Shopify Dropshipping Ninja MasterClass 2019


Frustrated Because Your Current Shopify Store Just Isn’t Performing as Well as You KNOW it Should Be…?

Worried About Finding a Home-Run Product to Dropship on Shopify…?

Scared You Don’t Have the Technical Skills to Make a FULLY Functional eCommerce Business…?

Ready to Join the #1 Shopify Family and Start a Sustainable Longterm eCommerce Business TODAY!

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  • Frustrated Because Your Current Shopify Store Just Isn't Performing as Well as You KNOW it Should Be…?
  •  Worried About Finding a Home-Run Product to Dropship on Shopify…?
  •  Scared You Don't Have the Technical Skills to Make a FULLY Functional eCommerce Business…?
  •  Ready to Join the #1 Shopify Family and Start a Sustainable Longterm eCommerce Business TODAY!


Complete eCom Training!

You Get Unrestricted Access to videos with PROVEN Dropshipping techniques not known to 95%+ of Dropshippers. 

These Generate Substantial Income for Many Students With New Training Added Every Month FOREVER…

Live Training with Kevin David!

We Have our Live Ninja Training Webinars to Answer Your Questions to Remove ANY Roadblocks to Creating a Massively successful eCommerce store…

And Did We Mention LIVE TRAINING IN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP…? Because That is What you Get With EVERY Ninja Course!


Network with Successful Students & Learn New Secrets Directly from Ninja Kevin Himself!

Module #1: Finding your Home-Run Product!

  • How to Find Products That ALWAYS Have a TON of Buyers Who are Ready to Purchase and Will Continue to Come Back for More from Your Store!!!
  • ​The “80/20 Rule" – Shopify Dropshipping Style! We Teach You the Tactics You Need and Cut OUT the Fluff!
  • ​The Dropshipping Dartboard Effect – How to Strategically Test Products Until You Hit a Massive Gold Mine That Can Make You a Fortune Online!
  • ​We Show You Little-Known 'Diamond in the Rough' Niche Opportunities No One is Talking About Right Now + How You Can Dominate Them!
  • ​The “Home-Run Product Manifesto”: The Winning Strategy for Systematically Finding Gold Mine Products EVERYTIME!
  • ​The 95% Rule – Discover the ONLY Difference Between 7-Figure Dropshippers and Everyone Else!

Module #2: Finding The Best Supplier!

  • ​How to Use Ali-Express to Find ONLY The Best Suppliers & What I Do To Make Sure I'm Getting The Best Prices
  • ​Common Mistakes MOST Dropshippers Make When Dealing with Suppliers and HOW TO AVOID MAKING THOSE SAME MISTAKES!
  • ​How to Handle Import Taxes and Chinese Customs the Right Way + Tips and Tricks to Minimize Any Fees Associated with Your Imports
  • ​How to MINIMIZE Long Ship Times + Hacks to Get Your Products to Your Customers the FASTEST Possible Way!
  • ​The Exact Filters and Strategies I Use to Find the Worlds Best Suppliers + How to Build Long Term Relationships to Guarantee the Best Service!
  • ​How I Leverage Suppliers Against Eachother to Get the LOWEST Possible Prices on ALL The Products I sell

Module #3: Creating Your Shopify Store!

  • A Step-By-Step Video Guide Of How To Set Up Your Shopify Store For Maximum Sales. I’ll Show You EXACTLY The Same Settings & Shopify Apps I Personally Use (STEP BY STEP)
  • EXACTLY How to Set Up Shipping the Right Way from the Start (WITH DETAILED EXAMPLES!)
  • ​ How to Easily Find & Purchase The Best Domain For Your Store That's Optimized for Google SEO
  • ​ How To Accept Credit Card Payments & Which Payment System is Best for YOUR Country
  • ​ How To Get A Professional Logo for DIRT CHEAP. You'll Gain Access to My Own Personal Graphic Designer I've Used for Almost a Decade!
  • ​ The Shopify Theme I Personally Use & Recommend for Highest Conversion Rate (Fully Optimized for Mobile)!
  • ​How To Automatically Link Products Directly From Ali-Express to Shopify to Save HUNDREDS of Hours
  • ​ My Proven Product Page Template That Converts Like CRAZY! I Literally Hand It Over To You Word for Word!

Module #4: Your Marketing Explosion!

  • A Complete Guide to Running Facebook Ad Campaigns For Your Shopify Store from Start to Finish (For Beginners to Advanced FB Users!)
  • ​The ONLY Facebook Ad Objectives To Focus On (IGNORE THE REST)
  • ​How To Target Your Niche's Super-fans On Facebook And Create A Massive Sales Bump In Your Store – We Show You How to Find Them On Demand For ANY Product You Sell In Your Store
  • ​The Exact Ad Budget & Product Launch Timeline – When to Do What & How to Do It, Down To The Click…
  • ​ How To Avoid Unnecessarily Wasting Money On Ads That Don't Work
  • ​How to Scale Up Your Winning Ads Without Messing Them Up – Our Scientific Approach (AND HOW YOU CAN REPLICATE IT EXACTLY!)
  • ​The Most Important Facebook Metrics You Need To Track In The Ad Manager, And Exactly How To Interpret Them to Understand Your Ad Performance
  • Easily Calculate Your Maximum “Cost per Purchase” 
  • ​How To Create & Use Powerful "Custom Audiences" and "Lookalike Audiences" To Double Down On Your Top Performing Ads And Multiply Your Daily Revenue!
  • ​Mastering Instagram Ads to Tap Into Millions Of Mobile Centric Buyers
  • ​The Techniques of Push-Advertising And Pull-Advertising, And How To Use Them Both To Sell Products Like Crazy

Module #5: Scaling to the Moon!

  • The Simple Friendly Trick That Can Get You Free Shoutouts From Powerful Influencers
  • ​ How to Find The Perfect Influencer For Your Product Along With Their Contact Info
  • ​A Free Software Tool To  Easily Find Influencers On Facebook 
  • ​How To Test An Influencer’s Audience To See If They're Likely To Buy Your Products
  • ​The Art Of Reaching Out To Influencers And Exactly What They Want From You
  • ​2 Extremely Profitable Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Influencer Marketing Relationship That No One Else is Talking About Right Now
  • ​A Fast Trick To Get Repeated Shout-Outs On Instagram For An Entire Week, One Student Used This To Explode his Sales!
  • ​How To Find Youtube Influencers That Will Go Over Your Product In Depth In Videos & Link To Your Store
  • ​How To Negotiate Dirt Cheap Rates With Influencers & Get Them to Do More Than Just A Simple Shoutout
  • Email & Message Template That Increase Reply Rates When Reaching Out To Top Influencers Who Get a Ton of Attention


  • ​The Ninja Masterclass | Shopify
  • ​5 Core Modules
  • ​65+  In Depth Video Lessons
  • ​Access to the Private Facebook Group With My Most Successful Students!


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