PHP and MySQL for Beginners


Learn PHP online with MySQL and Start Developing Web Apps like a Pro!



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So you're getting comfortable with HTML, CSS and Javascript? You're up for the next challenge? The PHP programming language coupled with the mySQL database is the final step toward making a complete application. Many commercial e-commerce sites, membership sites and even online communities use PHP. Once you learn PHP online you can use this free technology to build just about any type of web presence you can imagine.

If you're a mobile developer, you need to learn PHP and MySQL too. Most mobile devices consume web-based services. There is no easier way to create web services designed to be consumed by mobile devices than PHP guaranteed!

In this PHP and MySQL training course you'll join master trainer Mark Lassoff as you learn all of the major concepts that beginner PHP developers need to master. You'll be able to code along with Mark as he demonstrates everything from simple PHP commands to more advanced database applications. Each lesson features a companion lab exercise, which will help you retain, reinforce and remember each concept in the course.

So are you ready to learn PHP online?

Course Curriculum

Your First PHP Scripts

  • Setting Up Your Environment (6:35)
  • Understand PHP Development Workflow (5:19)
  • Writing Your First Scripts (9:14)
  • echo, print and printf (7:30)
  • Chapter 1 Lab


  • Introducing Variables (9:38)
  • Variable Operators (9:39)
  • Chapter 2 Lab


  • Declaring Simple PHP Arrays (8:10)
  • Associative Arrays (5:55)
  • Multidimensional Arrays (6:04)
  • Super Global Arrays (12:08)
  • Chapter 3 Lab


  • Simple Conditionals (13:33)
  • Complex Conditionals (8:59)
  • Switch / Case / Break (7:30)
  • Ternary Operator (5:29)
  • Chapter 4 Lab


  • While .. Do While Loop (10:16)
  • For Loops (5:29)
  • Foreach Loops (8:05)
  • Chapter 5 Lab

Custom PHP Functions

  • Includes (5:34)
  • Creating a Simple Function (6:18)
  • Function Arguments (7:04)
  • The Return Statement (9:13)
  • Chapter 6 Lab

Server File I/O

  • Saving Files on the Server (9:00)
  • Reading Files on the Server (9:24)
  • Append and Delete (5:25)
  • CSV Files (6:45)
  • Chapter 7 Lab

Sending Email with PHP

  • Sending Text Email (3:28)
  • Sending HTML Email (5:08)

Working with the MySQL Database

  • Setting Up the Database (10:30)
  • Retrieving a Query from the Database (20:34)
  • Storing Information in the Database (17:39)
  • Deleting and Updating Database Records (34:50)
  • Complex Queries (6:11)
  • Chapter 9 Lab

Useful PHP Classes and Objects

  • Date Object (8:28)
  • Strings in PHP (9:23)
  • Sessions (25:42)
  • Cookies (6:53)
  • Lab Solutions
  • Chapter 10 Lab

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