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I’ve met MANY people that have made their FIRST DOLLAR in Internet Marketing because of the Rich Jerk, and MANY of them have gone on to become full time internet marketers!



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First of all – thanks a TON for stopping by to check out my Rich Jerk Review.  In case you HAVEN’T heard, “The Rich Jerk” made a HUGE comeback in October of 2015.

I’ve met MANY people that have made their FIRST DOLLAR in Internet Marketing because of the Rich Jerk, and MANY of them have gone on to become full time internet marketers!

I got into Internet Marketing AFTER the Rich Jerk first came about, but I really wish I would have known about him sooner!

I WAS able to get some INSIDER knowledge on what the product is going to be about and honestly, I’m impressed!

Who IS The Rich Jerk, and what’s his deal?

The Rich Jerk first became known in 2006 or 2007 with his FIRST Internet Marketing Product – “The Rich Jerk”.  MANY new internet marketers saw their FIRST dollars because of it and quite a FEW of them have gone on to become full TIME affiliate marketers making $100, $500 even $1000 a day in many cases.

Disclaimer time – there is no guarantee this will happen for you – while nobody is 100% certain if he’s a real person or not – his training is definitely the real deal and if you follow it  training there is a very good chance you YOURSELF can see the success you’re looking for!

What’s the training all about?

I got it so I can show you!

In The Rich Jerk (2015), You’re going to be learning everything from A-Z to make a REAL income online – but some work IS required.

This is NOT some “push button bullshit” that will having you clicking your mouse 3 times and making $15,343.94 overnight.


This is REAL Affiliate Marketing Training and you’re going to REALLY like what you see and learn.

Here’s what’ in the course:

Part 1 – Ninja SEO training

I’m actually looking forward to going through this module MYSELF.

There are NO hacks and NO loopholes – this is the REAL DEAL 100% Legit Search Engine Optimization training that will have COMPLETE NEWBIES setting up and running profitable websites with NO prior SEO knowledge or experience – even if you have NO IDEA how to make a website (hint: it’s really fucking easy!) LOL

This training consists of 5 Video and PDF Modules:

  1. Intro & Niche Research
  2. Choosing Profitable Affiliate Offers
  3. Simple Website Setup Process
  4. The 3 Pronged Content Silo Method
  5. The Game Changer – ACA Link Building (THIS is awesome and I learned a TON from this – and I’m already making $150k per month!)

Note: If you’re already making over $10k per month (like me) skip straight to module 4 in this section.  It’s pretty bad ass, and I learned ALOT from both Modules 4 & 5 PERSONALLY.

OH – before I forget to mention – You’ll ALSO learn about 2 multi-6 figure websites and get a full case study as to how they’re raking in the big bucks and ranking for over 4,000 keywords in Google and other big search engines.

On TOP of this – they have 24/7 support available for any of your questions.

Part 2 -FaceBook Marketing

In this module, you’ll Learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing from a $400,000 per MONTH FaceBook earner and marketing GENIUS.

(If you ONLY want to learn about FaceBook advertising and don’t care about the SEO Stuff – Rich Jerk is an AMAZING Program, but I also highly recommend Dark Post Profits 3.0 by Chris Record, or Ad Respark by Devin Zander)

Simply put, you’ll see profitable case study after case study and all you have to do is copy this guy!

They cover EVERYTHING from Beginners level to full expert – and nothing is left out.

I’m told that BETA TESTERS of this method have gone from ZERO to $28,000 per MONTH online – which is pretty freaking cool!

Here is a break down of the training modules in this section:

  1. Intro & Core Concepts
  2. Extreme FaceBook ad Targeting
  3. Molding the Perfect Buyer
  4. Landing Pages That Create Rabid Buyers
  5. The MOST Profitable Offers
  6. Cloaking & More
  7. Everything Tied Together (Bonus 2 HOUR Training Video showing the entire process at once!)

Part 3: Launch Jacking gone wild!

This one I’m DEFINITELY interested in!  It goes into LAUNCH JACKING and how he makes 7 figures per year WITHOUT an email list.

You get:

  • SUPER simple methods for INSTANT SALES and cash with SUPER easy to build websites
  • Case studies showing how the presenter has finished in the top 5 for HUGE product launches for people like Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy and Brendon Buchard
  • If you have no clue what this even MEANS – don’t worry – it’s one of the EASIEST ways to make money online and how I made over $150,000 in MARCH of 2015
  • For those wanting QUICK RESULTS – you can see them in as little as 3 days.
  • For those thinking this is BS – it’s not – Google Launch Jacking and you’ll get a much better idea of just how INSANE this can be!

Here is a list of the training modules for this section:

  1. Intro
  2. Leader board (proof he does this and it works)
  3. Getting The Right Domain
  4. Finding Products to Launch Jack (Part 1)
  5. Finding Products to Launch Jack (Part 2)
  6. Picking the Right Products
  7. Installing WordPress (Part 1)
  8. Installing WordPress (Part 2)
  9. WordPress Themes & Plugins
  10. Outsourcing Content
  11. Outsourcing Backlinks
  12. Live Link Buying Example
  13. Do-It-Yourself (Free) Backlinks
  14. My Own Re targeting Campaigns
  15. Facebook Ads
  16. Optimizing Your Website for More Sales (Bonuses)
  17. My Own Launch Jacking Sites

Part 4: Everything Else That’s Awesome

Alright – this is purely a BONUS SECTION – but it’s made up of a ton of guest appearances by quite a few no-name not-known Internet Marketing rockstars – and a few big guys too.

Here are just a FEW things you’ll learn in it:

  • How to TOTALLY CRUSH IT on Amazon from a dude making over $10 million per YEAR
  • Email Marketing secrets for building a list of loyal buyers in ANY niche
  • Insanely Profitable Tee Shirt Campaigns you can copy
  • AND a lot more


  • Upsell #1:
    • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching
    • Price: $197/mo
  • Upsell #2:
    • RJ Gold Software (precious metals website builder) with 1 on 1 Skype Coaching
    • Price: $997
  • Upsell #3:
    • Rich Jerk SEO Software – Automates your SEO (and is quite bad ass!), Monthly Cost starting at $79
  • BONUS:
    • All customers get a physical box of cool sh*t shipped to them.

My Rich Jerk Review

FIRST – Check out my VIDEO WALK-THROUGH of the entire Rich Jerk Members Area!

If you have NOT yet figured it out by now – despite the ‘portrayal’ of RJ in the videos – RJ and the other people behind The Rich Jerk Product are NOTHING less than brilliant.  You’re NOT going to get rich overnight, and work IS required – but I promise you it’s worth it.

The VERY same SEO training you’ll be learning is what’s been responsible for me PERSONALLY making a sizeable income in 2015.  No, I was not trained by RJ himself or his people – it’s just the same type of marketing I do.

Going through the training (I got early access) – I can EASILY say it’s some of the BEST Affiliate Marketing training of 2015 – AND I’ve reviewed A-LOT of courses this year.

I am ALREADY putting into action some of the Items I’ve learned from Modules 1 & 3 – AND I’m not 100% done with the training yet!

Ignore the hype, pick this up NOW before the price goes up – or forever regret it.

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