Mobile App Development with HTML5


Learn to Develop Mobile Applications with HTML5, Javascript and the PhoneGap Library



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Are you looking to create mobile apps that work across multiple platforms? If so, we've got you covered! Get ready to use PhoneGap to leverage your already existing HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS skills in order to create and deploy cross-platform mobile apps.

This program comprehensively covers HTML5 mobile app development from top to bottom. By the end of this program, you'll be able to…

  • Set up your app development studio with tools of the trade.
  • Test your app on both mobile and virtual devices
  • Write appropriate HTML5 for mobile development
  • Use CSS3 to create stunning mobile user interfaces
  • Understand the "10 Foot Experience" (Mobile apps on your TV)
  • Use web services (like Google APIs™)
  • Parse XML and JSON content
  • Store data on the device
  • Create apps that work offline
  • Integrate audio and video and control media playback
  • Use geolocation services and Google Maps™
  • Work with the device accelerometer hardware
  • Use jQuery Mobile controls and styling
  • Use a device's internal storage system
  • Work with device contacts
  • Work with device notifications
  • Understand in-app purchasing
  • Place your finished app in the app store

Code along with master instructor Mark Lassoff as he walks you through everything you need to know about mobile app development with HTML5. Through dozens of code examples and multiple labs designed to reinforce your new skills, you'll master the concepts you need to know in order to become a successful app developer in no time!

Course Curriculum

Development Environments

  • How to use This Course (1:47)
  • How to Complete Lab Exercises (1:18)
  • Become an Amazon Appstore Developer (2:24)
  • Course Intro (1:08)
  • Tools of the Trade (9:38)
  • Hello World– First App (20:24)
  • Testing on a Device (2:34)
  • The “Apps” World– App Stores and Developers Opportunities (3:26)

HTML5 for Mobile

  • Intro to HTML5 for Mobile (1:25)
  • Document Structure (15:03)
  • Multi Screen Applications (20:27)
  • Obtaining Data from the User (7:01)
  • Displaying Images (6:28)
  • Lab Exercise 2

CSS3 for Mobile

  • Intro to CSS3 For Mobile (3:03)
  • Styling Text Elements (15:30)
  • Basic Page Layout (17:13)
  • Building Supporting Multiple Mobile Screen Sizes (6:57)
  • Television Based Android: The 10 Foot Experience (1:43)
  • Lab Exercise 3

Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile

  • Intro to Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile (1:07)
  • Receiving Text from the Server (10:56)
  • Sending Queries and Parameterized Queries to the Server (6:38)
  • Parsing XML Data from the Server (10:39)
  • Parsing JSON Data from the Server (14:51)
  • Lab Exercise 4

Storing Data

  • Intro to Storing Data (0:49)
  • Storing Data “Permanently” with Store.js (14:08)
  • Storing on the Server (12:18)
  • "Offline" Apps (6:38)
  • Lab Exercise 5

Audio and Video

  • Intro to Audio and Video (0:50)
  • Playing Audio and Video (7:09)
  • Controlling Audio and Video Output with Javascript (8:51)
  • Building a complete MP3 Player (7:59)
  • Using the on-board Camera (12:23)
  • Lab Exercise 6


  • Intro to Geolocation (0:49)
  • Where Am I? (14:27)
  • Displaying a Map (10:09)
  • Working with Compass (9:40)
  • Lab Exercise 7

Working with Accelerometer

  • Intro to Accelerometer (0:47)
  • Obtaining Accelerometer Readings (6:56)
  • Using the Accelerometer for Input (7:55)
  • Lab Exercise 8

Interfaces with jQuery Mobile

  • Intro to Interfaces with jQuery Mobile (0:49)
  • jQuery Mobile Basics (5:48)
  • Pages (10:10)
  • Tool Bars (7:25)
  • Buttons (4:40)

Interfaces with jQuery Mobile Part II

  • Intro to Interfaces with jQuery Mobile Part II (0:50)
  • Forms (15:57)
  • ListViews (8:18)
  • jQuery Events (5:46)
  • Lab Exercise 9 and 10

Other Important PhoneGap API's

  • PhoneGap API's Intro (0:45)
  • File API (14:14)
  • Device API (3:50)
  • Contacts API (13:07)
  • Notifications API (4:34)

Preparing for Distribution

  • Intro (1:02)
  • The Config.xml (3:32)
  • Distribution (4:32)
  • App Market Strategies (2:47)

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