SEO Legend Neil Patel chatting about the state of internet marketing in 2020 and what platforms are best to leverage right now…

Then I had a lengthy brainstorming session with best-selling author James Altucher

And then I was in Delray Beach, Florida with funnel master Russell Brunson, exposing the latest upsell strategies and traffic secrets…

Rich and world-class SEO consultant, Neil Patel

Rich and ClickFunnels Founder, Russell Brunson

Rich and NYT best-selling author, James Altucher

Now these are just some of the experts I can turn to when looking for advice.

But the problem is, most small business owners don’t have access to these top marketing minds like I do.

And that’s why I put together this digital mastermind.

This way you can have exclusive monthly access to these gurus’ best ideas and strategies…

For a fraction of what it costs to join a mastermind with just ONE guru.

So how did I convince all these superstar marketers to contribute to this mastermind?

Well, most people don’t realize this, but…

Rich with best-selling author and real estate investor,

Grant Cardone

I’ve Coached Or Consulted With Almost All Of The Top Internet Marketers

I’m talking about experts like Ryan Deiss… Russell Brunson… Mike Filsaime… Todd Brown… Alex Jeffreys… and dozens more.

These guys went through my business coaching program when they were first getting started.

And as a result, I’ve developed a reputation of being the “guru’s guru.”

You see, entrepreneurs often come to me because I’ve made a fortune with both online and offline businesses.

  • At 23 I took a failing clothing company in lower Manhattan from $1.5 million to $6.5 million in 3 years
  • ​Then I started a chain of hypnosis centers that went from 0 to $7.5 million in just 4 years.
  • ​Then once I moved online, I took my coaching business, Strategic Profits, from 0 to $7.4 million in less than 12 months.

In fact, I achieved so much success that I decided to go into semi-retirement for about 5 years.

That’s when I started to travel the world, spend more time with my daughters, and relax at my homes in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and South Florida.

But recently, things changed.

I started hearing concerning stories from my closest friends and colleagues.

And that’s when I discovered that…

They’re All Worried About The “Tectonic Shift” Happening In Online Marketing

In fact, many of my past clients came to me for advice on how to navigate the situation.

You’ve probably noticed how small businesses are getting destroyed left and right by the big tech giants.

These days, many online entrepreneurs are vulnerable because of how:


Ad Account Bans

  • Ad accounts are regularly getting shut down as a result of social media’s latest ad policy update.


Search Engines

  • Search engines are scraping content from websites and causing their organic traffic to disappear.


Email Blacklists

  • And email providers are blacklisting businesses and preventing their emails from ever reaching customers.

Simply put…

The odds are getting stacked against small online businesses. 

And now more than ever, I believe it’s critical for marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to have access to the best online business strategies and tactics that are working right now…

WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars on masterminds.

The World’s First Digital Mastermind That Delivers Profitable Ideas From Multi-Million-Dollar Business Gurus — Every Single Month

In short, I created Steal Our Winners to be the world’s easiest, most affordable way to learn the latest money-making secrets online…

From me, the “OG” of Internet Marketing, Rich Schefren…

Along with my massive network of the best marketers, copywriters, and online entrepreneurs on the planet.

Every month you’ll hear from me and my all-star contacts as we share the very latest marketing tactics and strategies working RIGHT NOW.

In fact, since launching this elite membership, Steal Our Winners has featured…

Groundbreaking Interviews With Over 100+ Business Experts, Including…

As you can see…

I’ve assembled an exclusive network of the best Internet marketers in the world.

They’re standing by, ready to hand you their TOP ideas…

Their TOP strategies…

And their TOP tactics…

So you can grow your business, too.

In other words:

Steal Our Winners is the one source online entrepreneurs need for game-changing marketing ideas.

But here’s the real question:

How will this help YOUR business?

You’ll Get Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies Delivered To Your Inbox Every Month For LIFE

You see, my goal is simple:

To give you access to the world’s top marketing minds and their winning strategies, so you can simply swipe and deploy these secrets to grow your business.

As a member, you’ll discover winners in…

  • Email Marketing
  • ​SEO
  • ​Copywriting
  • ​Split Testing
  • Media Buying
  • ​Offer Creation
  • ​Funnel Design
  • ​Automation
  • ​Affiliate Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • ​Phone Sales
  • ​And much more…

Then, inside every issue of Steal Our Winners, we’ll share these video interviews along with a step-by-step action guide that reveals…

  • SPECIFIC PROBLEM the Guru identified in the marketplace…
  • The EXACT STRATEGY the Guru is using to solve this problem…
  • ​A STEP-BY-STEP PLAN for execution and implementation…
  • ​The BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT to see by using this strategy…
  • ​And results from a real CASE STUDY of this idea in action.

Plus, Steal Our Winner interviews also include downloadable audio versions so you can listen on the go, as well as complete transcripts for easy reading and printing.

So let’s recap for a second:

Every issue of Steal Our Winners comes with…

Video Interviews

Action Guides

Audio Recordings

PDF Transcripts

In other words…

No matter your preferred method of learning — whether watching, reading, or listening —Steal Our Winners has a solution for you.

And that’s why I’m confident that…

It’s The Easy Way To Discover Marketing Breakthroughs BEFORE Your Competitors

What’s more, in addition to strategies and tactics…

Each issue often includes a rundown of the latest news affecting online businesses.

So if Facebook updates their ad policies… or Google changes their search algorithm… or the US government passes a new data privacy law…

We plan to show you how to navigate it… safely and profitably…in Steal Our Winners.

That way, you can reap the benefits like these folks…

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