world right now. 
  • How non-US citizens can benefit from holding assets in places like South Dakota and Wyoming… as well as the risks they face in the financial system.
  • And much more
  • Quarterly In-Depth

    Black Papers

    Our quarterly Black Papers are in-depth research reports that go into extreme detail about a specific topic. 

    One of our recent ones was over 100 pages with detailed analysis about specific banks and banking jurisdictions so that our readers can determine which options are right for them. 

    Another one covered no-brainer tax strategies for Internet Entrepreneurs.

    Simon's boots-on-the-ground reports in

    Monthly Dispatches

    On average, I travel to over 40 countries per year…doing business, investing, exploring emerging markets, and establishing and maintaining important relationships.

    Just to give you a brief snapshot, in the last twelve months, I've negotiated an eight figure financing deal with one of the largest financial institutions in the world, met with the former President of Colombia at his home, led an investor group to take a controlling stake in a public company, and spoken on stage to thousands of people alongside  Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

    Everything I learn from these valuable experiences is passed on in a monthly correspondence to subscribers of Sovereign Man: Confidential.

    In these monthly dispatches, I share what I've learned, what I've seen, and what my circle of contacts believe is coming up next. 

    The monthly dispatch is also intended to be highly educational and dive deeper into the actionable concepts of the SMC alerts.

    The SMC monthly dispatch is delivered to your inbox in a raw, unbiased format. 

    Monthly Member's Only Conference Calls

    If you still have questions after accessing all of these tools and education, you can  submit them to our monthly members-only teleconferences, where I answer member questions and even take live calls.

    In case you can't make the call, we do record all of them and send the recordings to our members along with the slide presentation.

    Member's Only  Discounts

    Many of the solutions and tools we recommend are absolutely free. But some of them do require an additional investment, like establishing an asset protection structure.

    In those cases we almost always negotiate steep discounts with our vetted contacts. 

    Here at Sovereign Man we never take any kickbacks or commissions from service providers, and instead pass all of those savings on directly to you.

    A single discount is often worth multiples of the entire cost of membership to Sovereign Man: Confidential.

    An archive with 6 Years of Information

    As a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential you receive several new intelligence reports every month.

    And on top of that you have access to an archive with hundreds of solutions that we have published in the past 6 years.

    Finding the perfect solution will be a breeze in our new member area.

    Whether you are looking for the safest bank account, want to obtain a second passport through your grandparents (or 3 other ways), reduce your tax or implement any of the other solutions we discuss, we have you covered.

    Get Sovereign Man Confidential Membership 2017 – Simon Black, Only Price 95$

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