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Hey, it’s Fabian. Don’t you sometimes just wish women came with a remote control?

What if they did?

What if your girl already does, and all you needed were the cheat-codes to tap in on your phone, whenever you want, to completely control her mind?

Weirdly enough, about a year ago, I found the cheat codes.

Here’s How I Use These Cheat Codes..

These cheat codes allow me to hit specific buttons on my phone at any given time and then the girl does exactly what I want..

They’ve worked on professional types, girls who were smart, college grads, and they’ve also worked just the same on hot, “club girls” who are admittedly pretty dumb.

I use these codes now to make a girl spend time with me when I want, have sex with me when I want, even make me a sandwich when I want, and get this..

What If All She Wanted Was For You

To Text Her What To Do?

Just imagine…

  • Having her obsess over you and you alone (while totally ignoring the advances of every other guy, especially the wealthy ones with rumors about how big their “package” is
  • Having her incessantly daydream over all sorts of naughty things about what you and her will do when you get together. If you ask her, you ll find her mind actually starts uncontrollably looping about future hookups. She won be able to get you out of her mind, and she won’t want to.
  • Having her snapchat revealing pictures of herself (and have her think it was all her idea!)

Is this really possible with these cheat codes?

Yeah, and about to prove it. Right in front of your eyes.

To hot women Texting is digital crack!

THAT feeling… that chemical rush of endorphins, dopamine and neoprenphrine… that addiction we hijacking for our own (sometimes devious, but mostly sexual and romantic) objectives.

I want to teach this extremely valuable skill to you.

The Female Mind Remote Control Masterclass is a unique collection of all the mindset, strategies and cheat-codes to completely control a woman’s sexual behavior, with just your cell phone.

In the Remote Control Masterclass, I will:

  • Show you examples of my own recent text conversations, revealing all the subtle Text God strategies at work behind the words…
  • Analytically dissect YOUR text conversations, showing you what you did right, what you did wrong and what you could have done better…
  • In the process, I ll uncover the patterns which make it all work…
  • l also take all your questions you may have, no matter how simple, fundamental or complexΠ²

The Hidden Texting Psychology Of A WomanΠ²

And How To Use It To Your Advantage

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