Responsive Web Design – Made Easy!


Learn how to create modern day websites with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Frameworks such as Boilerplate and Zurb.




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Learn how to create modern day websites using Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 – in less than 7 hours!

The mobile web is not going anywhere – it's only getting bigger… And, YOU need to be in on the action!

As the mobile web gets bigger than desktop PC and laptop browsing – this is one skill you absolutely need in your bag of tricks!

Impress your clients or land a higher paying job or build that dream website with all the cool web technologies.

In this course, you will master the tricks and techniques that modern web development gurus use to create fancy sites that work on any browser or device… be it any mobile phone, tablet, browser, desktop or laptop.

Here's What You Get…

  •  This course is for any level of developer …whether you just know the basics of HTML or you are a development guru – there is something for everyone.
  •  Access and download the full course immediately upon payment – so you can learn at your own pace!
  •  We start out with an overview of the mobile web and the importance of mobile design & development.
  • We discuss what responsive web design actually means, and we look at the various tools we can use with responsive web design such as testing and code tools.
  •  You will learn how to format an HTML5 document and use proper techniques when coding.
  •  The layouts we create will be 100% responsive including a fluid layout, flexible images and media queries.
  •  We will build a custom project from scratch that shows you what goes into setting things up, step by step.

The course is taught over SIX Sessions, spanning 7 hours of easy to follow Videos with real examples and source code.

Course Curriculum

Mobile Web Overview

  • The Importance of Mobile Web (9:52)
  • What is Responsive Web Design (10:22)
  • Tools for Responsive Design – Part 1 (11:22)
  • Tools for Responsive Design – Part 2 (21:22)
  • Environment Setup (8:23)

HTML5 Structure

  • File & Folder Structure (10:41)
  • HTML5 Structure – Part 1 (23:43)
  • HTML5 Structure – Part 2 (11:31)
  • The Viewport Meta Tag (6:58)

Responsive CSS Fluid Layouts

  • Base CSS (15:15)
  • Fluid Layout (20:41)
  • Sticky Footer (27:51)

CSS3 Media Queries

  • JQuery Screen Size Display (11:38)
  • Media Queries for iPads & Laptops (15:27)
  • Responsive Navigation (13:04)
  • Media Queries for Smartphones (18:29)
  • Responsive Forms (8:40)
  • CSS3 Transitions (8:18)

Twitter Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap Overview (9:58)
  • File Structure (14:15)
  • Navbar (11:38)
  • Jumbotron & Grid (21:37)
  • Grids & Panels (18:48)
  • Forms, Wells & Footer (14:22)

Other Frameworks

  • Zurb Foundation (16:40)
  • HTML5 Boilerplate (10:31)
  • Skeleton (9:02)

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