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Now You Can Become A Successful Coach So You Can Empower Your Clients To Find Love, Success, and Meaning in their Lives

Dear Future Coach,

All your life you've been a great resource for others. You've been a great listener. And your advice is usually on target.

But sometimes it's frustrating because people don't always follow what you suggest. Sometimes they even make things worse for themselves – even though you've given them some valuable strategies for personal change.

Most people who have a personal calling to help others wish they had more skills to help their clients change. And aside from a deeper bag of tricks, they wish for one thing…

The Ability To Help Clients Change On A Deeper Level

Do you have the ability to understand and help people?

Then enhance your skills by becoming a Robbins-Madanes Trained Life Coach within your area of specialty. This will enable you not only to coach others in your industry, but to solve problems and offer consultation at the highest level.

Every industry is plagued by interpersonal challenges and dilemmas. As a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach, you will be uniquely equipped to solve problems, help individuals and businesses resolve conflicts, and free up energy and time for their business.

You've probably seen some of our videos of Tony Robbins interacting with clients. Acting based on what appears to be intuition, Tony focuses on a single point he uses to bring about massive change.

When he's done, people are in tears, their life is changed, and very often, it's only taken a few minutes. And people watching him work often think…

I Wish I Could Help People Change Like That! Now You Can

You see to a casual observer Tony's work seems like magic.

But it's not. Tony uses a systematic approach for making change in peoples' lives. Once you learn the strategies he uses, you can do the same thing.

Now Tony does his work elegantly and it seems as if he's guided by his intuition but he's really following patterns of intervention and excellence.

You can use the exact same strategies and help your clients make massive changes.

Most Coaches Do Not Get Results For Their Clients

Many of the people we work with have had previous training in coaching.

Some have spent thousands of dollars to learn all kinds of great advice about getting clients, marketing themselves, putting yourself out there but for some reason – when it comes to helping clients change – something is missing.

These coaches are positive people and very well-intentioned, but once they’re face-to-face, trying to help a real person, they feel unprepared. They realize that their previous training was incomplete, and they need something more to create real results.

If you are personally committed to personal growth, you know you have the ability to create your reality and your success. And we don’t want anything to stop you in the way to massive success.

The Single Best Way To Grow A Coaching Business Is To Help Your Clients Transform

This is where most coaches throw up their hands. It’s because while they’ve received training in coaching, they haven’t received a systematic step-by-step way of helping their clients.

They try to work with clients but at the end of a few sessions the client is stuck in the same place.

They haven’t taken any action. They aren’t moving ahead in their life. And they are desperate for advice that works.

This is a “lose-lose” position for most coaches. The client loses because they are stuck. The coach loses because they begin to doubt their skills and begin to think: maybe they shouldn’t be a coach.

Don’t blame yourself. You may never have been taught the correct way to create breakthroughs and lasting change.

Why Most Coaches Can’t Really Help Their Clients

When most people think about most coaching or when a good friend calls you because you have good advice, you notice a pattern in every call:




In a typical conversation, the coach tries some of the following:

  • The Cheerleader: You can do it. I know you can overcome this.
  • The Advisor: That obstacle isn't very big. Let’s think positive.
  • The Defeatist: You don’t really want that, do you?

When you try any of these techniques, the client doesn’t get what they want. They end up with …nothing. You may have given them the best advice in the world. But very often, people don’t follow it. It’s because the typical coaching model leaves out something very important:

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How To Help Your Clients Achieve Breakthroughs

If you’re the kind of person who is going to work with clients, you need to study with people who specialize in client change.

And that’s why we want to talk to you about The Robbins-Madanes Core 100 program.

We are dedicated to training you to get the best results for our clients. Results don’t grow out of a vacuum. We want you to understand our roots.

The Wizard of the Desert

Until the years up to his death in 1980, virtually no one had heard of Milton Erickson M.D. However, he was the first person to discover the secret power of life coaching. And the world has never been the same ever since

You see, prior to Erickson, psychologists always thought of the possibility of human change in medical terms. If you wanted change in your life, the first thing a psychologist would do is give you a diagnosis. This made you a “patient” in “treatment” and a long process of “recovery.” If you were a healthy, sane person simply seeking to improve an area of life, there was no way to get professional assistance without first becoming a “patient.”

Erickson discovered that most people can be helped in another way. By tapping their inner resources, people could be guided to discover practical solutions that would radically improve their life, right here, right now. They did not need a complex psychological diagnosis – they needed practical help creatively discovering the life solutions that were right for them. One could say it this way: everything you need is within you now.

