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Steal My Secrets 2.0 – Dave Kaminski

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It’s why 7 & 8 figure gurus contact me at 11pm on a Saturday night (and sometimes 6am on a Sunday morning), in a panic. “Sorry, but you’re the only one who can solve this” they’ll say. They need help fast and they know I have the answers.

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22 Years of No B.S. Online Business Experience

At Your Fingertips

22 years. That’s a long time to be earning a full-time living on the Internet. But that’s been my life for the past two decades, plus change. And I’ve learned quite a few things along the way. Like a lot, a lot of things.

It’s why 7 & 8 figure gurus contact me at 11pm on a Saturday night (and sometimes 6am on a Sunday morning), in a panic. “Sorry, but you’re the only one who can solve this” they’ll say. They need help fast and they know I have the answers.

It’s why my private coaching clients are usually stunned when I help them solve their problems in 5 minutes, after they had spent weeks (and usually a lot of money) having no luck trying to figure something out themselves.

I know a lot of stuff. About two years ago, I put together a giant collection of my unique know-how and called it “Steal My Secrets”. It was one of my most popular courses ever.

And now I’m back with Steal My Secrets 2.0, where I’m sharing an entirely new batch of my private tips, tricks and tactics. And here’s your opportunity to get your hands on it.

Steal My Secrets 2.0

Is Like Having a Rolodex With The Answers

To Your Biggest Online Business Questions

In fact, any one of the secrets I share could save you weeks of wasted time, bring you thousands of visitors or thousands more in sales. And I’m giving you a virtual treasure chest of these brand-new, never shared before secrets.

Here’s a quick peek at just a few of them:

Send a Video, Not 1,000 Words

The free tool for making and sending business-centric video.  From collaboration, to screen sharing, to video email, this video tool (that you’ve never heard of) does it all…for free.

Video Course Creation Made Easy

It’s a nifty WordPress plugin that makes video course creation dead-simple for anyone.  Even better, your courses will look just as good as those expensive course platforms.

Video and Audio Transcripts For Pennies

Want to create written transcripts of your video or audio recordings?  Hiring someone costs at least $1 per minute.  But this little-known service does the same thing for pennies.

Gutenberg 101

Gutenberg is the new visual editor that will be built into the upcoming release of WordPress 5.  And it will instantly make you hate using WordPress.  So I’ll fix that for you.

Podcasting For Idiots

Podcasts are all the rage these days because you can build lucrative audiences fast.  But they are also a technical nightmare.  But not if you follow this dead-simple plan.

The 20 Best Email Subject Lines

Based on data, the top subject lines for getting your emails opened and read.  Plus how many words to use, how many characters those words should be and more.  Scary good info that can dramatically change your email results.


The Best Webinar Service

(my latest recommendation – it’s one you’ve never heard of)

The Best Green Screen Backdrop

It’s not a wrinkly sheet, worthless paint, a heavy roll of paper or one of those collapsable screens that make you swear.  It’s a cheap and simple solution that works perfect every time.

Video Editing Software Made Easy

There’s a new, simple, legitimate and powerful video editing app available that makes producing pro-quality video dead simple for anyone.  I’ll tell you what it is and how to use it.

Increase Email Click-Rates By 1,000%

Here’s the secret.  Use images in your emails that are personalized to the recipient.  But how do you do that if you’re sending 1,000’s of emails?  Relax, I’ll show you how.

Hack Google – Get Keyword Search Volume

Want to know how much traffic a keyword really gets?  Google makes it hard to do and then returns questionable numbers anyway.  But this hack is fast, accurate and free.

Popups Are So 2014

Are you using popups on your site?  How’s that “outdated” technology working out for you? Try this modern, irresistible method instead.  It will dramatically increase your opt-ins.

Are Automated Webinars Worth It?

This is where you pretend to put on a live webinar, but really it’s just a video recording.  All the gurus say you must do them.  But what’s the real truth?  I’ll share it with you.

Plus How To Turn Your Smartphone

Into a Slick Teleprompter

Without Buying Any Gadgets

Free Images, Free Videos

Here’s where to get all of the royalty-free…and absolutely free…stock images and videos you could ever need.  It’s the exact source I use for my own websites and videos.

Sell Tech Services with Zero Skills

Social media, PPC campaigns, SEO, web and graphic design, these are all lucrative side-hustles.  Here’s how to sell these services yourself and make money without any skills.

Sell Anything, Anywhere

Selling online can be a technical nightmare.  But here are 3 tools that make selling digital or physical products on social media or your own website a breeze.  And they’re free.

Encrypt and Secure Your Emails

If you’re using Gmail or any other popular email service, then your emails are not private.  Stop the ads and stop hackers by using these two ultra-secure email services instead.

Premium Themes and Plugins For Free

Here’s how to test-drive premium WordPress themes and plugins without spending a nickle.  In fact, you don’t even need a website.  I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

Insanely Engaging Video Mashups

Video mashups are marketing gold.  They use a series seemingly unrelated clips to produce a complete video.  People go crazy for them.  Here’s how to make them.

