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REVIT%20Template%20 %20Complete%20 %20Eric%20Reinholdt%201 - eBokly - Library of new courses!Replicate the fashion of 30X40 Design Workshop's drawings with the Complete Revit 2019 / Revit LT 2019 template package. This consists of identify blocks, cowl sheets, standard notes, text, size and line styles. You'll be installation to start composing a complete architectural drawing set, which include speciality drawings like electrical + electricity plans.

NOTE: Revit files are NOT backward compatible so this 2019 file will not work with earlier versions of Revit (they are, however, forward compatible).


  • Graphically compelling visuals proper out of the container with out fussing or experimenting
  • View templates, line styles + weights, crammed regions, element components, room/wall/door/window tags, section, elevation markers and more. Everything you want to successfully speak with clients, specialists and contractors
  • A small pattern ground plan + elevation for reference
  • Electrical plan notes, line styles + weights, settings + components
  • A series of minimalist, well-designed name block families, cowl sheets + a sturdy fashionable notes sheet.
  • Done for you settings you may depend upon to output graphically sturdy drawings immediately
  • Custom shortcuts to prevent time.

Imagine starting a new drawing knowing all your favorite families, notations and settings are in one place and ready to use. Using a template file ensures every drawing begins with the correct settings and standards each time, all with one click.

The included files will help you to replicate the simple, graphic style Eric Reinholdt uses for all his digital presentations in his studio, 30X40 Design Workshop.

What's Included:

You'll receive the following files, compatible with Revit 2019 (+ newer versions)

  • 30X40's Revit 2019 Template File (30X40_Template_Complete.rte) Includes one Metric and one Imperial version** This also includes a thorough general notes sheet with project info, symbols legend, abbreviations, drawing lists, and more. See image below.
  • 30X40's Revit 2019 sample project (30X40_Project.rvt) Includes one Metric and one Imperial version** (small sample floor plan, foundation plan + elevation, incl. shaded tree line layout)
  • 30X40's Revit 2019 Electrical Project (30X40_Electrical.rvt) Includes one Metric and one Imperial version** (Small sample floor plan, model components (2D), styling, linetypes and notes, 30 electrical + lighting components: outlets, recessed, surface lights, fans, smoke detectors, electrical panels + more. Electrical symbols legend, general notes and ready to use Lighting Fixture schedule. Electrical plan and RCP view templates
  • Electrical Template video walk-through
  • User's Guide (PDF) – 5 pages of installation, styling instructions + bonus tips
  • Custom Revit Shortcuts (.xml)
  • Custom Revit Shortcuts Cheatsheet (PDF)
  • BONUS: Solar Path Diagram Detail Component (modify per your site location + latitude)
  • Title Blocks (Revit titleblock families: .rfa) Predesigned, minimalist title block families includes three each of the most common metric + Imperial sizes. Plus, matching cover sheets in four sizes. Simply add your logo + branding and these simple, clean layouts are ready for plotting.
    • Imperial title blocks (landscape format):
      • Arch D (36" x 24")
      • Arch D Cover Sheet
      • Arch C (24" x 18")
      • Arch C Cover Sheet
      • Tabloid (17" x 11")
    • Metric title blocks (landscape format):
      • A1 (841mm x 594 mm)
      • A1 Cover Sheet
      • A2 ( 594mm x 420mm)
      • A2 Cover Sheet
      • A3 (420mm x 297mm)

What's NOT Included?

  • We've given you everything you need to get setup, including a video walk-through. But, the floor plan below isn't. I mean, you didn't really think I was going to include a floor plan, did you? The image does illustrate what it's possible to achieve using the template. And, you'll also receive the minimalist title block shown (see above for all the sizes included).

Course Curriculum

30X40 Design Workshop's Complete REVIT Template

  • Download Complete REVIT Template files here

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