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The Attraction Formulas – Gabe

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Today I’m going to teach YOU exactly what to say and what to do to make any woman attracted to you.

So let me ask you:

  • Have you ever seen a woman that you really liked and didn’t know what to say to get her ATTRACTED TO YOU?
  • Have you ever seen another GUY make a woman laugh and giggle and ATTRACTED TO HIM and wonder how he did it?
  • Have you ever made a woman attracted to you, but you don’t know how to do it predictably and consistently?

You probably have seen it happen.

You have seen how a girl that you like becomes attracted to another man.

You can see how she starts flicking her hair, how she starts laughing with him, how she starts touching him.

You can hear the excitement in her tone when she talks to this man, you can even feel the sexual tension. She wants him.

She wants to have sex with him. She doesn’t want you, she wants HIM.


Because this man consciously or unconsciously understands how to spark attraction in women.

Attraction is an emotion, think about a woman that you really like. Can you feel this emotion of attraction?

  • When you feel attraction for a woman you feel this very strong and pleasant emotion in your body, a feeling letting you know that this woman is something that you like, you feel that you want her, you feel drawn to her.
  • Women also experience this very strong emotional reaction when they meet an attractive man. They also feel attraction, they also feel drawn to this man and they also know that they want him.

The difference is in how attraction is triggered.

In men attraction is visual, you see the woman and if she is hot then you get attracted to her. In women attraction is triggered differently.

In women attraction is triggered by a man’s subcommunications. A level of communication that is happening all the time under the radar and that most men are totally unaware off.

More specifically, attraction in women is triggered when a man subcommunicates that he is attractive by displaying a set of predictable behaviors, executing a sequence of actions that happen every time, in the exact same way.

Science has observed this process and documented it, and thousands of pick up artists all around the world have applied this knowledge with real women from every corner of the world and the results are overwhelming.

If you know what these patterns are and if you execute this sequence of actions correctly a woman’s brain will conclude that you are attractive and they will have no choice but to become attracted to you.

Attraction is NOT a choice, you don’t choose to feel attraction for a beautiful woman, you see her and it happens automatically the same thing with women.

I almost killed myself in the process but I have figured out what this patterns that attract women are and I call them THE ATTRACTION FORMULAS .

The Attraction Formulas are the algorithms for attracting women, they contain the set of rules that precisely define the sequence of actions that cause attraction in women.

They are the result of downloading into my brain insane amounts of information over the years and then sitting and thinking, pondering, testing and refining the formulas to be sure they work with mathematical precision.

Now any man no matter his age looks or income can use the attraction formulas to make women attracted to him

“Is like having a laser gun that you just point to any women you like and it makes her attracted to you”.

This formulas will reprogram a man from the ground up to act in an attractive way giving him a new set of mindsets and beliefs.

It will provide the methods to install the attractive patterns into his frame.

It contains an arsenal of proven tested techniques for approaching and attracting women and having it work.

Is a complete work of organized knowledge encrypted into a system that works predictably and consistently.

The attraction formulas were created to take a man that has no clue about women and in a couple of hours arm him with the most advanced technology ever devised for triggering raw sexual attraction.

This deep understanding that I have about attraction didn’t came to me for free.

I certainly wasn’t born knowing all of this.

Years ago I had absolutely no clue about how to approach a woman that I liked and get her attracted to me.

I had no idea how to initiate the conversation, no idea about what needed to happen to take her all the way to bed. In fact I was so clueless about human interaction in general that I had to start learning from ground cero.

My ignorance in this area made me experience so much frustration, so much pain, that I became obsessed with finding a solution.

It took me years to put all the pieces together, years of hard work to solve the most difficult but most interesting and rewarding puzzle in my life.

And I’m only starting here!

  • So what if you could skip the years of hard work and just get the results?
  • What if you could take the attraction formulas right now and go out and use them?

Get The Attraction Formulas – Gabe, Only Price $42

Here’s exactly what you will find inside the Attraction Formulas:

  • The Attraction Formulas is an online program delivered to you in video format, in a PowerPoint presentation style. With over three hours of content.
  • It contains 8 different formulas; each formula explains the precise qualities that women are genetically preprogrammed to respond to and how to convey them when you first meet her.
  • Each formula comes with a series of powerful exercises design to reprogram your subconscious mind and get you executing these patterns automatically as fast as possible.
  • It also comes with a video lesson that contains the operation manual for the attraction formulas. This lesson shows you how to take the attraction formulas and apply them in any interaction with a woman you like and make her attracted to you. This lesson will provide a very simple structure that you can put into use immediately to make any conversation fun and exciting and that sparks attraction every time so that you know exactly what to say and never run out of things to say ever gain.

Inside I have also included as a HUGE BONUS PACKAGE with almost 2 hours of none stop breakdowns of the most attractive men in the world providing you example after example, of the attraction formulas in action so that You GET IT.