Watch Any Time, On Any Device

Unlimited Lifetime Access

Tap into Steal My Secrets 2.0 whenever you want, from wherever you want and from any device that you want.

You’ll get unlimited, lifetime access. Have a problem you can’t figure out? Just open the training, watch a video and problem solved.

It’s like having a personal coach (me) with you any time you need it, 24/7. If there’s an issue you run into online…whether it be tech, marketing, video, email or more…chances are I ran into the same problem long ago and already have a solution waiting for you inside Steal My Secrets 2.0.

But I’m still not done yet. I also share with you…

Text Into Video

How To Turn Blog Posts and Articles

Into Videos Automatically

The Best All-Around Camera Mic

You can use it to record a single person, multiple people, use it on smartphones, DSLR’s or regular video cameras.  Just plug it in and it works.  Perfect audio for cheap.

The Best Camera Under $200

This little gem shoots video that looks way better than your smartphone, but it’s just as easy to use.  Better yet, it has every feature you need at an unbelievable price.

The Best DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras give you gorgeous video, but they are expensive and complicated to use, right?  Not this one.  It’s every bit as good as expensive DSLR’s, yet costs only $400.

The Best Pocket Camera

Pocket means it fits in your pocket, just like your smartphone.  But this killer camera isn’t a smartphone, it’s 10 times better.  And it’s still cheaper than a smartphone.

The Best Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras combine the best of both traditional cameras and DSLR’s.  But they can get pricey.  Not this one.  It gives you pro-quality at a fraction of the typical price.

The Best Pro-Level Camera

Pro-level means it’s used for TV shows.  These cameras are insanely expensive.  But here’s a camera (actually two) that give you the identical quality for many thousands less.

The Free Tool That Transforms

Videos, Graphics and Even Web Pages

Into Stunning Visual Stories

Your Own Custom Product – $1

Have an idea in your head for a product, but have no clue how to turn it into a prototype or even a finished product?  Here’s a solution that can cost as little as $1.

Productivity Hacks 2.0

I’ll dip into my bag of tricks and show you the techniques I use, both techie and old-school, to get things done fast without having to hire freelancers or assistants.

3D Printing For Dummies

These days if you can dream it, you can 3D print it.  But 3D printing is a confusing and expensive game.  Enter this company.  Just bring your idea, they do the rest.

Tiny Bedroom, Professional Video Studio

Here are the secrets to turning a tiny bedroom into a full-blown video studio.  Even better, you won’t be tripping over everything or listening to your spouse bitch.

Rent Videos Like Amazon

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could rent your videos for 24 hours, a week or a month, just like Amazon and the other big players?  You can.  It’s super-easy.  I’ll show you how.

Video Editing Hacks 2.0

Everyone wants to create magic with one-click, but it doesn’t work that way with video.  So I’ll show you the ingenious techniques I use to pull off creative effects the easy way.

Plus Even More, Like…

How To Embed Video Into Email

(Using Videos From YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Wistia, It Doesn’t Matter)

Live Streaming Game Changer

If you do live streaming, some breakthrough software was just introduced that aims to make live streaming easy for anyone.  I’ll tell you what it is and walk you through it.

Media Management Simplified

If you create a lot of videos (or plan to) you’ll find out that storing and organizing those videos can be a nightmare.  Here’s a free tool the pros use to make it dead-simple.

Magnet Mania – Upcycling For Eyeballs​

Produce less, promote more. That’s how to grow an online business. And here I’ll show you how to upcycle your existing content to get way more customers, for way less work.

Your Own Custom Swag

Interested in selling your own custom designed leggings, hoodies, phone cases, wall art, pillow cases and more?  Here’s how to do it for literally zero cost.

50 Best Work-From-Home Companies

Looking for a part-time or even full-time gig, where you can work from home?  These are called remote jobs.  And I’ll tell you the top 50 legitimate companies looking for people.

Most and Least Profitable Side-Hustles

A side-hustle means paid work you do on the side.  And savvy folks have turned side-hustles into full-time income.  I’ll share with you the most and least lucrative side-hustles to do.

Plus…Fire Your Email List Service

Use This Cheap and Reliable

Email List Service Instead

The Best Course Platform

Kajabi, Kartra, Teachable and the list goes on.  Are any of these course-selling services really better than the other?  Yes, one is.  I’ll tell you what it is and why I recommend it.

Sexiest Video Player

Do you wish the video player you use for your videos could look better, more modern and well, sexier?  Here’s a free player that checks those boxes.  Plus, how to use it.

Cloud Storage Done Right

Dropbox, Apple, Google, Microsoft…what’s the best service to use for cloud storage?  None of those.  Instead, I’ll tell you what the best solution is and how to use it for business.

Gorgeous One-Page Websites

You just need a landing page or other one-page site.  It’s not worth hassling with WordPress over.  Try this free service instead.  You’ll get stunning one-page sites in minutes.

Alexa, Convert My Videos

How to save money and headaches by using this little-known service to  convert your videos so they are playable on any device.  And I’ll show you how to do it, step by step.

Plus…Well, You Get The Idea

This course covers many things, and in a way, everything.  All broken down into single, bite-sized lessons so you can get the answers you need and go on your way.

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