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Ever wanted to tap into the monster potential of SEO but thought It’s too time consuming and complicated?

REVEALED: How Non-SEO Guys Like Me Rank On #1 Of Both Google & Youtube In Minutes My Custom Software Will rank ANYTHING On Top Of Google & Youtube Fast By Building Thousands Of “Long Term Backlinks As If A Human Does That FOR YOU ON AUTOPILOT"


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All the courses you buy, when you need them, Please inform and I will always resend the link to you. However, You should download early and conveniently study anytime, anywhere.

Ever wanted to tap into the monster potential of SEO but thought It’s too time consuming and complicated?

REVEALED: How Non-SEO Guys Like Me Rank On #1 Of Both Google & Youtube In Minutes My Custom Software Will rank ANYTHING On Top Of Google & Youtube Fast By Building Thousands Of “Long Term Backlinks As If A Human Does That FOR YOU ON AUTOPILOT"

Skeptical? I bet you are, I was too (WATCH LIVE PROOF BELOW)

  •     AI Software, mimics real human backlinks
  •     Monitors broken backlinks & changes in URL & fixes for you
  •     100% Free traffic from Google & Youtube
  •     Finally tap into the massive potential of SEO without actually knowing SEO
  •     Stupid simple visual interface, just fill in the blanks.

The Artificial Intelligence Software Will Get You Tons of FREE Targeted Traffic By Building High Quality Backlinks As If A Human Is Building Them!

Rankchipher - eBokly - Library of new courses!

I Can Keep Talking All Day, But You Know What Speaks Louder Than Me?


We Are Ranked #2 On Google For Keywords With 100k-1M monthly searches, another with 1M-10M monthly searches…

RankCipher%20Elite%20and%20RankCipher%20Rubickand - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And We Did It All Using Rankcipher Without Lifting A Finger After The Initial Setup, Have A Look Inside Our Campaign Right Below…

Aren't We Worried About People Copying Our Campaigns Above?

Actually NO! Because we rank sites at will for fun…

Over 385,382 Page Views In Last 30 Days Alone With One Of Our Site That We Ranked With Rankcipher!

All you need to do is to follow the steps the software asks you and that’s it, you’re on your way to rank high and rank for a LONG TIME.

Look, I HATE SEO, I’m Lazy & I Get Bored Easily… I NEEDED Something Like This To Do Everything For Me.

The Traffic Potential in SEO Is Absolutely INSANE, OMG.

Just Imagine Millions Of People Going To Google & Youtube Everyday Searching For YOUR solution..

From doctors to lawyers to marketers to consumers… everyone is searching for information and stuff to buy on Google & Youtube.

You can be there, RIGHT in front of their eyes.

It’s absolutely Insane, the potential. But with great power, comes a swarm of douchebags who want to sell you loopholes about how to get that power.


The “new” way of doing SEO is dead.

Forget loopholes, secret methods and shady stuff.

Backlinks are the BEST way to rank fast and for a long time.

You want to rank high, fast and for a long time?

Siphoning loads of free traffic from SEO and STAYING on top of rankings is HARD AS HELL.

You better start building hundreds and thousands of high quality backlinks and you better start monitoring them on a DAILY BASIS.

Sounds complicated, time consuming, expensive? You bet a pair a lambo’s that it is, and most people struggle with it.

I’ve asked all the experts, went through all the BEST products and I discovered this – That the old way, the proven way, is the REAL WAY to go about it.

You want all the traffic from Google and Youtube?

Here’s What you REALLY Need To Do..

The old school way of doing SEO is what worked forever and still work now and won’t stop working anytime soon.

And our new software automates the entire process and give you a HUGE advantage by acting as a human.

You need to manually build thousands of high quality backlinks & monitor them for any changes or dead links.

Literally need to go and do this manually, or spend a lot of money so other people can do it for you.

Either way, it’s expensive & time consuming as hell and you will burn out before you’ll see ANY rankings.

