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Do you need a convenient yet powerful content management system? Are you looking for the best way to build your dynamic website? Are you going to be managing a content-heavy site? Do you need a convenient way for multiple users to own, control, and update content? If you answered "Yes," then you need Joomla, and if you need Joomla, you need Janice Gentles-Jones.

Janice's Joomla for Beginners course will teach you everything you need to know about creating, operating and maintaining a Joomla website. With clear examples and engaging lab exercises, you'll go through the Joomla framework step-by-step. From setting up the Joomla environment to creating your own modules, this course has you covered!

Whether you have no experience at all, or you're an experienced IT person, this course has everything you need to get started using the dynamic Joomla Content Management System.

Course Curriculum

Installing Joomla

  • Installing Joomla Manually via FTP (17:00)
  • Installing Joomla using Softaculous Script (8:46)

Getting Started with Joomla

  • Public vs Administrator view (1:31)
  • Using the Control Panel (3:16)
  • Setting Global Configurations (6:37)
  • Using Media Manager (8:07)

Installing Extensions

  • Understanding Joomla Extensions (5:10)
  • Installing "Add to Menu" Plugin (6:06)
  • Installing JCE Editor Extension (5:14)
  • Installing Akeeba Backup (8:20)
  • Uninstalling an Extension (4:10)
  • Update an Extension (5:42)

Creating and Managing Website Articles Part I

  • Creating Categories (3:20)
  • Creating and Saving Articles (8:50)
  • Adding Images to an Article (8:21)

Creating and Managing Website Articles Part II

  • Linking to Internal and External Pages (9:19)
  • Adding Meta Description to an Article (2:04)
  • Deleting an Article (2:33)
  • Restoring an Article (1:18)
  • Adding Code to an Article (8:41)

Managing Menus

  • Adding an Article to a Menu Within an Article (4:10)
  • Adding Articles to a Menu Within the Menu Manager (2:20)
  • Changing the Order of Menu Items (1:44)
  • Setting Title Meta Tag for Articles (2:55)

Article Layouts

  • Create a List of Articles Layout (6:27)
  • Create a Blog Layout (4:55)
  • Setting Article Options (2:50)
  • New Lecture (3:11)

Using Templates

  • Installing a Template (8:45)
  • New Lecture (6:35)

Adding Modules To Your Website

  • Understanding Modules (5:08)
  • Creating a Custom Module (6:51)
  • Assigning a Module Position (4:59)
  • Changing the Position of a Module (3:06)
  • Changing the Order of a Module (3:07)
  • Deleting a Module (4:57)
  • Using Built-In Joomla Modules (4:59)

Using Components

  • Using the Contact Component (6:32)
  • Adding Recaptcha to a Form (5:36)
  • Setting Contact Options (7:28)

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