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When you receive my emails it’s key that you read them in FULL and then complete the TASK at the end of EACH email. I’ve made the tasks as simple as I can so all you have to do is complete them and you’ll be on the right track. It’s up to YOU to take action!



All the courses you buy, when you need them, Please inform and I will always resend the link to you. However, You should download early and conveniently study anytime, anywhere.

I’m really grateful that you decided to sign up for these 10 Lessons and that you’ve put your trust in me like this.

I know I’ll be able to help you succeed online because even I was able to do it using these exact same steps, back when I was a total newbie.

​Over the next 6 days I’ll be sending you emails with actionable tasks that you’ll be asked to complete.

By the end of the 6 days you’ll have the foundation for your own online business regardless of your experience online.

When you receive my emails it’s key that you read them in FULL and then complete the TASK at the end of EACH email. I’ve made the tasks as simple as I can so all you have to do is complete them and you’ll be on the right track. It’s up to YOU to take action!

Who Is Robert?

​You might be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me so I want to tell you a little more about me so that you have an understanding of who’s sending you these emails and bugging you to complete the tasks in each email.

Below are some pictures of my personal life and some of the travels that I’ve been fortunate enough to do thanks to my online business. ​

Here I am on a trip I took a few years back. I look a bit younger there lol.

I’m showing you these pictures for a few reasons.

1. To show you that I’m a real person and not a faceless person hiding behind the shield of the internet.

2. To showcase my love for experiencing the world and all it has to offer.

3. So that you can see the kind of lifestyle that working online can provide you.

I Always Wanted To Work From Home!

For me, the biggest perk of working online is the flexibility that it provides my family and I. We aren’t tied to a job that prevents us from doing the things we love most.

I started working online in April of 2015 and I’ve never looked back. Sure there were some ups and downs along the way and a lot of hard work to get where I am today but I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t discovered affiliate marketing.

For years I was searching for a way to make money from home or online and I kept getting the same results, nowhere fast.

I spent money on programs that promised to teach me how to make quick/easy money and each time I fell for it I was more annoyed than the last.

Finally I found an honest website that was just different than others I had encountered in the past. They weren’t promising me easy money or quick riches. Instead they were telling me that if I was willing to put in the work and the time that I could make some money. ​

They didn’t say I’d become rich or show me pictures of mansions or sports cars, instead they explained to me exactly how I would be able to build a stable business online and how it would profit. No smoke and mirrors and certainly no hype.

Here’s How I Make Money Online

​As I said before, after I discovered affiliate marketing my entire life changed for the better and that is exactly what you’re going to learn to do with these free lessons that you’ve just signed up for.

I make money by creating simple websites using the best and easiest website builder available today. People find my websites through Google or other search engines and if those people click on any of the ads on my website I’ll make money.

Here’s how the process works…..

This process can actually be very lucrative but it all depends on what you put into it. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest into it then it could simply be a part-time venture that earns you a side income.

You could make $10 a day or $1000 a day and it all depends on YOU. Sure it would take a lot of time and work to get to $1000 a day but it certainly is possible.

There are thousands of companies out there that NEED people like you to come work as their affiliate.

Companies you know of and are familiar with. Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and Best Buy offer partnerships called affiliate programs and when you join them you become their affiliate.

Your goal as an affiliate is to send visitors to their website and if one of your readers buys something, you get a commission.

Sometimes you get paid simply for getting people to click to their website regardless of whether they buy something.

You Don’t Even Have To Sell ANYTHING!

I don’t know about you but I HATE selling. I don’t want to bug my friends or family and I don’t want to have to convince people to buy anything.

What I do like is helping people. With affiliate marketing there are already millions of people searching for products to buy everyday.

As an affiliate marketer I just have to create content on my website that will give people the information they’re looking for so they can decide on their own terms what to buy.

Once you have an audience (traffic), you can promote products and services through affiliate programs which are free to join. These allow you to promote pretty much anything you can imagine without having to own or create the product yourself.

  • No inventory
  • No shipping
  • No Selling

You send the traffic to the company’s website and they pay you a commission of up to 75% if your visitors buy something. Simple as that.

But What About The 10 Free Lessons?

​So now you have a better idea of who I am and how I make money online. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about me and you just want to start the free lessons that you signed up for.

By now the link to the lessons should be in your email inbox (possibly in your spam folder) but you can also access the lessons directly from here.

There’s a button down at the bottom of this page that will take you directly to the 10 Free Lessons. All you have to do is click it.

But wait, before you click that button I would actually like to give you a little more information about the lessons so that you know what to expect and how to get the most out of them.

I Did Not Create These Lessons, I Just Used Them ​

I don’t want to give the impression that I created these lessons that I’m sending to you. I was actually a student of these lessons back in 2015.

The lessons are actually hosted and created by a website called Wealthy Affiliate. ​

Wealthy Affiliate is much more than just a website. It’s a business community that helps people turn their interests or passions into an online income. ​

​Wealthy Affiliate is the SOLE reason that I make a living online today!

​Without it, I’d still be searching the internet trying to find a way to make extra money, probably wasting my money on other programs that are nothing more than hype.

Here’s What Wealthy Affiliate Offers

​To get everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers including the 10 free lessons, you’ll have to sign up for a free membership using the button at the bottom of this page.

Once you’re inside, here’s what you’ll have access to…….

  • Step-by-Step Training (10 Free Lessons)
  • The worlds easiest website builder
  • 24/7 instant support
  • Unlimited help from ME personally as well as other professionals

​Those are just a handful of the awesome things you’ll have access to once you sign up for the free membership.

Before I wrap this up and send you to the lessons I want to summarize what you’ll need to do to get all that Wealthy Affiliate offers including the 10 Free Lessons you signed up for. ​

1. Click The Button At The Bottom Of This Page

2. Fill In Your Email Address And Create A Username And Password

3. Start The 10 Free Lessons​

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