Sorry but..


Don’t care what all the douchebags tell you with their loopholes and stuff.

You want traffic fast, you want to rank high, and you wanna stay on top of these rankings…? You need to do this.

I got good news though..


So We’ve Created Something That Will Do EVERYTHING For Us, On Complete Autopilot!

We figured that if this is the BEST way to get ranked and get traffic, then we need to find a way to automate the process.

So we decided to take Initiative, and spend tens of thousands of dollars on creating a special software that will automate the entire process, from backlink building to MONITORING your actual backlinks and make changes after they break.

And that was a bit over a year ago… since then, before we ever publicly released it, we spend months testing it with customers, beta testers and ranked our own websites and videos.

Introducing: RANKCIPHER

 "Artificial Intelligence Backlink Builder"

RankCipher comes in a special cloud based version which Includes everything you need to RANK LIKE A LUNATIC every time.

introducing%20Rankcipher - eBokly - Library of new courses!introducing%20Rankcipher%20full - eBokly - Library of new courses!introducing%20Rankcipher%20full%20a - eBokly - Library of new courses!

"The World's First Cloud Link-Building Platform Combining the Powers of Senuke and GSA But Without All the Noise and Spam!"

Easier Interface, Better Submission Rate. High Quality Backlinks.

Unlimited Websites to Get Backlinks From

Distribute Your Content To Over 110+ Platforms and 300+ Web2.0 Profiles with a single click.

Unlimited Links: You can add unlimited amount of sites that match any of the platform included to place your backlinks. Our software will automatically identify platform of those websites.

Hassle-Free Content Generation & Submission

With the help of built-in content scraper, rewriter and spinner, all of your content related needs will be fulfilled.

You do not need to outsource content writing or spinning for your link-building campaigns because this module will create unique and highly readable content variations (according to your keywords) that are required for SEO link-building.

Includes Spintax Support, Copyscape checker, 3rd Party Integrations

Visual Strategy Designer

Drag & Drop Schematic Builder: Design your SEO strategies using drag and drop builder and let the software implement your link-building strategy according to your settings and requirements.

You can also choose from the ready-made link building strategy templates provided by our SEO experts.

Multi-Tiered Link-Building: You can create multi-tiered link building strategies to pass link-juice from lower tiers to higher tiers and ultimately to your money site.

Report Generation Module

Easily create fancy looking reports for yourself or your clients. If you are an agency, you would know that making reports of your monthly link-building work is a puzzle to solve. That is why, we have embedded this feature in RankCipher to make this task extremely easy for you.

Put Your Campaigns On Autopilot With Powerful Scheduler

Setup your campaigns for the upcoming months and go relax on the beach, RankCipher will do everything on its own without ever interrupting you.

Our scheduler will drip feed your link-building process to make it look extremely natural.

Human-Like Behavior and Submission Process

There are some websites that monitor the behaviour of user account creation and submission process. To overcome this problem, we have added special steps to make the whole process look extremely natural which highly increases the success rate of software.


How We Created 45 High Quality Backlinks In Just 10 Minutes LIVE!

Why such a low price?

Let's be honest, everyone is selling these “affordable” courses and Softwares are what’s “HOT” now.

Yes, we can charge more, and yes we should charge more because this method is UNLIKE any other method out there.

But we won't.

Because the more people we will get to buy this during launch time, the more customers we will have to do business with in the future.

But we will make small increases, and then we will increase it like CRAZY when the launch will be over. MARK MY WORDS, it WILL increase.

Results Are NOT Typical, But…

Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not us, nah-ah.

I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical.

We cannot guarantee you will even get any results.

HOWEVER, what we can guarantee is that we did our best to make this software so damn good so that you will have the biggest chance of getting results.

And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than we did.

We want to help people therefore we want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS.

We want fighters that will fight until the will become rich.

These are the type of people we will help.

So with that being said, click the button below to purchase Rank Cipher.

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