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So fasten your seat belts and pay close attention…because what you’ll discover is not only going to be DIFFERENT (in over 100 ways), it’s going to be The Difference.



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Subject:  Finally…Your access to the “hidden” level of expertise with women that you’ve always known was there…but which has been kept a secret UNTIL NOW.

Let me be straight up with you. What you’re about to experience is NOT like anything else you’ve seen lately.

So fasten your seat belts and pay close attention…because what you’ll discover is not only going to be DIFFERENT (in over 100 ways), it’s going to be The Difference.

  • The Difference…between finally getting the woman who rocks your world and watching some other less deserving guy walk off into the sunset with her instead.
  • The Difference…between boldly standing out from the crowd and getting washed away with the “faceless herd” of anonymous guys.
  • The Difference…between more of the same tired old “newbie basics” and the powerfully effective secret strategies that most dating experts are blind to…and which most true ladies’ men won’t dare reveal to you.

The Difference…between being an authentic and charismatic man who effortlessly draws high quality women with magnetic force and using underhanded, manipulative games in a futile attempt to “trick” women into liking you.First, let me confirm what you probably already suspect is true. It’s mission-critical to find an EDGE in this life. Sometimes that edge is very subtle, but it’s almost always flat-out devastating to the competition.

The world’s greatest race car drivers know better than to depend on “raw talent”, let alone “sheer luck”. That’s why they spend untold hours and dollars searching for that ONE advantage that’ll deliver even a small amount of extra horsepower.

But when they find it…they become CHAMPIONS.

My name is Scot McKay, and over the past several years I’ve been passionate about showing you how to take back your birthright as a real man, how to meet and date high quality women–online OR offline–and how to build solid, fulfilling long-term relationships.

David DeAngelo wrote:

“He has some very interesting things to say about how to become more successful with women and dating. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women.If you’re already good with women, listening to what my friend has to say JUST ONCE will improve your game significantly.”

But even though what I’m going to show you is BRAND NEW and totally original, NONE of it is particularly complicated. In fact, regardless of where you think your skills with women are today I’m convinced YOU CAN HANDLE ALL OF IT…no matter what others would want you to think.Make no mistake, this is NOT what you’ll find in every other e-book and “attraction system” under the sun that all seem to contain the same, re-hashed information.

It’s just that the elite among men who already know what I’m about to share want to KEEP IT ALL A SECRET. After all, their goal is to continue to have the best women for themselves. They want to KEEP WINNING.

Let’s be honest. You’ve likely sensed that your big chance to make a giant leap forward has been out there SOMEWHERE all along. All you’ve ever needed is to figure out WHERE to find the answers you were looking for.

I know that’s EXACTLY how I used to feel until the breakthroughs started happening for me–just as they can and will for YOU also.

Let me tell you, I’ve personally used every shred of what’s in The Difference over the years to meet and date scores of truly amazing women. My buddies could never understand how a guy like me could consistently have such beautiful, sexy women around me…nearly all of whom were total sweethearts.

But These Days I Have NO REASON To Withhold ANY Of My Secrets To Success…Even The VERY BEST Ones.

Why am I so willing to share them with you?

The answer to that question is as basic as it gets. I’m now living happily with the greatest woman I’ve ever known, so it’s time to “pay it forward” without holding anything back. And THAT is the singular purpose that my new program The Difference is devoted to.

But it’s called The Difference in part also because EVERY SINGLE highly practical secret in it is, well…different.

I’ve made it a point to compile OVER 100 very simple but clearly powerful ideas that NOBODY has ever taught before…each in short, fluff free bursts of audio or video.

You Don’t Want To Sit There And Pan For Gold For Hours. You Want Me To Hand You The Keys To Fort Knox.

I fully realize that you want to achieve complete mastery with women at every level but just don’t have the time to be overwhelmed by hours of “small talk” and 300-page e-books that only leave you with a tiny amount of real, useful information–at best.

That’s why The Difference is focused on quick 4-12 minute golden nuggets of knowledge…all fluff-free.

When you click the “play” button, you’ll want to be paying attention because the practical, immediately useful knowledge will start flowing from the first few seconds of each audio or video.

That Way You’ll Gain Dozens Of Clear, objective ADVANTAGES With Women FAST…And All At Your Pace.

What’s more, even if you only have a few minutes on a particularly busy day The Difference will STILL allow you to get at least one step better with women TODAY than you were YESTERDAY.

And whether you’re young or experienced, never married or divorced The Difference will make a strong and lasting positive impact.

But you just can’t become a true “artist” by painting by numbers. And you can’t get the “racer’s edge” by going back to Driver’s Ed.

So at this point I’ve got to give you a FAIR WARNING: That means that what’s in The Difference may completely FRY YOUR CIRCUITS.

Some Of What You’ll Hear In The Difference Is Going To Sound ABSOLUTELY Preposterous Or Even Flat-Out Crazy To You At First.

Think about it, though. All throughout history that’s been the hallmark of how truly GROUNDBREAKING knowledge has been received, right?

Seriously, many who are still trying to use old, worn-out tricks and tactics in a misguided effort to attract women may argue with the logic that’s presented in this program. Some may actually even get angry because it flies in the face of “conventional wisdom”.

But all the while, guys who know the breathtaking power of these advantages and have been working them to astounding effect for YEARS will simply sit back and quietly laugh to themselves.

Pim aka “SmoothDoc” wrote:

“Scot was voted the #1 speaker at the 2010 Real Man Conference by the attendees…and this having shared the stage with some very well-known speakers in the Seduction Community. He gave a lot of good healthy advice for every man who wants to get real with himself and the women around him.”

Here is a piece of what you will get:

  • How To Find Out What A “Good Girl” Looks Like Naked
  • How To Tell If She’ll Have Sex With You Or Not
  • The Golddigger Test
  • How To Make Sure The Hottest Waitress Serves You
  • How To Join The “Mile High Club”…For Real
  • How To Meet And Attract A Flight Attendant While She’s Working
  • Identify Women Who Look Younger Than They Really Are
  • How To Tell If She’s Clinically Psycho Or A Drug User
  • Integrating Into A New Social Circle
  • How To Become Locally Famous
  • How To Make It HER Idea To Give You Oral Sex
  • What You Can Tell From A Woman’s Home
  • Meeting And Seducing Hot, Sexy Latinas
  • Outsmarting’s New Filtering Feature
  • What To Do About On Again / Off Again Relationships
  • What To Do If You Have A Problem With Her But Don’t Want To Argue About It
  • So You’ve Got Your Ex Back…Now What?
  • How To Charm Your Alpha Female Boss
  • Relocating To A New City
  • Sex:  From Good To Great
  • How To Stand Out Online
  • Make Women Laugh:  Comedy Is A Muscle
  • Physical Symmetry:  How To Be More Attractive Immediately
  • 2 Very Different Kinds Of “Just Be Friends” Talks
  • Great Airports And Airlines For Meeting Women

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