Erickson built on this simple, yet profound discovery by developing an original set of strategies that made him the most skillful clinical practitioner of the 20th century, and perhaps of all time. He became famous for being able to help nearly any kind of patient or client.

For over a decade people simply wondered at Erickson’s abilities before a man named Jay Haley “cracked the code” and wrote the first book analyzing Erickson’s method. Then scholars and students flocked to Erickson’s side from all over the world, including two men named Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Bandler and Grinder believed they could simplify Ericsson’s method. They called their approach Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Their Most Successful Student

Anthony Robbins

One of the people who studied NLP was a young Tony Robbins. Driven by intense passion, he looked for the world’s best strategies for helping people. When he discovered Erickson’s work, he found the next level of his work. Using these tools, he embarked on his path of becoming the most successful personal change expert in the world.

Within a short time, Tony was everywhere. He had the most successful personal change product in history. He was the guy that celebrities and athletes went to when they were stuck. He was filling areas around the world when the unthinkable happened.

It turned out that Tony’s fame had reached the White House. And the President wanted to talk to him. The connection became so strong that Tony’s number was literally on speed dial.

The Most Successful Family Therapist in the World

Chances are if therapists were asked to name the top therapist in the world, one name would be at the top of the lists.

Cloe Madanes has been training people in her techniques for years. She had studied personally with Erickson and founded her own school of therapy. But when Tony Robbins reached out to her, he had an idea.

Instead of changing the world one person at a time, what would the outcome be if they joined forces and began training people on a larger scale?

They agreed to develop a school to promote coaching excellence, strategic skill, and intelligent solutions to conflicts.

The World’s Foremost Coach Educators

In order to develop their programs and trainings and teach thousands of students, Tony and Cloe reached out to Magali Peysha and Mark Peysha from Harvard University. When the Peyshas saw Tony’s coaching skills, they recognized the power of his approach. The partnership was formed. Thousands of hours were spent analyzing the most powerful coaching strategies in the world and applying them to real-world scenarios. The result? A new and powerful form of life-coaching that has impacted the entire industry. Since its beginnings in 2009, Robbins-Madanes Training has trained over 10,000 coaches at the certification level.

The Secret To Lasting Transformation

By analyzing and breaking down the techniques of both Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, we have helped people become more successful coaches, run successful businesses, and help spread change around the world.

Our training is focused on you and your needs. We help you grow personally so you can effectively help others.

We share with you proven strategies that help people transform their lives and uplift their souls.

We want to assist you in helping people make deep level changes so their lives are profoundly affected.

How To Create Massive Change In Your Clients

The first thing you notice about Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, and Mark and Magali Peysha is that they really pay attention to what’s going on in the client’s world.

They honor and respect every communication, every expression, and every change in tonality the client makes.

They note the limitations and patterns the client places upon themselves and then the “magic” begins to happen.

They systematically begin assisting their clients to create a world where those limitations no longer exist.

The Snowball Effect

Change has been compared to a snowball rolling down a cliff. As it continues on its path, it gathers energy and grows bigger and more powerful.

Tiny interventions you make will become powerful levers for change. And the clients are grateful for the changes you help them make.

You can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people by joining our Core Program and deepening your coaching skills.

Change Doesn’t Have To Take Forever!

Tony is known for meeting a total stranger and in a very short time creating a remarkable transformation.

Cloe is known for families coming in to her hiding their “secrets” but desperately seeking help. She is able to help them create strategic shifts in themselves, their relationships, and their family or community.

Mark and Magali Peysha are known for helping people to open their hearts to their true authentic power, so that they can solve any problem.

They are also known as the foremost trainers of coaches in the world, figuring out exactly what each student needs to rise to the next level.

We can teach you to be an effective coach and get great results with our Robbins-Madanes Core 100 Training.

What’s Our Core 100 Training Really About?

Let me tell you the most important things we impart in the Core Training.


We install in you the ironclad confidence to handle virtually any problem that comes your way. We do this by showing you how there are patterns and strategies associated with every single situation you will deal with. When you recognize the strategies your clients need, they experience profound changes.

Behind every obstacle your clients present is a behavioral pattern. We teach you what to look for and how to give your clients strategies that will give them a new behavioral pattern. These strategies have been proven and tested on thousands of clients.

When you know what to look for, it becomes easy. You are giving your clients proven strategies for their lives. Your clients will love how you work with them.


You’re getting the best training in the industry. It’s no secret. There are lots of people jumping in to issue trainings and certifications these days.

Your coaches are Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Magali Peysha and myself.

We are the industry leaders in training coaches because we have joined forces on a mission – to raise the consciousness of the planet by teaching people how to live an enhanced lifestyle.

