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I don’t know about you, but I did not become an entrepreneur to be locked in front of a computer screen in a room all day, stressed out about money and forced to learn things I couldn’t care less about.

I became an online entrepreneur because of the freedom it offers: financial freedom, freedom to do what you want for a living, freedom to live anywhere, free time and the ease of making money that comes with success.

I thought I reached success in mid-2006. But let me tell you… I was DEAD WRONG.

You see, at the time, I was just wrapping up a year-and-a-half long coaching program where I coached 25 online entrepreneurs all the way to $40 million in their bank accounts collectively.

I spent week after week showing them how to start and grow a business that’s successful, reliable and sustainable. That way, they’d be set for a long time. Maybe even for life.

I was making good money from coaching the 25 entrepreneurs, which is why, at that point I thought I was successful… but in hindsight I WASN’T EVEN CLOSE.

I focused all my energy coaching these entrepreneurs for 18 months but when the coaching program ended—so did my steady flow of income. I had another consulting job booked with Agora but that was almost 4 months down the road.

I needed money RIGHT NOW to keep my business running, pay the mortgage on my house and to continue providing for my family.

I knew more cash was coming my way in about 4 months but I couldn’t just hold out until then.

I remember thinking, “I’m successful online now, so why am I worrying about money?”

Simple. My definition of online success was wrong.

Your financial success isn’t defined by how much money you made from your most successful project. You reach financial success when you consistently have money in the bank and significant cash flow in your business. When you can live a comfortable lifestyle, knowing you won’t have to give it up next month or next year.

Making high income one month and then scrounging for the next paycheck next month is NOT real success. But I thought it was, because for those 18 months I constantly had money in the bank and I could afford a lot more things I’d always wanted to give my family.

So now I had to think fast. I needed to do something and it had to be in the next 12 weeks.

This is when my life turned completely upside-down. In a great way.

This was the turning point of my career and my success.

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