Inside this incredible bonus package you will discover:

  • Exactly how to tease a woman to make her feel attraction for you.
  • You’ll learn how to frame yourself in a high status way, as higher value than her so that she feels attracted to you.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to pass women’s test, why they happen and exactly how to overcome them. You will see this happening on some of the clips I have included in the bonus package.
  • I’ll show you a simple but incredibly powerful technique that needs cero brain power that any man can do it even if you have no idea how to flirt with women to make her laugh, to make her giggle and to make her attracted to you.
  • You will see how banter works, you will see it happening right before your eyes, and I’ll explain to you how you can do it starting as soon as you get inside.
  • You will learn how to build a dynamic where woman have no choice but to start chasing you like little girls.
  • You will understand how to frame other men as lower status so that you become the most valuable man in the girl’s reality. (Evil Stuff use at your own discretion)
  • I’ll show you how most men give away their power to other men and how to prevent this from happening.
  • You will learn how to flip the preselection switch in any women.
  • You will know how to transition from topic to topic really fast so that chaos is created and she has no choice but to get sucked into your attractive frame.
  • You will learn why the bad boy attitude is attractive to women. You will see how this bad boy attitude works and why it generates massive attraction in women.
  • You’ll also understand why the asshole gets the girl and the nice guy fails to attract women.
  • I’ll show you how to use a very simple little comment to frame yourself as the prize and to spike attraction in women
  • I’ll give you a very simple line to introduce yourself to women that will set you up from the beginning of the interaction as the man that understands attraction.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to say things to make women attracted. (Most of communication with women is non-verbal)
  • I’m going to explain to you how to become a sexual threat to women so that sex is part of the frame and they conclude you know what you are doing and let you sleep with them fast.
  • You will see another example of how to pass shit tests so that women can be sure you are that man.
  • I’ll show you the way you should look to women to subcommunicate that sex is going to happen. (prizeless).
  • Discover the simple technique to frame women as sexual objects in a way that they feel horny around you all the time.
  • You will understand how to use your tone and facial expressions to subcommunicate your higher status.
  • Learn how your beliefs are influencing your results with women, and how to subcommunicate that you belief you are an attractive man that knows what he’s doing with women.
  • See how an attractive man flips the frame to take a bitchy hot woman into bed, and understand the principles so that you can do the same.
  • See how to get women sucked into your reality and make them do whatever you want.
  • Learn how to make anything you say and do super high status so that even the most stupid line works like magic.
  • You’ll discover how to use statements of intent to make women giggle like little girls and charm them all the way to bed.
  • Learn how to quickly cultivate the verbal game of the most skilled womanizers of the world.
  • Get precise lines that you can say immediately to set a sexual frame to make women blush and fluster and want to fuck you.
  • See more shit tests from women in action and how to use humor to disarm them.
  • See a frame battle between men and understand how to end on top.
  • Why compliments are important and exactly how to use them to melt women’s panties off.
  • Learn how to speak with so much charisma that you charm entire groups of women.
  • Learn to spike a woman’s emotions so hard by teasing her so that she laughs uncontrollably.
  • See the precise facial expressions you need to subcommunicate lust to a woman, so that she unconsciously gets turn on.
  • Learn how to become so attractive than even married women don’t have a choice to love you (dangerous stuff).
  • See how to smile at the end of anything that you say so that you automatically subcommunicate that you are the bad boy they all dream off.
  • Learn the simple trick to be able to say anything to a woman and get away with it.
  • Learn how to set the high value frame you need to have to get women chasing you and looking for your validation.
  • Learn exactly what you need to do to set the right frame.
  • You will see examples of teases you will see exactly how teasing works and you will understand how teasing produce massive attraction.
  • Sound smart and impress any women with your new and awesome teasing skills.
  • See frame control in action and understand the beliefs you need to integrate in your reality to be super high status.
  • More examples of teases so that there’s no doubt in your mind of how to do this.
  • See how a hot girl qualifies herself to a high status man and understand why and how to do get women in your life looking for your validation.
  • Learn the perfect comebacks to different situations.
  • Discover the secret to framing yourself as the leader of any group so that women know you are the alpha of any group.
  • See social conditioning in action.
  • Understand how society brainwashes you to act like a beta male loser that repels women.
  • See how you were forced to accept a frame where you supplicate to women.
  • See how an attractive man dominates the frame among some very angry women.
  • Know how to win any argument by leading it to where you want it to go.
  • More shit tests and more techniques to pass them.
  • Understand how to use tone to charm all the ladies.

So what’s the value of a course like this that takes you from a to z giving you the mindsets, the steps, the methods, the techniques and tactics to generate massive raw powerful attraction in any woman?

I invested years of my life preparing this for you.

It took me a lot of effort time and energy and I’m so happy and grateful that it’s finally ready because I can guarantee the attraction formulas will save you years and put you ahead of 99% of men out there in a matter of hours.

The attraction formulas alone have a value of $999.

The lesson containing the steps on how to use the attraction formulas to structure attractive conversations has a value of $599 (or much more considering it will permanently solve the problem of what to say and never run out of things to say ever again, how much is that worth to you!)

The Mega Bonus Package with all the breakdowns has a value of $499 Which sets the value of the whole program at $2097.

But you won’t have to pay that to get this life changing program.

This is something that I want you to have, this is something that you MUST have because is life transforming.

You won’t find any material on attracting women more powerful than this.

And I want you to get the formulas right now!

That’s why when you click the add to cart button below you will get The Attraction Formulas at an unbelievable $97 So click the button now before the prize goes up.

Get The Attraction Formulas – Gabe, Only Price $42

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