When someone asks you in the future, “Where were you trained?” and you mention the Robbins-Madanes program, you’ll have their immediate respect.

You are mentioning the brightest lights in the coaching world and their influence has touched everyone in the profession.


As a graduate of Core 100 you receive a Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Training. This is the leading brand in coach training, and a certificate that is enthusiastically recognized by millions of coaching clients. However, if you have a college degree you can also qualify to take the exam to be certified as a Board Certified Coach. This means you would get to put the letters “B.C.C.” after your name (standing for Board Certified Coach). This is the most rigorously tested independent verification of coaching skills in the industry, coming from the same institution that certifies all types of Counselors. Having one (or both) of these certificates will show the world that you are well-trained professional life coach.

This is the Official Coach Training of Tony Robbins

Get trained in the cutting-edge system that has educated thousands of successful coaches. Let us walk you through the program so you can appreciate the incredible value provided. Here's what you get:

Tony Robbins Video Training Modules

These training modules present the very best of Tony Robbins' strategies and interventions. You can take this training at your own pace and on your schedule from anyplace in the world – while being part of an amazing participatory community. Just login and continue from where you left off. Need to put the kids to sleep first, no problem. Need to do the trainings evenings and weekends, you create your own schedule.

Live Power Sessions

How do you master a new skill in the most effective, fastest way? Learn directly from master teachers and founders of Robbins-Madanes Training. Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha will be available to you by phone every week for 6 months to share new strategies, support you in your practice, and answer your questions. Where else do you get weekly direct access to the school founders?

This means you’ll never be left wondering how to apply these teachings. You have 6 months of weekly training sessions where you interact with us – LIVE.

Share with us your coaching challenges. Share with us your success stories. This is the real value of CORE 100.

Live Practice Sessions

With 6 months of live sessions, every week you can get on the phone to learn a new coaching strategy and practice it with another student right away. Every time you come, you get real-life expertise with a new coaching strategy.

This is a major difference between our training and others. We don’t spend a lot of time on theory, we focus on getting you trained to produce results.

Coach Marketing Training

Get trained in starting your own coaching business: how to understand your strengths and priorities, how to set up your practice, how to gain clients, and you'll get step-by-step templates for your first client sessions and teachings. If you need it to get started coaching – it's in the training.

We are totally focused on your success so we walk you through the steps of a real coaching practice. How do you do client intake? What questions should you ask? If something pops up that seems important, do you deal with it right away or file it away for the future? What’s the professional way to handle getting paid? Do I need to set up a business? We can help you with all of this.

Amazing Worldwide Learning Community

People learn best when they are well-connected with people they care about. Our students come from every continent and imaginable profession. You will learn, collaborate, work together, and make lifelong friends.

A Day In The Life Of A Coach

With your permission, I’d like to tell you how your life would be different if you decided to deepen your relationship by joining our CORE 100 program.

Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you have a schedule of clients who want to talk with you. Perhaps you schedule your first call as you sip your first cup of coffee and you chat with your clients over Skype.

Your first client is a young woman who credits you with saving her marriage. She was ready to walk out on her husband in the sixth month of her pregnancy. Your simple suggestions turned them into lovebirds again. The husband has become the most attentive husband in history and sends you clients all the time.

Your second client is a grandmother who is trying to re-establish connections with her granddaughter over the objections of her cocaine addicted son-in-law. She’s very excited because she’ll be taking her granddaughter to the mall this Sunday. She’s been so grateful she’s been sending you gifts of cookies every week.

It’s time for a break so you take a gentle stroll outside. You think of your clients scheduled for the rest of the day. You have a woman who has an extremely disobedient child and the mom needs help in responding appropriately when he acts up.

You are scheduled to talk to a man who wants to be motivated to lose weight. He consumes sweets all day and then beats himself up every morning when he gets on the scale. You have an amusing task planned for him that should eliminate some of his sweets.

Your last client of the day is a young CEO. He’s managing a company but has a rapid fuse temper and it’s getting him into trouble. Since he’s been working with you, he’s gotten his anger under control and doesn’t yell at anyone in public. His employees discovered they actually liked working for him. He needs so much reassurance; he schedules 3 calls a week with you and is expanding into working in other areas.

All in all, it’s a great day. You’re happy. You’re well paid for your time.

Your clients are grateful for your interventions. Being well paid for your advice and counsel is a great profession. You’ll feel good about yourself every single day.

But what’s even better is when you start making a difference in lives – starting with your own. We’ve long discovered that many of our coaches take the lessons they learn in our coaching lives and begin rebuilding their own lives.

They become grounded and happier people and are better able to reach and teach others.

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